When artists have too much paper... GO 3D! - ArtSnacks Unboxing & Challenge

When artists have too much paper… GO 3D! – ArtSnacks Unboxing & Challenge

today we have a really special unboxing oh yeah this or snags oh man it's art its fact he saw Casey it's just our supplies what today we are going to be unboxing our first art snacks box so let's get into it oh wow right off the bat I see we have a nice ooh wow whoa this is a whole pad of 15 sheets of what kind of paper is this cotton white well it says it's made for print makers and it's good for specifically colored pencils so we'll just say it's pencil paper which means is this a ziploc bubble wrap Maggie that is so what if this was the most interesting item out of the whole box was a ziploc bubble wrap baggie oh my god this is so funny I don't know why I find that really funny so art snack supplies a list of supplies and also how much they cost I guess so that you can see what sort of bargain you're getting out of your box and on the back we've got a few extra things we've got a prompt some social media here's a code if you wanna if you want to use that cuz I'm not gonna use the code so if you want it be the first person to use it yeah oh I'm a dumb-dumb so that first list was supplies for the plus box this is the list of supplies for I guess the regular box so I will put this on this side so we have that to reference so first off we do have our candy we have a giant Sour Patch Kid and you know what I think I do know someone that would love this saw Casey yes mm-hmm thank you we do have our colorful little sticker I loved his little stickers in these boxes before we get into it let's actually get some paper so we can test our supplies as we go all right we've got our paper and for some reason our box just sitting there doing nothing okay let's finally get into these ding-ding supplies first off look how nicely wrapped up this is this is adorable and I love it so first up we have the more abou graphics aqua pens and we've got them in red and gray so they've got a brush nib and we have our little bullet nib all right so our brush nib not really sure when I'm testing here I should get some water though and then our great okay I won't be right back I do want to get a brush and cup of water so I will be right back okay so I'm just going to dip my brush into water and see what we've got okay so it does seem to spread out nice and far the only problem is we do have a lot of ghosting which I'm not a fan of which is why I normally avoid watercolor mediums like this so that is definitely something you do want to consider when you're doing a watercolor medium that isn't like in a tube or pan you want to make sure you're not gonna get that ghosting because it's just not a good look okay I was just reading the supplies to see if I could dip them into water just to make sure that maybe they worked better that way but it says don't do that so never mind next up we have the pintle arts micro brush sign pen in sky-blue whoa what is a micro brush holy heck it kind of scared me it looks like a like a bug like a wasp is gonna sting you out you probably got some dang fine details with this Wow well I love dry brushing too like this this texture you can get when you go too fast with a brush look how cool that looks looks like water I'm already gonna eat it inspire you guys watch what's this a little fishy stick sticking out of the water why yes yes it is though I wonder is it water oh I really like the texture I got with it though but there you go it can be used with water next up is the plum Chester P 0.05 mechanical pencil in this fancy plastic wrap let's see if we can get it out ah I just took the tip off trying to get it out oh my gosh I just took the eraser off oh never let's coming out oh no I can do this I can do this I did it this is so right away I can tell you this mechanical pencil it has some weight to it and I do a lot that I wonder what kind of lead is in it though because a mechanical pencil can only do so much it's either heavy or light it really comes down to the lead after that so nope woah I broke it inside that was weird next up we have the Patel arts hybrid Technica gel pen very very fine little pin oh wow that's so fine and our very very last supplies from the plus box is the Higgins black magic pump marker 1 millimeter bullet nib where you open it pump it oh wow that was actually very fast there you go a paint marker and that is it for all of our supplies I'm like really inspired by this stupid simple little doodle there's not a lot of color we have red gray and blue only slightly water-soluble so we will see what we do with these so let's do some sketching and then then get to it okay so like I said I was actually quite inspired by this test that I always do with the supplies but I'm not 100% sure what I want to do because this box is so heavily influenced by just a few colors and I don't know that that sentence was really the correct sentence Haidee oh my god so I was thinking about using like them black really heavily but then also like really I don't know taking like an inktober vibe because it is like a minimum minimum minimal color palette but we'll see I'm really not I'm really not sure what I'm gonna do I do want to do like this fish thing but I just feel like maybe we need like a character or something to go along and not just be like a fish because that might be kind of boring so I don't know I guess I could do like the blue of the water down here and then having I was actually thinking about my gosh I keep pressing down so hard I'm breaking the web very heavy-handed that's a head shape you get her pace easier do it oh my god I keep that's the third time I broke the lid I don't know if this'll end is just like really weak or if I'm just really pressing down hard she's like telling a story to the fish and I like yeah you can see that fish on the moon oh wait this is actually turning out really cute am I gonna do the first idea this was supposed to be a mock-up and then I moved on so then the rest of this could be the black of the sky wish we had a white pin so I could do stars easily but we'll see you know nothing wrong with making up a creature right oh right so the theme or the prompt for this box was supposed to be recreating like your favorite bands what was it album cover or album art but honestly my favorite band is the shins and most of their album art is either really abstract or just just like nonsense and honestly as an illustrator I'd really rather just draw something then recreate something I guess I don't know is that lame who cares this is this is what we're doing I don't know what this is is it part is your rap part pig draft or something a little thicker something else I was also thinking about doing since they gave us a whole stinking pad of paper I was thinking well if I've got all this paper to use maybe I should do something like 3d paper art since I've got so much excess paper I can cut things out and do things but I'm not really sure that I'm really feeling that remember I was doing like every prompt 3d cut out paper art I was super into it and now I'm like super not I keep breaking the head so this is I guess it's turned into a draft or something I'm not really sure it's not oh my god just broke the line for the fifth time I press down too hard but I'm also trying to make a dark I don't know there you go there is that now I guess if I didn't want to do something 3d I could if I want to do this idea I could cut out the moon and have the moon 3d and then have like the fish 3d like cut little slits into the paper and have a fish sticking out so they're 3d so that actually might be really fun to continue on this idea I could also cut her out to have her mag I guess I could technically cut everything out to make it 3d whoo it's gonna be a lot of work I don't know y'all control hatch hatches blue all right I don't know I think I'm actually really sold on this idea so uh I don't know let's just go ahead and do it okay so I decided to go with an 8 by 10 while I cut down the paper to an 8 by 10 because those pieces of paper are very large my pencil game so I decided to cut it down so that it wouldn't be so big I probably should have planed this out hold on should I plan this out a little bit first okay so we have this is pretend this is an 8 by 10 I'm going to I should probably cut out a piece of paper here in the background we're going to do a framed bit actually the whole thing should be framed let me think about this and the moon could be popping off the frame a little bit that would be fun keep breaking the web we'll have her booty and that way she could be like behind the rock so have you handed oh I broke the lid again just because she's a mermaid doesn't mean she said long it I broke the leg in okay I rate this lad zero out of Tings it's so easily broken this looks like a hairy armpit but it's actually a boob there you go oh my god I'm actually kind of excited about this okay we have our plans so let's see this is gonna be a lot of black and I do kind of want to freehand it just to give it that really fun handmade feel close the door yeah settle down good for a nap all right here here we go I swear this quote-unquote aqua pen this great one especially does not want to break down in the water like look at this this is pathetic the red did a lot better but it was still not great but this is this is pathetic honestly it's so frustrating for something that's called that it isn't it just isn't and I'm mad about it I'm breaking it up into pieces just so it's easier to color in because this pin is so small I feel like I have to do it in two sections so I don't lose my mind basically and to easier chunks to color in now cue that time-lapse done wow that only took forever but that's fine I'm sure it's gonna look great all right so just get some Moony details in here all right there's our moon and to do the fish I don't want it to be like super dark I don't want to use like an absolute red red red so I'm gonna put some red down pick up some of that red pigment and then actually let make it even lighter yeah that was too dark so gonna add some more water to it and then we're gonna get fish on here there we go we have fish on the moon and just so I'm not cheating and using materials that didn't come with the box I'm going to use the cardboard from the box to create the three dienes that I need so when I do 3d art hold on this is very loud so when I create 3d art I cut out little squares so that you can give like 3d nests to the art so now that there is a piece of cardboard under here it's got some 3d to it so I'm going to use the box that was mailed and do that so I can put them together however many think I want it to make it as tall that's probably too many so the minute I probably only need one yeah one will be fine and then I will save these other pieces well I guess I do need some glue which it wasn't included but that's that's fine and I didn't finish coloring this so I don't know why I'm already gluing on like an idiot but whatever oh shoot all right we've got a little fish on the moon it's that stupid okay I broke it I broke it again jeez Louise because I love the texture that I got from dry brushing there's a brush I'm going to do that again so I'm just gonna erase that so I don't have accidental pencil accidental pencil huh that rhymed it's so good I don't think this brush wasn't meant to be used like this but I don't even care we have an alert I'm a big idiot and drew over that oh my god okay good it is water oh my god it's not coming off though she's Louise good thing this is just like a doodle and not like some important piece of art ah what a fool the one thing I don't like about this brush like I love that you can get some wonderful dry brushing but when you do want to get a solid color out of it you have to go so thin and so slow I mean that's fine but I will find a way to complain about anything you guys have no idea or you do have an idea oh I should have had like the moonlight shining over here what was I thinking I wasn't thinking I guess let's see we could probably still do it honestly all right so we have our water piece again it is too thick so I'm going to cut it smaller let's see what that looks like actually might be okay yeah okay here we go y'all so I'm gonna start off with the rock because cuz I am okay and I also want a smaller rock just to be in the water for fun so the fish I'm working on right now has I guess he's gonna be white with the red detailing and scales and stuff originally I was going to make just like the fish plain red I think this would be fun and as much I do want to do a variety like some white fish black fish red fish blue fish a mine causes dr. Seuss I think I am going to just make them all generally read just to keep them unified and make sure that they do pop up off of the page just because it is blue and white and yeah make sure they pop off I really like the fish with a blue eye he's fun that's a weird boy okay so that's a lot of fish maybe that'll be okay and last we need our mermaid so let's get the pencil out so we can get a good mermaid situation happening okay so she's really basic nothing complicated I think the fun of this illustration that's going to be coming out of the fact that it's 3d so I'm not gonna worry about it too much I think I'm going to use the ink pen for the inside details before outlining her so that when I cut her out there's more room for mistake I'm going to use that pen all right so we have our simple mermaid here I'm going to keep her white just to avoid having to try to mix some sort of skin tone also I think her being white would really help her pop off of that black sky so I think that works in the end anyways and I'm making her red so that she's maybe like the mother of these fish or something I'm really not sure what her story is but if she's red to match the fish I think that would be really cute wait a second I make purple somehow let's see if I can mix the red and the blue together to make purple oh my let me just see if we can do that and then I'll give her purple boo that's Oh hold on oh okay let's see okay I'll give her I want to give her purple hair I think that would be fun oh look at that oh my gosh that's actually a really nice purple too because it's not obnoxiously bright it's like this deep violet color which I'm super into oh my god I love it when I get some more red for her tail to be a little darker because it is a little light I would like this top part to be darker oh my gosh I love her hair color it's so lovely I'm like super excited about that at least give her skin a little bit of color so like on her ears maybe like her shoulders okay I think I'm actually ready to cut out she was really simple but I think it's gonna be really fun it's like one of those simple but fun illustrations you know yeah I think you know start cutting things I'm super excited for this honestly what and then we've got our smaller rock which we will layer there this is already looking so good I'm very excited oh my gosh look at him look at him are you looking at him look how adorable he is I love that little guy there's another little guy oh my gosh I'm getting so excited cuz they're so stupid and fun looking I was worried I was gonna have too few fish but I actually think I might have too many we're really gonna be shoving them in there I think all right and then this last guy over here look at that that's I think that's a really good amount of fish like how many fish do you need so I'm going to mix in the dark purple color see if I can't get a better shading for the hair before I continue oh yeah oh yeah that's good I love that kind of which I used purple on her more I just think it's so fun that oh no we only got blue and red but you know what you can mix them and make purple even though I don't like purple but I think it's really fun that with art you can mix colors and do things it's exciting it's fun all right let's cut her out okay I touched her and she was wet and I screamed so I actually just gonna let her dry for a second and I will come back to her in the meantime I'm going to start cutting out the pieces I don't have a small cutting board so I'm actually just going to use a piece of cardboard to cut on top because this cardboard is very thick and sturdy and there's no way I'm going to cut through it so we're going to use this to cut on top of it so here we go four five six seven and a half okay okay so we're gonna stick our rock through again here we go awesome we have our rock put some glue on it a lot of glue on it and flip it back around press we've got our oh gosh now they're gonna get glue on here you've got our first piece we've got our rock we have we have a rock everybody oh my gosh look at that why is this so fun I kind of miss doing a paper cutout stuff and glue it down and there you go we have our first pieces glued together we have our rock and ocean and oh my gosh I'm putting so much effort into this mystery art unboxing situation okay we have so many little fish that we need to do so I'm just going to start cutting ain't not measuring because I'm an idiot like that mm-hmm we have a fish oh my gosh I am way too into this I'm way too into this and I love it ha you just slipped right in oh my gosh look how 3d they are I love them I like them so much see you on there maybe up here and then here that looks good to me okay Wow I'm I love them okay so I think I am actually going to put a piece of tape over the back of it I just feel like especially you can see with the rocks I glued them down and they're just so flat but if the fish are so 3d and I love that and I don't want to risk flattening them so I think maybe for whatever reason I feel like tape would proof into that but we'll see let's get a piece of tape and just put it on the back and just put it down on them and I'm just going to cut off the excess on the edge okay let's continue cutting out our mermaid and then we can assemble everything probably add a couple more details all right she is all cut out I am going to actually color the edge of her because I cut her out and there's some white paper exposed I don't really like so I'm going to color the edges of her really quick and then yeah we're gonna we're gonna glue her on so I'm going to add some little scale detailed textures in here and then glue her on until I figure out another detail I can add actually I might put some details and do her hair okay um I think that's all the details let's assemble everything shall we first things first I need to glue her on to her rock which I did not measure her or anything I just kind of eyeballed how she would fit on oh no I covered up a fish that's so sad that's okay all right so she looks to fit on it really well so I'm actually really excited about that it's kind of a bummer that I put fish behind her like what come on Casey alright so I'm going to get some glue oh my gosh I'm actually really happy with how this turned out okay so I'm going to put a few cardboard pieces behind them so that they have some 3d Ness to them as they pop off that background okay our last piece is glued on so let's put glue on all the pieces and then glue it on the moment of truth the moment you've all been waiting for Oh oh my gosh it's so adorable I don't know why I find her to be so cute but I do oh my gosh I love it actually really quick I kind of hate how pink that fish is I think I'm actually going to darken it a little bit actually really quick I think I will add some just like little line details to the rock just so it's not super duper plain okay I am done adding details I am so happy with this I had a lot of fun especially because it has been so long since I've played around with 3d art I don't know if it's hard to tell but you can see everything's popping off the page and it's so much fun it's simple but it's fun oh my gosh it's so cute can you tell I feel like it's really hard to tell how 3d it is it's a lot easier to see in person oh my gosh was so cute I love it so there we are we have our mermaid telling the story about the fish on the moon to all her little fishy friends and it's adorable oh gosh I had a lot of fun with with this making something a lot more creative out of simple simple art supplies I think if you want to get yourself your own snack box or snack box plus box click a link in the description thank you so much to snack box for sending me this box and thank you all so much for watching and I will see you in the next video see you later and now a huge thank you to my wonderful patrons for all of their support you guys are the best if you want to be in the credits at the end of my videos see secret sketches coloring pages early access and more check out my patreon by clicking the link in the description thank you guys all so much for the support bye

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  1. Wow!This is Amazing! This is my first video I've seen from you, and I love your art style! Its so unique! I can't wait to watch more of your videos! I also like how you say how you feel :D. <3

  2. Her tail looks like crab claw…i'll call her " Crabmaid". Such a fun 3D illustration. I got excited into making one. 😊So lovely kasey.

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