True Artist – Tales of Tenali Raman – Animated/Cartoon Stories For Kids

One day, King Krishnadevaraya was attending the Royal Court. It was drizzling outside. The monsoon had recently arrived. He was enjoying the day while listening to the pitter-patter, of the rain and the sound of the thunder. Just then, the King expressed a wish. He said he wanted to celebrate that year’s monsoon festival, with great pomp and show. He wanted to honour, and give some award to the most talented artists in the Kingdom. There was a discussion about who would be qualified to received the best artists award. A courtier said, your Majesty. This year, we can give the award, to a royal court artists Velappar Your Majesty, This time around, we must search for a true artist and honour him. What do you mean by a true artist? Your Majesty, a true artist does not create his work so as to please others. He wants to express himself through his creation. I’m aware of such an artist your Majesty. The King wanted to meet the sculptor The next day, the King and Tenali Ramen rode in the chariot, and went to the forest. They reached the Black Hill. Inside, the cave was full of many statues. The Sculptor was not aware that someone had entered the cave, and was watching him. He was busy with his work the King approached him, and asked. Oh my good man, whose statue is this? My Lord, Its the rain goddess. Admiring the beautiful clouds and lovely drizzle, and enjoying her own creation. The King admired the wonderful statues once again. He felt that this sculptor was the right person to receive the award. The next day, the sculptor was invited to the Royal Court, and was awarded the prize. the King honoured Tenali, for his choice of a true artist. Dear children. Do your work sincerely you will be definitely recognised and appreciated, one day.

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