Women’s Lingerie Tips : Women’s Sports Underwear Tips

Let’s talk about your everyday panty and your
sports panty. Now you want your everyday panty to be made with cotton or have a cotton gusset
in the crotch. Cotton is the most breathable and it’s going to make you feel the best and
the healthiest. It lets the moisture out and that’s what you want to do. However when you’re
exercising, companies like Nike have created Dri-Fit materials which actually not only
let the moisture out but force it away from your body. That’s the best way to stay healthiest
in the places you need to. When you’re doing a bra, you also want the Dri-Fit, you don’t
want something that is going to hold in the moisture. The more moisture you have against
you, your skin is not going to feel great afterwards and you might even end up with
a rash. So I would suggest looking into specifically athletic underwear, bras and panties and for
your everyday, cotton is your best. If it’s synthetic, you’re going to end up with some

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