Using the Artwork Tab in Design Studio

[ELECTRONIC MUSIC] In this video, we’re
going to show you how to edit, or alter,
some special widgets available in Design Studio. These widgets have elements like
text, shapes, or vector artwork that you can change
directly in the artboard. We’ll walk you
through that process. Let’s start with an example. This is a repeating
bar visualization that represents page fans by gender. A vector graphic is used
to display the data here. If you go into the Edit Widgets
tab and look at this widget, you can see a new available
tab to use called Artwork. Clicking on this tab shows
me which part of this widget can be changed using the
configuration options. We call this the data
visualization piece–in other words, the editable artwork
piece that can be changed directly in the artboard. If you choose the Select
Artwork button here, it will select the editable
artwork portion of the widget directly on the artboard itself. In this case, I’ve selected
the vector base, or SVG parent image, down here that is
used to display the values of this repeating bar. Another way to edit a widget
is using the Layers tab or the Layers palette. With Illustrator,
everything on your artboard is grouped in layers. This includes all of the
widgets found in your design. So say you wanted to
drill into these widgets. In this case, I’m looking
at page fans by gender. You would do that by
expanding this, which takes me to a Change Me layer. This is where the SVG, or
vector-based graphic, resides. Clicking on this
over here also lets you see the layer
on the artboard. The Layers palette is also
where you can change or replace this image. In this case, let’s replace the
DOMO logo with another image. You do that by bringing
this image into your design. You can copy and directly paste
this into the design itself, and then you can size it
appropriately so that it matches the conventions of the
display that you want to use. You can then replace this
inside of the Change Me layer. You’ll notice now that
we have this group here. This is the image that
we just copied in. Now, let’s move this
down to this area and go ahead and
delete the Domo logo. If you want to take a
look at the widget now, go back to the Edit Widgets tab. You can pull from
the artboard, which is going to replace the image
in the Preview window here. Applying it back to
the artboard puts the changes of the image
back into your design. And you can see that you may
need to size this a little bit so it fits appropriately. And that’s our walkthrough. As for determining which widgets
you can edit or manipulate using artboard, we have a
category here on the right side called Chart Art,
which will provide you with a list of available
editable widgets. Like we said earlier, any type
of vector-based image or shape is usually editable. Another trick to
identify editable widgets is to look for any widgets
that have the DOMO logo inside of them. [ELECTRONIC MUSIC]

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