XP-PEN Artist 12 Pro Unbox + Review

Hello guys, Xp-pen sent me their new Artist
12 Pro tablet during their 14th anniversary. Thank you Xp-pen. So in this video, I’m gonna unbox and review
the tablet. I’m also hosting an art contest on my Instagram,
Xp-pen will giveaway a free Artist 12 pro tablet to the winner. Check out my instagram link below this video
for the contest details. I accidentally removed the protective layer
together with the anti-glare layer because they sticks together, after I tried to put
the anti-glare layer back onto the tablet, it doesn’t work anymore. So be extra careful about that while peeling
off the protective layer. I’m drawing without the anti-glare layer for
now, the screen is more shiny now and the glove actually helps prevent fingerprints
on the tablet. This tablet comes with eight shortcut keys
and one roller wheel which is the red dial. You can set up each of the shortcut keys and
the red dial to any function you want, its convenient because you don’t have to reach
out to your keyboard so much anymore. I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts when I draw,
so I actually took some time to get use to the buttons and dial, but you can get use
to it pretty fast. The colors on this tablet looks good, you
could also change the color temperature, brightness and contrast to your own preference in the
display setting. This tablet offers 8192 levels of pressure
sensitivity which is very high, and is able to let you create very fine brush strokes. A big highlight of this tablet is no parallax. Which means your cursor appears exactly where
you want it, there’s no distance between your pen tip and the cursor, I really like that. In terms of the price, this tablet is very
affordable for artists who’s looking for a screen tablet with a lower budget, especially
students and beginners that are starting out. The size is also very portable, convenient
for people who always travel around. I hope you enjoy watching my video, remember
to check out my art contest on my Instagram link below. The purchase link of this tablet is below
this video as well if you’re interested to purchase one. Thank you so much for watching.

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