XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Tablet Review + How to Install, Settings

This is the XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro, NOT to
be confused with the regular 15.6 or the 16 Pro, even though the 16 Pro happens to be
exactly 15.6 in diagonal – which is the same size as this tablet, the Artist Display 15.6
Pro. What is the difference? This 15.6 Pro has significantly better color
quality than its non-Pro counterpart, the pen supports tilt, there is a scroll wheel,
and it comes with a stand. Compare the 15.6 Pro with the 16 Pro, and
you actually lose the scroll wheel and the tablet stand for a very slight improvement
in color quality and report rate – which is how often the tablet sends pen position data
to your computer.to Now I haven’t tested the 16, but to me the
15.6 Pro is a much better deal. I’d rather have a scroll wheel, which is
like getting 4 extra shortcut buttons, than marginally better color. The color on the 15.6 Pro is fantastic as
is. So let me walk you through how to set this
tablet up along with its physical features and then I’ll get to the review part. First thing in the box is the tablet itself. Remove the plastic wrap and you will see a
tab to remove the screen’s packaging cover. Pull that off. The stand is next, part number AC 41 if you
need a replacement. Hold it, name side facing up and push down
with your thumbs hard to open it. Then pull the flap open more until it locks
in place. It’s a budget plastic stand, so you only
get the one drawing angle out of it. Twist open the pen capsule to get the pen. The bottom serves as a stand. The other side of the capsule has 8 extra
pen tips for replacement when the one in the pen wears down. This is a magic pen, no batteries, no USB
charging. It has 2 shortcut buttons and is almost exactly
the same as its Wacom counterpart, shown here, except the XP-Pen has no eraser bottom. By the way, I do not recommend drawing on
tablets from one brand with pens from a different brand. I’ve scratched tablets this way. The other pieces you get: a manual, warranty
card, cleaning cloth, artist glove, adaptor cable for MAC computers, tablet-to-USB-HDMI-power
cable, USB extension cord, four power plug options for various countries. To use the international converters, close
the pins on the main box, get the pin shape you need, and slide it into the closed pins. Here is everything in the box. As you can see, the tablet itself has 8 shortcut
buttons and a scroll wheel that allows up to 5 different functions. The wheel clicks as you turn it and offers
a little more resistance than other XP-Pen models, which gives you a better feel for
what you are doing with it. The side of the tablet has the power button
and a quick switch for brightness adjustment. The screen itself has a finish that gets rid
of the slippery, glossy feel of glass. Overall with this tablet I see that XP-Pen
continues to have a better build quality compared to Huion and Gaomon. To plug your tablet in, take the big cable,
get the long end with the small oval-shaped mouth and plug it into the side of the tablet. There is no up or down side on that cable
so plug it in whichever way its facing. Next, plug the red USB end into the USB extension
cord because you will probably need it. Then plug the power block to the end of that. If you don’t need the extension cord, you
can plug the red end right into the power block. Last, plug the other USB cord and the HDMI
cords into your computer. This tablet will not work unless both the
USB and HDMI cords are plugged in. If you have a MAC, use the white adaptor on
the HDMI end. When you plug the tablet in, if you had a
dual display setup before, some windows might go missing. If this happens turn the tablet on, even if
you haven’t installed its drivers yet. Then you will see your missing windows and
be able to drag them back. Uninstall any old tablet drivers. If you have to uninstall something, restart
your computer. Go to xp-pen.com/download. Download the correct driver – I’m using
Windows. Unzip, double click, install. Restart your computer. Turn the tablet on. If at this point, or at any point in the future
you notice things are displaying strange on your tablet, or the pen is being weird, right
click the desktop and go to Display Settings. Set scale and layout to 100%. You can also choose if you want your tablet
to show a copy of your monitor (duplicate displays), and you can change whether your
tablet is to the left or right of your monitor. All that is left is to customize your tablet
settings. Double click the desktop icon. The first thing you want to do is click the
Calibrate button. A screen appears on your tablet. Click the center of the red X’s with your
pen. If you feel like it’s still off, do it again
until satisfied. To the side of that is Display Settings, where
you can change the color settings of your tablet, and, if you are left-handed, rotate
the tablet screen 180 degrees so you can pick it up and turn it to get the buttons out of
your way. Express Keys is where you can program the
shortcut buttons and the scroll wheel. To be able to switch between scroll wheel
modes, set one of the shortcut buttons to KL/KR Mode Switch. Now when you press that button the scroll
wheel switches to its next setting. The other side of this window allows you to
choose your pen shortcut buttons and customize pen pressure. This window needs to be on the tablet and
you have to press inside of it to see the blue pressure test bar appear. Once finished, it’s a good idea to save
your settings with Export Configuration. You can load saved settings with Import Configuration. You’re all set! Now, for the review. The tablet worked in every program I have,
a really good sign it’ll probably work in most free painting software too. The product page says it’s also compatible
with Clip Studio, Corel Painter, Maya, Mudbox, and ZBrush. Since I’m so used to tablets that offer
very little pen resistance, I was surprised by how much resistance there was between the
pen and the screen due to the special coating on the screen. I think most people will enjoy the resistance
versus tablets that have smooth glass surfaces. The tablet is somewhat insensitive. You can literally have the pen on the screen
and draw a line and it won’t show up if your touch is light enough. I am not a heavy-handed artist, so again,
this was a surprise and a bit frustrating right off the bat. But you adapt to it. Of course this also means when trying to click
things with the pen, sometimes my pathetic tap was not enough to activate. So I’d have to go back and tap again to
get the button or whatever it was to go. Once I got past that activation point the
pressure sensitivity was great. As you can see, no problems getting lots of
line width variation. You just have to press harder than you’d
expect if you’re used to a different tablet. Of course the lines aren’t perfect. Same as with other reasonably-priced tablets,
there is a little bit of funkiness on the way the line comes to a tip on fast strokes. The pen supports tilt. Most artists never use tilt, so it’s not
a big deal, but it is there. Here you see the tilt function letting me
change the direction of the brush by tilting the pen in different directions. The default setting for one of the pen buttons
is to switch between pen and eraser. In Photoshop this is great. In SAI, when you switch to the eraser you
can’t switch back to the brush. The problem with this is once you activate
eraser mode with the pen button, when you click back to the brush it might suddenly
seem really difficult to make nice strokes. This is because the pen still thinks its in
eraser mode. Similar problem with Toon Boom – if eraser
mode is active, none of your tools work. In summary, if your pen is acting strange
in an art program where the eraser/brush pen button doesn’t work right, try clicking
that button. You might have been in eraser mode. Once in the middle of my testing session the
tablet decided it was going to map itself to the other monitor. Restarting the computer fixed the problem. If you keep your computer on and turn the
tablet off, the tablet monitor is still technically live. In a way this is nice because you can turn
the tablet off and back on again and it’ll work fine without having to restart your computer
(an issue I have with my Cintiq), but on the other hand all of the windows over there stay
over there. So you might open Photoshop and it disappears
because it’s on the monitor that’s off. You can turn the tablet on and drag things
back, or just right click>>Display Settings>>show only on X to get everything back. Just remember to fix your display settings
afterward or when your tablet is on you’ll get nothing. That wraps up this review. The XP-Pen Artist 15.6 is the best non-Wacom
screen tablet I have used so far. You can see all of my tablet reviews at ScribbleKibble.com
on the episodes page. Just click the “Product Reviews” button. I will have a general help video about how
to decide which tablet to get coming out some time this year.

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  4. tip: Shift+Windows+Left/Right Arrow Key will move the active window left/right a monitor; do that when it gets stuck on the tablet display

  5. As an FYI for those who care: from my research, this tablet also seems to work well in Linux with all the normal set-up procedures (I don't have the tablet in hand to test, unfortunately). XP-Pen also seems to have a native Linux driver (unusual for tablets in my experience), so I should expect that this tablet will work great on Linux.

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  21. The tapering issue and high activation force is the biggest con of this tablet, maybe on the next revision they will fix those issue or maybe a firmware update can fix.

  22. help! I can't use the express keys on artist 15.6. why?? when i push on button it says example ''Zoom in+'', but why isn't it zooming in? I use krita and other program but the express keys don't react when i use. :'( even the rotate button not working ,,. i am using macbook pro

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  30. Just a quick tip for people who also dislike having to press so hard for the tablet to recognize full pressure: you can calibrate that in the driver by shortening the line with the three red dots: move the last (third) dot to the left until it's at the half-way point and then move the second dot so that you'll have a more or less straight line again. This will reduce your overall pressure sensitivity gradation to "only" over 4000 grades instead of over 8000, but for me as a girl who doesn't like to press so hard it's perfect this way. Experiment to see what you like best.

  31. Do I need to have the HDMI and the USB connection plugged directly into the monitor? I have both plugged into the tower and I am getting no signal. still working as a normal non-display tablet but no display connection. My PC monitor only has 1 HDMI imput, 1 VGA and no USB outlets.

  32. I had a problem with the pen getting stuck in eraser mode and had to go to an earlier driver, did you experience this? Thanks.

  33. ""You have to push harder on the screen than other tablets for a pen response.
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  34. I am very upset as l had to send my 15.6 Pro back. If you are lefthanded or need the buttons on the left. Well it's not easy as they have you thinking. Rotation 180 in 3 easy steps. Yes the picture did flip. However the pen did not, yeah l don't get it either, l thought the screen sensed the pen and in was free of program… This isn't the case. Up was down, left was right. You could do it another way. Expand view, and have your laptop upside down but that means your start button is upside down… Personally l wanted prime 2, laptop off.
    The cable is to short if you want to do anything other than desk setup, forget it. You will have to but ha huh, this is bloody expensive if you want to use thunderbolt £189 to £296. No you can't use a type C extension, even though the plug is a type C. Nor thunderbolt 3. It's thick and unyielding, takes up 6cm from your laptop and 3 plugs.
    The calibration though easy, had to be done often.
    The wheel. It can't be used to zoom or rotation on sketchbook Pro 8.2, brush size only. It's meh to use, clicks are weak basically cheap feel.
    Button's are very spread out, so you will be sliding up and down a lot, l ended up moving my bars to my work area and using the screen buttons. So a waste of money in the end.
    Pen silicone stretched and kept sliding over the collar.
    If you are a light pressure artist like me you are going to hate this, it's better as the driver was updated, and sketchbook had a helpful hard, soft slider as well, but still it wasn't soft enough. But usable in the end.
    All these complaints have been sent to XP PEN over 11 days. Yes 11 long days. All assistance is in China and their English is very much broken, be ready to send in videos to back up your issue, and then they are pretty much useless. 2hrs he had remote control of my laptop which is brand new and it was like watching a toddler work out shapes to put in the holes. 40 minutes it took to do what I didn't want, it took me 9 minutes to do that and l don't have a clue, windows 10 wasn't out when I left Microsoft for android.
    It was rough, and l'm glad it is over. Just be aware of the truth before you buy.

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