Your Body Manifests What You Believe

Your Body Manifests What You Believe

aum nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari adīshakti madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām || I welcome you all with My love and respects. Actually, I feel that whole thing, all of
you in front of Me and this whole hall, this mic, everything, this throne, everything,
kind of a…liquid, semi-solid. Where the Bhava freezes into matter, where the ideas
becoming idols, in that space, I can see the whole operation happening. From this space,
I want to give you one advice. Please understand, whatever you believe – your body makes that
into Reality. I can see from this space, if somebody believes
Sannyas is too easy, just body builds its structure, its DNA, to make Sannyas simple
and easy. If somebody believes it is very difficult, complicated, structure starts making
that same thing. And you have a fear, it is very difficult, but you want to believe willfully
it is easy, then that will, Will Persistence, just swallowing that fear, like a Sarabha
swallowing the Simha, like a dinosaur swallowing sharks; I can see the Will persistence swallowing
the fear If you feel – “Living in this place is
the best”, I am seeing you manifest that. If you feel – “There is problems here,
I may not be in tune with this now”, then I see that same thing getting manifested.
If you feel, “The fear is there, I may not be successful, I may not fit in”, but with
Will persistence you want to feel – “No, I will fit in, this is the best place”,
then I see the Will persistence behaving like a Sarabha.
Sarabha means Mahadeva’s incarnation – to remove the blood of Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu
from Narasimha. See, Narasimha has to kill Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu in a very raw
way, like a physical, violent, eating the intestine, because the
intestine was capable of keeping the DNA alive, which Narasimha does not need, doesn’t want.
So he has to swallow it. Whatever is said and done, because that fellows have done lot
of tapas, that qualities went and got settled into Hiranyas…sorry…Narasimha’s body.
So now it is Mahadeva’s responsibility to clean up Narasimha’s body. So He takes up
the form of Sarabha, means the face of Sarabha….Sarabha means the lion with elephant tongue….trunk
and the huge wings. He assumes the form of Sarabha and releases Narasimha. I can see
clearly, your Will persistence behaving like Sarabha and releasing you from all the damages
of Hiranyaksha – all the incompletions. Understand. I am really seeing this whole
semi-solid existence. I am actually sitting on the threshold. Because I have to be with The Reality [points towards Mahasadashiva on the throne] and I have to relate with your
reality. I had to be with My reality and relate to your reality. Powers are nothing but your
brain deciding to believe the magical existence of you against the logical existence of you,
which is taught to you by your society. See, your society taught to you, only the logical
existence. Your brain deciding… to come to the conclusion, cognition, of magical existence,
magical way of existing, is what is Power Manifestation. That’s all. I tell you, you
are not the body, you are not the mind – you are Consciousness. Sit with this one truth…
trusting just because I said. You will not perish – “na me bhaktah pranasyati” – My
devotees do not perish!! When you come to the conclusion – you are Consciousness – your
pleasures will change. Your purpose of existence will change. Why you want to exist? – will
change. I tell you, whatever you feel as you, whatever
you concluded as you, whether you like it or not, just by your breathing you spread
that. If you are joyful – by your breathing you spread that. If you are hypocritical – by
your breathing you spread that. If you are a cheat – by your very breathing you spread
that. If you come to the conclusion – you are Consciousness – by your very breathing you spread that. ksipram bhavati dharmatma sasvac-chantim nigacchati | kaunteya pratijanihi na me bhaktah pranasyati || “Just by the power of his integrity to Me,
he rests in eternal powerful space. Oh Paartha, know thou for certain that My
devotee is never destroyed.” Here Krishna is using a beautiful word “Kaunteya”
– son of Kunti. He uses the words very beautifully. Here, He says “Kaunteya”, why you know
that? Integrity gets into muscle memory, which is part of the mother, that is why He calls
here, “Kunti’s son”. “Oh, son of Kunti” wherever He talks about
the bio-memory concepts. Where father component of Arjuna need to cooperate,
He calls him “Paartha”. Wherever his manliness need to be woken up,
He addresses like “Gudakesha”, all his glories.
Every word Krishna uses to address Paartha – Arjuna, has a meaning with the concept He
is teaching in that Sutra, in that verse. Here, He says “Kaunteya”, because the
integrity has to penetrate your muscle memory. Listen. I am not 4D Theatre, Universal Studio,
to shake you and give you the experience of earthquake, accident. No! I don’t need to
do any of that. My words are enough. I tell you, really I tell you, today I will make
you experience how liquid you are. You can touch and feel everything is in a mercury
state. The way you want it to become solid, it becomes solid. Your cognition solidifies
it, that is what is consolidation. Your cognitions solidifies it, consolidates it.
Sit as Pure Consciousness. If you don’t know how to visualize it, you can decide to
visualize MahaSadashiva, the form here carved with 1000s of heads, means all the heads here
are your heads. The head of the Indra, head of the Chandra, head of the Surya, head of
the Shani, head of the Guru, head of the person who is sitting in Patala, everything is part
of your head, your neck. All those identities are your identities. Sit with that cognition.
You may not know how to come to the conclusion about Consciousness, so come to this decision,
conclusion – All…everyone here, everyone everywhere, every animal, everything exists,
big, big sharks inside the ocean, huge living and non-living entities….no I should not
use the word “non-living”….sorry; animate and inanimate. They may be inanimate but they
have life. They are alive. “Sthavaram Jangaman Vyaptam” Whether it
is sthavara or jangama, you penetrate everything, you pervade everything. Sit with that decision.
Sit with that conclusion. I’ll show you how liquid this whole Universe is. It is your
Bhava does the Spanda. It’s your Bhava does the Spurana. So apply Jnananjana and drop that stupid your
incompletion papers you wrote. They are all irrelevant … and idiotic. Drop all of that,
apply jnananjana or aushadha, pick up your Atma Linga. Sit as MahaSadāshiva with 1000s
of heads…. sorry not 1000s….billions or trillions. Trillions of heads and identities,
beautifully co-existing, established on Oneness. Listen to these words – “the huge shark
in the ocean and your liver and kidney, intestine, floating inside your body, both have same
experience of Oneness.” Chandra, Surya, Rahu, Ketu, Shani, and your next person – YOU
– all of you have same Oneness as Identity. Apply the Jnananjana or Aushadha, pick up
your Atma Linga. See your incompletions so idiotic and irrelevant… to your existence.
Yes. Keep your eyes closed. Let’s start the initiation. Aum Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham. reverberate with this powerful Mahavakya Aum Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham. Aum Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham. be alive in all the living beings and entities Sthavaram Jangaman Vyaptam
Aum Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham… Aum Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham. Aum Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham. Kula Kundalini [Tamil] Aum Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham. [Tamil] Aum Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham. Aum Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham. Aum Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham. You can all open all your three eyes and experience
MahaSadāshiva’s great powers. Now, I sincerely recommend and request every one of you, especially
all the Inner Awakening Grads, become part of the enriching and causing teamily, to cause
humanity – super conscious breakthrough. You will experience the super conscious breakthrough.
With today’s initiation, you will manifest length, breadth, depth, body
scanning and third eye healing – Ananda Gandha healing, all these powers and multiple permutation
combination as you want. Play with it. Play with it!!
Be Blissful.

24 thoughts on “Your Body Manifests What You Believe”

  1. Thanks Swamiji. Namsakaram. Many times body does not co-operate, like in swimming. This is a good reminder telling the mind the body is fluid and is flowing to make it easier to swim! It does help!

  2. Is this initiation only and specifically for people who come for Mahasadashivoham? What do the words mean Om Nithyananda Mahasadashivoham please? 🙏

  3. Awakening here in Antofagasta Chile. The Indian broom explanation did it for me. How can express my thankfulness for the teachings you give. Thank you Swamiji.

  4. Dream u last night Swami . Was so real . I was initiated in the dream . I woke up speachless couldn't belive it . I had no thoughts of you nor havnt listened to you for some time . All I do know is I'm in tuned with the cosmic energy. But this Dream I had I felt and saw heaven when you hugged me I felt my essence being pulled into a light, i was floating I was so free .. you said nothing but smiled at me … my family in the dream told me you are not real and I told them yes … cant u feel Lord Shiva ' presence .. don't know what message you are sending me swami . But I feel you somehow and I think that's all I need …

  5. WOWWWW, we are sooo blessed!!! Not only our being gets awakened by the strong powerful truths that Swamiji speaks but an initiation through you tube as well!!! Thank You Swamiji for showering and awakening all of us and using all the ways available to reach us!!

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