Bright kpoha artistically known as Realpen pencil, the first ghanaian introced new gymnastic into Art since 25 December 2015. realpen pencil interest and love for art started at a tender age before his formal education Realpen spends his time sketching friends his dream was to go to one at school to fine-tune his join skills in 2018 the young talent was convinced neighboring ghana offered better prospects in ghana bright room the street of a crime and made money by drawing people his creativity and artistic efforts is yet to be off by Realpen is to live in his passion eating right has already got some awesome wait the young creates our hopes to get better with time has been like one week to do this as weight and with more than 17 collors I spent to get their skin color on july 17 you have yet another task he had to draw a twenty-one-year-old Mordo all looked on with admiration as Realpen started to sketch quite unusual of artists he does gymnastic and draw at the same time his subjects there’s a lot of people after they can also draw better than me but what makes you unique that is the question so you need to do i need to add some skills to eat so that it can really makes you different from RS what’s he doesn’t that are he makes use of his cognition while some drawing he said was using photographic memory to cut the different sheets that we have for instance when he gets a model over his model available to capture the different sheets while so his his form of art is very unique weird antics God’s people spell bound in Africa is very very blessed and out with a lot of arts you know it’s everywhere obviously this guy’s very talented people usually when they want to draw or I want to paint something to have to be in a stable place but he’s jumping around and he’s looking so much of the lady who’s there and he is doing amazing i can see on the paper so it’s very impressive after almost two hours the West sheep it looked our song I love it I love it another me his dream is to become a global artist and impart the world with his gift is bad grace of God but well I was you need some time I captured the person image on my brain then I did focus on my gymnastics skills I want to have my one place where my account just play army at work so that people can’t really see what I have them big dreams DC start small would your patronage bride could realize his long-cherished dream


  1. There would be a live gymnastic Art by the world's first gymnastic artist ''Realpen Pencil'' on the 25th December 2016 at Kwame Nkrumah circle. It's gonna be an awe-inspiring display with a unique talent in the art industry. Come see for yourself and spread the news to all . Don't miss out!! For more information call +233265068758

    LINK :

  2. Realpen pencil is creating Videos of being the world's first gymnastic artist. FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW TO BE A PATRON.

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