Ultimate Faber Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils Review

Ultimate Faber Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils Review

hello this is Karia again and I have
another video of you today today I will be doing the last of my updated review
series and I will be doing the fabric as cell polychromos I have this set of 120
so let’s get started so the fabric and still polychromos are Best colored pencils for artists
oil-based pencils they come the largest set is a set of 120 these are extremely
light fast I believe only two colors are listed as not being particularly light
fast and that’s a 119 and the other one which I think 160 is manganese violet
and I think this is like a pink purple anyway so so there is that they are sold
open stock as well as sets they come in sets of 12 24 36 60 72 and 120 the set
of 12 is currently listed on Amazon for $20 the set of 24 this is my swatch card
that I made with all the colors from the set I did mess up a little bit so the
order is not exactly correct I think these two are in the wrong order but for
the most part these are the colors for the set of 120 anyway this is also out
of order oh I’m just a mess today hold on this is
also out of order they can come in these little removable trays and you can put
the trays here but let me put them in the correct order so you can see the
trays so this is the the lowest tray and the two other trays have let me see if
there’s a way for me to show it to you turn this over they so they have some
padding in the back so when you lay them on top of each other they do not get
damaged and they also have these nifty handles here anyway
so so as I was saying they come in sets of 1224 the set of twelve is twenty
dollars on Amazon right now the set of 24 is listed at thirty-three dollars on
Amazon right now hold on I have these are the colors this is not the set of
twelve this is a different set in larger pencils but I want to show you the
colors that come in here plus a white that I gave to my friend a B but I just
want to show you the colors come these are the colors that come in set of
twelve so that’s the set of twelve this is the set of 24 which I got to travel
with me and to take with me when I go out so this is an unused set of 24 that
I just purchased and then we’re going to be looking at this in more detail in a
minute so that’s the set of twenty-four the set of 24 is listed on Amazon right
now for $33 there is a set of 36 that is listed for
$51 as well as a travel set of 36 this is the travel set of 36 I do not I’m not
particularly fond of this moment because as you use pencils the order gets moved
around a lot and it’s very difficult to keep them in the order so I’m not
particularly fond of this particular set that’s why that set of 24 and this is
listed on Amazon for $48 there is a set of 60 I don’t have the poly chroma set
of 60 but I do have the set of speed in the AL vector that I can show you and
the set of 60 is currently listed on Amazon for $80 I think when I purchased
my set of that when I purchased this set of the Albrecht Durer I think they were
listed at $100 but this is around about the colors that come in here there might
be some variation because I think change the colors a little bit but this
is around about what the set of 60 looks like so if you’re interested instead of
60 they have these nifty little trades you can lift these do not have the
padding in the back like the set on 120 does but you don’t really need it for
this anyway this is currently listed at $80 there is
a set of 72 which I’ve never seen in the US the set of 72 is listed on Amazon I
think for a third party retailer for 129 there’s also a wood set of 72 that I
don’t think I’ve ever seen and then this is a set of 120 which when I purchase a Staedtler color pencils set
set of 120 I purchase it for $200 now is listed for 160 there is a set of 120 in
the wood case um and I think it’s currently listed for around about 300
and change so that’s that with the pencils in the various sets they are I
haven’t in all the time I’ve been using all these various pencils and various
sets I haven’t experienced any breakages at all that’s part of why the pencils
look so false because I pin them like as I need to but I’ve never had any
breakages or any problems with breakages let’s see the next thing is they do hold
a point really well they are a slightly harder lid I think a lot of people are
used to the Prisma colors these are harder than the Prisma colors but
they’re still really creamy and really smooth but if you do need and
excessively like a super soft pencil these may not be for you because they
are a little bit on the soft side the other thing is they are very very highly
pigmented and we’re going to swatch this set we’re not going to swatch the full
set of 120 because that would take too long but I am going to swatch the set of
24 with you they are highly pigmented as you’ll see and they do have a larger
round barrel let me show you an update I want to show you with the prismacolor
this is a slightly different color but I do want to show you
the um that the the polychromos is let is a larger barrel and a larger LED so
these are a little bit larger pencil so it you know so that’s something to keep
in mind to make sure that you’re comfortable with a slightly larger
pencil I actually find the slightly larger pencil to be more comfortable for
me with my hand pain but I know that some people do prefer a smaller pencil
so there is a vac I see what is next hold on I’m sorry I have very very oh
they do have really really good quality control let me show you this from a
prismacolor pencil this is something that I have and all myself I’ve never
seen anything like that they the quality of all the pencils is really good the
writing is relatively clear except for some colors might be a little bit more
difficult to see because they use the same color printing but overall these
really well done they all have the they all have the name of this they all have
the fabric I still printed on them polychromos made in Germany these are
made in Germany as well as the color name in English and German and the color
number so that you can reorder as well as the life s rating and as I said most
of these will be three and two stars which is extremely good light fastness
and they are a couple of one star colors break I’m going to show you some of the
things that I’ve done and we’re going to look at the box of the box of 24 and
swatch those out and then we’re going to have some fun with a set of 24 okay so
before we get into the set of 24 I wanted to show you some of the works
that I have done this is a current work in progress that I have and I made this
with this set of the 120 but it’s not finished yet and I just wanted to show
you just how it layers I only used a solvent blender a little bit for some of
the leaves on the inside and for the the brown branches on the
outside but for the rest it’s basically just been the pencils itself no blender
pencil nothing so I’m going to show you the outside what it looks like some more
stuff that I’ve done that this was done without any sort of blender pencil of
any kind at all and these are both earlier ones that I did you know this
was done I would say at least a year ago and this is a little bit more recent
hold on show you this is a little bit more recent I did this this once again
is done with just the polychromos no blender pencil or anything and I’ve
already applied the fixative to this but this is pretty much finished and I’m
very happy with this so this was done with just the polychromos no blender
pencil no nothing so that’s this these are two completed pieces with those
pencils and for now let me show you we can go in a little bit closer so this is
done so this is the set of 24 and let me show you what I made with this I use the
wax paper a little bit in between here just because I don’t want it to smudge
before I get a chance to show you home zoom up so you can see I did this just
you know just like a quick sketch with a 24 which is basically what I got it for
I got it for doing like studies and quick sets and for taking it out with me
when I travel this is just the 24 colors that come in this the set of 24 so this
was done this is a start of free hands that no additional materials were used
for this and I just wanted to show you what you can do if you want to do some
freehand sketching with these various sets alright so there is exact I’m not
sure if I’m going to apply a fixative to it or not I feel like I’m very sensitive
to odors so I feel you know like I feel like it would bother me a little bit too
much but you know but we’ll see anyway so this is the actual set of 24 I got
this from Dick Blick from my wife and I’m
slightly annoyed because it’s it got dented in shipping and I asked
you know I wanted to get a new tin but I can’t send out a new tin so I’m not sure
you know so my so I’m basically going to keep this even though the tin is dented
which is slightly disappointed you know it’s not as secure as I would like it to
be another tin is dented I may use a magnet on the outside so that it stays
closed but that’s you know that’s more of a it happened to me issues not
necessarily how yours is going to arrive so anyway so you get this so these are
the 24 and I think this is a really good sort of a very well-thought-out set of
24 let me show you the book that comes in here I may not have shown you the
book in when I did the original review but this is actually a very good book it
has a lot of really good information and some information about the company oh my
god how much I love this I would love to have this set if I ever get this it I
will totally do a video for you guys if I ever get this set anyway that’s need
to hear now they’re armed so it tells you a little bit about the
different the other products that are available as well as showing you
different techniques about the pencils and different ways to use them oh and
that’s the other thing that I did put in my notes what I forgot to mention that
with the polychromos the lighter colors are more transparent and the darker
colors are more opaque so so that’s something to keep in mind especially
with the white some people are particularly unhappy with the white
because it is so transparent and in fact if you saw my set when you saw my set
you will see one thing that I did with the big set is I took out the
polychromos white and I replaced it with a luminous white for my at-home set and
this is the set that you know I use at home and I have you know space to lay
out and all other stuff so I haven’t decided yet whether or not I will do the
same thing here with this set but you know that’s neither here nor there so
anyway so so we’re talking about in terms of the book how the light colors
are more transparent and the darker colors are more opaque this does lend
itself very well to layering as you can see as
saw in the things that I made that you know they layered really nicely there
supposedly worked really well on different colored paper it definitely
looks you know a surprise the colors are so transparent especially with some of
these lighter colors but they still worked out okay this white in the center
though is not the polychromos white the white and center is the luminous white
and even though the luminance is wax-based as you can see you can use
both both of those interchangeably but that is the luminous white at the very
very center and then everything else is everything that’s not white like this
cream and these lighter colors those are all polychromos except for I used a
little bit of the luminance white the center I did forget to mention that in
earlier so there is that and at some point I will be coming back to test I
did get a black paper notebook and I will be coming back to test all the
pencils that I’ve reviewed on dark paper so that’s coming up as a future video
anyway so here we have the set of 24 so we are going to swatch out the colors
and then and then after that I have something really surprising for you and
I hope it doesn’t make too much noise and wake my wife up I’m pretty nervous
about it because I thought about doing it and I’ve been thinking about doing it
for a while and I finally decided to just just go ahead and do it anyway so
this is the this is I think light yellow glaze now I understand the colors that
they put together the Dean of the mixes is an interesting mix I probably would
have replaced the light yellow glaze it’s a little bit too greenish tinted
for me with the with a cream white with the cream instead this is the cream and
this is probably the color that I would have put in instead of I was making this
set but you know whatever it wasn’t my you know it wasn’t my decision to make
but they gave me the light yeah I guess the light yellow glaze is a more vibrant
color than the cream and they wanted to place
vibrant colors in here but that is what you know that’s what happens anyway so
this one I think is pale geranium Lake oh now this is dark dark cadmium orange
I love the cadmium there’s like a cadmium yellow like a light cabin yellow
like cadmium orange like all the cadmium yellows and oranges are really pretty in
this in this set of 120 anyway this is this one here is deep scarlet red
another color that I really like this is very pretty color this is dark red I think this is magenta this is ultra my range is another color
that I really love the ultramarine and this is a light ultramarine this is the
I believe this is a phthalo blue now this color I don’t use as much so if you
guys have any idea of what kinds of things this color would be good for it
let me know down in the comments because I don’t use that color very much
this is as you can guys concede to how much pigment you can cause it and I’m
not present particularly hard either you know if I want to press even harder I
could totally you can see when you press much harder you can get that really just
like heavy heavy heavy layer on there if you want to go extra hard
I don’t usually press that hard I find with these pencils that the results you
get when you go light to medium light and then layer are much more they’re
much more interesting and much more satisfying for me at least than just
going in with a darkest layer and so with these pencils I really enjoy
layering with these pencils and I find you know like if I spend a lot of time
working with maybe a little bit of a learning curve with these like if I
spent a lot of time working with say the Crayolas for a review or just you know
or just for practice and then I come back to these there’s a little bit of a
learning curve because I want to press harder than I need to press for these in
order to get the pigment to work and I and I and I forget sometimes that with
these it’s better to just go in lighter and just layer the second out of it
because they will just keep taking layers like it’s very rare that I get to
a point and look at this this is this is a light color that’s the other thing I
want to show you is even with colors except further white with you
light colors you still see the color and how well they match I think these are
some of the best matching in terms of the outside matching what’s inside and
the other thing that I really like about these pencils and I know that a lot of
people don’t don’t care which is why I don’t talk about it with the other
reviews as much but I love the fact that the color is all the way throughout the
barrel of the pencil because it makes it really easy for me especially with my
vision problems to just pick out the colors that I want and the fact that it
matches so well makes things a lot easier although I do have a color chart
that I you know I keep my college tours pretty handy and I’m probably gonna make
another color chart just for this too but I find the color dress to be really
really helpful and really fun so I’m going to take a break and then we’re
going to do something really fun that I’ve never done for any colored pencil
review and I’ve never seen anybody do we’re basically going to take these
pencils and we’re going to give them a three-foot drop and then after we give
them the three-foot drop we are going to sharpen them I’ll probably do the
three-foot drop in slo-mo and then I will probably do the sharpening
off-camera but basically we’re just going to look at the tips and see that
the tips are find that there’s no damage there’s no breakage to the pencils and
that’s going to be a lot of fun and so let me take a break because I got a
reorient the camera and I will be right back so you’re about to watch the drop
test I want you guys to space special attention to the white pencil and
without further ado the drop test hey guys I hope you can hear me
otherwise I will have to fix it in post but anyway I switched out the ten that
the 24 came in and I put him in the 10 that my set of 12 Alistar came in since
I was so unhappy with a pin and I was actually more worried about the pend and
I was worried about the drop that they all took so what I’m going to do now is
I’m at Starbucks I’m going to sharpen all these pencils including the white
and they should all be fine and then I’m going to draw with them and then I will
be back to the next part all right I have sharpened them and they are ready
to go I’m sure you be tips nice they all look the white down a little bit more
because that’s the one that was broken a little bit at the tip but I do want to
show you these amazing shavings look how clean a shavings are and that’s part of
what you pay for is you pay for a pencil with a nice thick high-quality wood so
that’s part of where the price for these comes from but look these shavings look
how clean that is anyway so I’m super excited to actually get using them and
I’ll be alright I am back I have finished playing with the pencils a set
of 24 I took them out I drew this after doing the initial
I did the second drawing and I don’t normally use the white pencil to burnish
but I did in this case because the white pencil had had dropped and I just wanted
to go over pretty much everything with the white pencil just to see if I could
feel anything or if there was any damage to the white pencil and it was
absolutely fine so without further ado let’s get to the
final stages of this review so this is the original tin that everything came in
I had before I was pretty unhappy with the dents that came in from Dick Blick
you can see the dent it’s pretty bad I was pretty unhappy with that so I put
them in here so they live in here now I made these swatch after I dropped the
pencils and and then I laminated it with just some packing tape over it as my you
know homemade lamination and hopefully that will keep it from you know smudging
as I move it around or protected from spills so anyway so this is it and right
now I think the part that we are at is the comparison so this is the fabric and
style polychromos and I did a little bit of blending with the Karen dodge blender
and it did move it around a little bit but I had put you know a lot of layers
on here so it didn’t really do that much but there’s that so in case you guys
want to see that and you can see once again the vibrancy of the color so let’s
get started wasting comparison I think I have 11 or 12 brands to compare it with
overall so it’s quite a lot of brands but hopefully we’ll be able to get
through this without it taking too long anyway so this is the Crayola and even
though these are covered you can already see some serious fading on the Crayola
see how bad that’s fading especially over here and over here it’s actually
starting to get pretty bad so that’s one of the big differences when you pay for
artist quality potentials is the fact that you will you should experience less
of that sort of extreme level fading this is the
twistable which I did and this is already looking a little bit less
vibrant than they did originally but you can see the comparison with a toy
stables and the regular Crayola you know how badly evades even though it’s
covered after a short period of time so anyway so that’s the twist of all the
Staedtler go soft which I haven’t reviewed but mostly because I wasn’t
really dye impressed with them if you guys would like to see a review of the
settlor or go soft you can let me know I you know I just found them to be more
expensive than the Crayola but I didn’t really find them to be particularly
better anyway this are the tombow and there is some fading even on the tombow
which I’m actually a little bit surprised about
but the tombola Road 210 you can see it even with the fading you can see the you
know the comparison with the tombo and see and the fabric I spelled polychromos
these are the Blackland colors and I was really impressed by these and you can
see why I was impressed by these they definitely vibrant colors they don’t
show the kind of fading that the other ones show but I’ve also haven’t had this
as long as I’ve had the other ones the library poly color which did surprise me
how much grading there was in the red on the library poly color but red is a
relatively fugitive color so if there was going to see fading anywhere it
would definitely be the red but you can see the difference between the
polychromos and the Lyra of Holly sellers next one up is the Dick Blick
artist colored pencils these are pretty much the same as the coronor but I want
to show you that and these are the corn or poly color the said cream is the same
and it’s the Dick Blick this is the prismacolor soft core pencils and you
can see definitely that the polychromos definitely have a little bit more
vibrancy than the than the prismacolor the prismacolor premier there’s a little
bit of fading in blue you can see a little bit of fading
in the blue but it’s really not much so there’s that and the next one is the
Karen – Pablos these is the Karen – Pablos and in the US I think they’re
care enough problems do cost a little bit more than the fabric has –
polychromos I do like they probably almost a little
bit better you know they’re both good pencils but I do prefer the polychromos
a little bit better they have a round barrel and it’s a bigger barrel and the
light fastness is also a little bit higher on those and you can see the
luminance the Karen – illuminance which are really I think the the only pencils
that really give it a real true challenge in terms of the vibrancy as
well as the light fastness and in terms of you know not fading or anything like
that so there’s that so this is the comparison and I’m going to take a quick
break and we’re going to go over the final conclusions on this review so a
couple of things that I wanted to add before I go over the summary a few
things that I forgot to mention earlier one thing I forgot to mention is that I
did make some changes to this and it wasn’t exactly the change I thought I
was going to make initially I did take out the pale duranium leak from the set
of 24 and I added the blue violet and I did this in part because there was no
purple in this set there was a magenta but I don’t really feel like the magenta
is a purple in the sense that I think about it so so I did put in the blue
violet which I feel is definitely more of a of a purple instead of the pale
duranium Lake because unless I’m making something that’s like red I’m probably
not going to use this color all that much and I’m probably going to end up
using this color more so I ended up putting that color in the other thing
that I find really interesting about this 24 set in particular more than the
60 set and not necessarily more than the 60 set but basically more than almost
any other set of 24 I have looked at in all my time
reviewing colored pencils and there is an entire playlist of all my reviews and
there’ll be a link up there to a playlist of all my reviews is that this
is an extremely well balanced set of 24 out of the box
probably better balanced in pretty much almost any other set of 24 that I’ve
that I’ve seen it’s really easy for you to make whatever kinds of colors that
you want to make there isn’t a true skin tone here but if you want to make like a
light a light skin tone you could probably you could use this with some
white so so there’s that but other than the sizes there isn’t a true sort of
light European skin tone this is extremely well balanced set and I like
the fact that for making darker African American skin tones these aren’t the
colors that I would necessarily pick but if I had a limited palette these would
work really these would work just fine you
know especially with this with this with this this Venetian red which would
really be helpful for making skin tones so overall I found that this was a
pretty well-balanced set initially I was kind of I was a little bit bitter
because I tend to use more of the in the larger set I tend definitely to use more
of the cool greys than the warm Gray’s but when I was doing my sketching show
you this session the the two sketches when I was doing these sketching I
actually found that I was able to use the warm Gray’s to make the shadows and
then all I had to do was add a little bit of blue to it and it’s fine if you
use the solvent it’s even easier because then you can dissolve the colors so
there’s that if you want to you know if you want to try out the set of 24 this
is a like a key lime cheesecake that I love sketching and I do this key lime
cheesecake all the time anyway so so there’s that so that’s something to keep
in mind about this set particularly this set of 24 but I love all the sets I mean
I really I really feel like these are just wonderful pencils and as you can
see from my review there’s a lot of things that I really love about these
pencils I love the fact that the wood is printed
that the the color is all the way in the barrel so for me I have I problems so
this makes it really easy to pick out a color and pretty much match it I do make
a swatch card for pretty much all the sets that I own but I find that these
are really good match you can see the color that’s here these are really good
match except for I think this is a bigger problem in the greens is that
sometimes it’s sometimes the colors are so similar the way they’re painted on
that you don’t realize that they’re a little bit more different when you do
them in and that’s the case with some colors that are extremely similar but
that’s that’s a very minor quibble definitely some brands are way more off
in terms of the colors I love the way that these work with or without a
solvent as I said earlier this was done completely with with the outside was
done completely without a solvent there was a solvent used on the inside and the
brushes but as you saw am i drawing from the drawings and all the other stuff
that I’ve done is that if you don’t want to use a solvent you totally don’t have
to with these these work really really well the set of 120 is an extremely well
balanced fun set of 120 I didn’t really find myself missing too many colors
although I did have some friends who liked to work more with pastel colors
who found that you know they you know they would say that they would add
probably something from the luminance line to get some of these more pastel
colors in but this is a really nice really wonderfully complete set of
pencil I love the fact that I did the drop test as you guys saw earlier and
all the pencils are fine if I mix these in with my regular set there’d be no way
to know you know which pencils had had been dropped I did all this you know
after the drop test it you can see it’s fine there’s not you know there’s not
any amount excessively of going down because I had to you know because of the
drop test everything you know has worked out really fine so I love that about
these pencils I tend to because I have the dandy Walker I do drop things you
know occasionally maybe not as extreme as I did for the test but occasionally I
will drop a pencil every now and again and I
love knowing that these will be fine even if it you know the worst part for
me is that you know if I drop a pencil sometimes it’ll roll and then I’ll have
to like dig up for it and that’s kind of like the worst case scenario if I drop a
pencil I have not had any you know breakages or anything like that so this
has been wonderful as we talked about earlier the white is not as opaque as
some people like the white is very transparent white so there’s that if you
don’t like it but overall these really are my favorite pencils if you can
afford these pencils they are not inexpensive these are definitely more
especially since the price of some of the other brands has gone down the
personal colors have drunk considerably these are definitely not the most
inexpensive pencils out there but for all the reasons I stated so the fact
that the colors are vibrant the fact that the colors stay vibrant anyway I
hope you guys like this review I hope you guys enjoyed seeing pretty much all
the sets I think the only set we didn’t see was the small 10 of 12 and the
larger 10 of 36 so so there’s that and thank you guys so much for watching and
staying with me oh there is one more thing about these pencils and I’m so
glad I looked at my notes before I forgot that fabric Haskell is releasing
it’s not out yet and I don’t know when it will be available in the US they are
releasing a set of 68 allotted pencils in a cup and I don’t know when that will
be available I don’t know what colors will be in there I am really excited
about that 68 set I probably will have a hard time convincing my wife to buy it
but I will definitely go to the website and see what colors are in there and if
there’s anything interesting about the set of 68 then I will do either an
additional video or just add notes to this one so there’s that and so that’s
been it hope you guys really enjoyed this video I really really want to thank
the patrons over on patreon for supporting the channel every single like
if you can only do a dollar a month that makes a huge difference because then I’m
able to afford products and to do reviews and to do crazy things like a
drop test which I would love to do for other brand
and at some point I was loved to take a bunch of pencils from all the different
brands and just drop them all and you know possibly you know cut them open or
something crazy like that so anyway so having the patrons really helps to
support the channel there’s also to to all the all the links down below so
thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to Like subscribe and share
and all that YouTube stuff and don’t go away because the pig because the video
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time bye a mr. Stewie butcha bye Oh mr. Stewie Oh
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mr. Stewie if that he got arms that

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