What Goes into the Background Art (in Anime)?

What Goes into the Background Art (in Anime)?

Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (2012)
Art Director: Tamura Seiki The Wind Rise (2013)
Art Director: Takeshige Youji New Game (2016)
Art Director: Suzuki Shunsuke Kazuo Oga Interview/Drawing Session The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013)
Art Director: Kazuo Oga Tamako Love Story (2014)
Art Director: Tamine Ikuko The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013)
Art Director: Kazuo Oga The Garden of Words (2013)
Art Director: Takiguchi Hiroshi Ocean Waves (1993)
Art Director: Tanaka Naoya K-On!! (2010)
Art Director: Tamura Seiki Adolescence of Utena (2001)
Art Director: Shichiro Kobayashi Simoun (2006)
Art Director: Shichiro Kobayashi Adolescence of Utena (2001)
Art Director: Shichiro Kobayashi KonoSuba (2015)
Art Director: Miyake Masakazu Humanity Has Declined (2012)
Art Director: Miyake Masakazu Only Yesterday (1991)
Art Director: Kazuo Oga Bakemonogatari (2009)
Art Director: Iijima Hisaharu (Ryubido) Little Witch Academia (2013)
Art Director: Kaneko Yuuji (Studio Pablo) Osomatsu-San (2016)
Art Director: Tamura Seiki (Studio Pablo) Simoun (2006)
Art Director: Shichiro Kobayashi Space Patrol Luluco (2016)
Art Director: Kobayashi Hiroyasu Ping Pong the Animation (2014)
Art Director: Kevin Aymeric New Game (2016)
Art Director: Suzuki Shunsuke ReLIFE (2016)
Art Director: Akiyama Kentarou Girls und Panzer der Film (2015)
Director: Mizushima Tsutomu Flying Witch (2016)
Art Director: Okumura Yasuhiro K-On!! (2010)
Art Director: Tamura Seiki To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd (2015)
Art Director: Yamaguchi Masanori Koufuku Graffiti (2015)
Art Director: Naitou Takeshi

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  1. Rc Anime's video's are soo well put together, his logical reasoning is amazing, the editing is very very fresh. He uses the perfect song for the perfect moments, and changes the song and scene of the vid so well it feels like waves, not something awkward.

  2. I have to say I appreciate the ever loving shit out of your videos. Essays and analysis of animated mediums are barely given the same attention and merit as ones done for traditional film, let alone comparisons between the two. Especially in a way that's not pretentious and haughty like the majority of anime youtubers.
    Keep it up. You deserve so much, man.

  3. Hi, I just wanted to know what happened with your Kon's video. It's my favorite director, did the video just get banned or something?

  4. Really nice in depth vid, also really digging the music by mittens, followed the g on SoundCloud but cant find the songs used in this vid, any ideas?

  5. How do you get all the footage from these shows at such high quality? Are you partnered with Crunchyroll? Also, how do you avoid copyright infringement?

  6. Your channel is what makes me appreciate anime art and backgrounds and everything even more than i already did and i thank u for that it makes my experience while watching anime an even better one.

  7. Well done. You've brought the background into consideration. A lot of people miss the importance of the background art. The movements, the scales, the colors, the direction, and the relation are all things to consider. You've done a great job explaining how the background plays out.

  8. I don't remember how i found your channel tbh, but i've been watching your vids and they are great, i hope you keep making new content.

  9. Like the ending: "Without having to say……………………… anything." I dozed off waiting for the… "anything." The rest of it was great.

  10. bro i loveeee your video, its very informative and enjoyable, I didnt even realize ive spent 8 minutes watching this.

  11. bro i loveeee your video, its very informative and enjoyable, I didnt even realize ive spent 8 minutes watching this.

  12. Another great job man! Your editing seems to just get better and better and your use of music really enhances my emotional attachment to your videos and always seems to give me a new artist to check out.

  13. i really like your behind the scenes style channel and seeing the unseen emotions and efforts of the artists behind their cinematography. you're also quite articulate and meticulous in your explanations. i also like the chill cafe conversation ambiance and modern-day documentary feel your videos have. subscribed! keep it up!

  14. These essays are amazing. Very well put together. I'm hoping to see some work on Isao Takahata or maybe how western culture influences anime.

  15. I came over from Quicktaku. This is the second video of yours i have watched. I gotta say, this is some really quality work you've put together here. Keep it up, it's good!

  16. Every frame an animu. indeed.

    Great work I like it, the final cuts where you did the voice breaking was a bit too broken imo

  17. A lot of anime now days use 3D software for there perspectives and backgrounds nowadays since it makes it more easier and convenient.

  18. I looked at The Wind Rise and said to myself- why, if that isnt the old studio ghibli! I guess i have a new movie to watch, eh?

  19. RC, nice video, i have a question related with the background music, I'm looking the first song, which you named as offline in the description, but I can't find it anywhere; sorry for the offtopic, thank you!

  20. Great video, i honestly didn't know backgroud art studios were a thing until now. If that's their specialty, i imagine the move to full 3d background is their next step right? Kizumonogatari had a lot of 3d background which were very well done.

  21. I just suddenly realized that the characters of Hayao Miyazaki seldom have their own shadows. Anyone here sees that thing?

  22. this feels like a nerdwriter episode especially the ending. I don't mean it in a bad way though because it resonates to what i liked about that other show.

  23. Youtube recommended your channel to me and I must say, as an animation junkie I could not subscribe fast enough. Gorgeous, in-depth looks at so many facets of animation, told with smooth editing and low-key narration gives the videos of yours that I've seen so far a tranquil feeling coupled with genuine enthusiasm. Absolutely love it!

  24. your editing is beautiful! and i love your choice of music but…….everything you say in the video is SUPER OBVIOUS!!
    honestly i didn't get anything from this video 馃檨 except that it is visually appealing.

  25. The way you explain things is so clean and easy to understand in many ways…
    not to mention the editing is…. ugghh…. SUBSCRIBED!.

  26. This information is brilliant. I'm currently researching into how animators make and develop backgrounds and environments. I was wondering if you have done or could do a video about purely how they make and 'film' scenes? Like the methods such as cel animation for panning shots, as well as digitally created backgrounds. Would love to know more! 馃榾

  27. Wow, Im surprised this guy used shots of Simoun, I thought no one knew that show, but I guess it really does have a unique art style doesn't it?

  28. link of the last sonng since that the artist deleted it : www.dropbox.com/s/ifv5i7nwipng9s6鈥ss%20Us.mp3?dl=0

  29. Thanks for uploading. I'm a background artist ( not for anime though) and it's really cool to see other people appreciating how much backgrounds influence the feel of a show.

  30. Hi! I would like to know, what were your references for this video? because I am currently doing a study on the background in Japanese animation.

  31. What does background have to do with animation ? Nothing… its a tool of storytelling and is also part of ever other story relating media .. that said animes have often beautifully painted and sometimes imaginative backgrounds

  32. I need to improve with drawing backgrounds. Perhaps building a better story into them is a good area for practice.

  33. As an aspiring background artist, People don't tend to realize how difficult it is on how to make backgrounds to convey a mood or a setting. That's why seeing backgrounds on anime just mind blows me sometimes on how they added the light/shadows.

  34. Did you know

    The making of 1 episode of an anime takes almost or more than 6 months

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