50 thoughts on “Zbrush Lesson : Intro to sculpting with Zbrush”

  1. I was searching the dota 2 match when watched this video. The sound was low, so i turned it to the max. And when the dota 2 match was found, it was like CABOOOM! And now i don't hear anything. Thanks, North Pixel!

  2. Thank you for sharing this video. I'm trying to learn this software cause of a project working on which is Sonic's head. I tried with Max. Can't get i right. People told me why not sculpt it. Well this why I'm here. Hopefully I can get something shaped out for the head.

  3. Great Stuff man! I have a question: at about 19:22 min into the video you mention the "dynamesh" subtool. I clicked on it and followed the steps, but  even with clicking on the shift button while brushing, it won't smooth the bust out but instead will stretch it out. What am I doing wrong here? Also, how do you lighten the image? thanks!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial man learnt some nice sculpting techniques here's what i ended up with https://postimg.org/image/n90b0vsxv/

  5. This is a great intro. Thank you so much. Can you recommend a good beginner to intermediate book – without too much theory and bloat. As a working 2D artist, i want to design characters for the children's entertainment market and would like to get up to scratch within 6 months. Thanks

  6. Great tut. first one that made sense. Usually they show you but dont explain. Helped me loads. Cheers

  7. I had trouble mirroring the eye ball sub tool. I eventually just duplicated it and moved it over. the eyelid mirrored without any issues.

  8. Very nice tutorial man ! 5*
    Do you recommend any brushes or materials that we should download to improve the experience ?

  9. I'm having so many issues with my sculpt Moving around to much then I have to restart all over I'm so irritated I only want to move side to side up and down without my sculpt leaving the grid area or going to far left or right that i can't continue my sculpt How do I keep it from doing that?

  10. is there anyway to make sure you don't zoom in when you dont' want to I'm having such Issues from just going to the side and back to the front

  11. I loved this tutorial so much! First time I haven't felt overwhelmed by too much information, your voice is really nice and not boring! Please could you make some more Zbrush tutorials, I'd love to see some videos on colouring sculptures or rigging maybe? Great work, keep it up! 😀

  12. Sometimes when I apply redynamesh to Weld the eyeball, it doesn't work and the geometry seems to be independent even tough if y merged it and redynameshed. What could be going on ?

  13. Thank you for the video! It was exactly what I needed. I am a 43 yr.old Art Director really needing to add some 3D to my portfolio. Please add more ZBrush tutorials to your page!

  14. I don't know if you're earning money for this but I get it free and I have to say thank you for the knowledge. You should keep doing some other zbrush tutorials, i'll be a fan. Thank you !

  15. This video was great thank you! PLEASE advise me before I drop doe on a tablet! What would you buy today for a decent zbrushing tablet? Is it Wacom or bust? Thanks man!

  16. Nice video, I agree that it's annoying to listen to someone bumble through intro tutorials. I look forward to following along to this later.

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