Verlioka 1957 English & Russian subs Russian cartoon

Production studio “Soyuzmultfilm” 1957 VERLIOKA
Animation based on folk tales Scenario – N. Erdman, A snezhko-Blotskaya Director – Aleksandra Snezhko-Blotskaya
Art-direction – G. Kozlov, G.Brashishkite Music – Vladimir Jurowski
Camera – M. Drujan
Sound – AP Prilutsky Animation – D. Novozhilov,
V. Pekar, B. Butakov, E. Khludova
E. Komova, V Krumin, B. Chaney A long time ago,
deep in the woods
lived the villain Verlioka… Run! Every man for himself!
Verlioka is coming! I am Verlioka,
big and tall,
with a hooked nose, and a pointy beard. Everybody is… Scared for me!
One tries to avoid me. and I have only one eye, So tha’s me. Verlioka. Every man for himself!
Verlioka is coming! What’s that? What’s that? Well, okay, live until I repair them!
Because when I’ll have fixed my boots, I’ll still crush you! Oh, what a fine day it is today,
little daughter… Oh, what a peas! Such sweet ones! Just you go home grandfather and rest a bit. I’ll watch the peas You’ll see, I’ll be guarding them closely.. These are mine, you, robbers! Every man for himself!
Verlioka is coming! Oh, oh, what a good peas! Go away, you villain Verlioka! Do not touch granddad’s peas! Who might you be? What are you doing here? I am grandfather’s granddaughter.
I guard the peas! I’ll take you along, together with peas… Oh, Grandpa!
Rescued your granddaughter! Grandpa! Masha, granddaughter, where are you? Verlioka took her! Oh, what a disaster!
Well, just you wait, Verlioka!! I’ll teach him a lesson, that robber. Take me with you.
I was on my way
teaching Verlioku a lesson too! But I am not very strong. Let’s go, hedgehog, let’s go. Hello, Grandpa! Hello rope. How can I ever be a rope again,
when only half of me remained? Where’s your other half? With the other half of me
Verlioka tied his boots. We were just on our way to beat him! Take me along to rescue my other half. Wait, Grandpa. What is this? I hear a voice , But who’s speaking, I can’t see… It’s me, an oak acorn. You, Grandpa, where are you headed?
Where are you all heading for? We’re on our way to deal with Verlioka. I have myself something
of a matter to deal with Verlioku. Take me with you on this mission Hey, hey, where are you heading for? On our way to beat up Verlioku! I’ll join you! I’ve got the matter of my tail
to settle with him This is where I live,
…and where you will serve. Boil me some pea pudding. I’m going to fix these boots. Do not cry, do not cry,
grandfather’s granddaughter. Maybe I can help you. How… however could you help me?… Because you’re so small… Well, I needed only find my other half… And with her I would be twice as big! – Let’s go to the right?
– No, to the left! Let’s go to the right. Wait, wait! Stop! By all means, that’s my other half screaming! It’s her! Where were you go to? To Verlioke! Then you shouldn’t go down that road.
I just ran away from him. So is my my granddaughter there? She is
– Let’s hurry to her rescue then! Oh, Grandpa, Grandpa… How would he, the poor man, now manage without me? Grandpa! Grandpa! What joy! Here is the one
who clapped his eyes on you first, And he pointed us the way. Thank you, hedgehog.
Thank you rope. Verlioka is coming! Bring me the jelly! How did you get here? I came to bring you a present! What kind of a present? Well, thevery acorn, Because of which you
sole came off. Where is he? He’s coming in from right under you. Here he is. Perhaps that’s not him at all? Just take a close look. Where is the door!…. where is the door? It’s here,
right in front of you. Now we need not be afraid
of evil Verlioka anymore! The End
Subs by Alevtina & Eus
June 2016

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