One if the many ways I study Arabic is through translating Arabic cartoons yes it is, it’s true okay, so come with me, over to the laptop Okay, I’m going to say right off the bat, Cartoon Network MENA, please don’t take this video down I’m using your video for educational purposes it’s within the fair use policy nobody’s going to come and watch your cartoons on my channel instead of your channel that would be ridiculous because I’m not even playing it all the way through, I’m just playing the first minute Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s go okay, and we’re rolling, I’m on my laptop, I’ve got everything here you can see my screen and I can see… I can’t see your screen… that’s not right ‘hal’ is a question particle ‘hal’ makes it into a question you coming or not? the good thing about learning Fusha is that dictionaries understand Fusha they speak Fusha if you’re trying to learn a dialect…. good luck okay, next phrase what on earth did he just say? that’s hard But I thought we were going out to dinner, let’s break this down this comes from the verb ‘DHunn’ which means to think okay, if you’ve learned a bit of Arabic grammar, you’ll know that most verbs are made up of three root letters the three root letters in this verb are probably not going to be the ‘sa س ‘ or the ‘noon ن ‘ because we know that ‘sa س’ puts the verb into the future tense and the noon ن makes it into we are doing the action ‘kharaja’ means to exit or to leave, or to go out but I thought we were going out for dinner oh, it’s starting to make sense now and she says ‘ajal’ which we already know anyway let’s just write this so, what she’s saying there is yes, diner? that’s confusing because an American diner doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s only for dinner that’s where the confusion has arisen to meet again it’s the sa and the noon (which) puts in the future I thought that we would meet in the mall? let’s see what else he says I’m in the mall I don’t see you really, where are you? so he’s making up some excuse as to where he is in the mall he’s lying basically, he’s a كذاب kithaab and he… in return he gets choke slammed against the wall by the phone wire and then she says… which means do you know I called you at home? do you know that I called you at home? you idiot… basically which is kind of funny it means… you’ve reached the ansaphone message and please leave a message after the beep basically he’s a cheeky one alright, that’s pretty much it, thanks for watching this if you found it useful, let me know, if you didn’t, also let me know because… then… I can do more of these I can not do more of these personally I really like them, I find them really useful so… if you found it useful, let me know and, I am Mike if you’re new here you can subscribe, you can see more videos there and there and I hope to see you again for the next video which is probably going to be quite soon, so I’ll see you then


  1. أحسنت كم أحب الاشخاص المهتمين باللغه العربيه انت افضل يوتوبر اجنبي عرفته واصل على هذا المنوال ونحن العرب دائما بدعمك

  2. you Can speak Arabic well done انت تستطيع لفظ الكلمات العربية الفصحى لفظ صحيح انا متابعتك من العراق I live in iraq ♡

  3. انت عربي😱 والله يوم يتكلم عربي كانو عايش في السعودية والله غريب

  4. hhh good el-fosha (real arabic) is good 21 or 22 pays use arabic im from DZ and you amateur arabic but you really really really really good in them language you understand arbic thats high level

  5. عادة انا اكتب تعليقي بالانجليزية و لكن سأستخدم اللغة العربية لأنني فتاة عربية لكي اقول انني اندهشت حقا لأن نطقك مدهش و متقن و تستطيع نطق حرف الخاء و الحاء.

  6. Dam man
    I'm from Egypt 👌🌚
    ديم يا رجل
    أنا من مصر
    ايها العرب أثبتوا وجوتكم

  7. انت تنطق (ظننت ✅) بثلاثة نون هكذا (ظنننت ❌) وهذا خطا فقط أردت ان أساعدك ❤️

  8. طيب احد يعلمني هو ليه بتعلم اللغه العربيه؟؟؟ في سبب يعني مسلم او… ما ادري ما جا ب بالي الا مسلم🤔🤔🤔

  9. You're so cute when you speak Arabic 😔💛💫
    Keep going, you're so amazing 😚💙💙
    I'm Arabic, and I see that you're doing great 😉💫

  10. 1:15 its the morning gumball how can you eat dinner in the morning (im an arab the word عشاء means dinner in the night)

  11. واو توقعت أن اللغة العربية ‏الفصحى صعبة ، شيء جميل أشوف أحد يتعلم اللغة العربية من جانب الفصحى لأن اللهجة العامية متفرّعة و تصدّع الراس ، والله فرحان لك كثير ❤️❤️

  12. يتكلم عربي احسن من بعض الناس

    you actually speak arabic better than other arabic people though XDD .

  13. I'm trying to learn new languages these days but I have a lot of obstacles .
    Seeing ur Arabic really made me motivated again

  14. Im Egyptian and just wanted to tell that you’re so excellent in Arabic but let me correct u a word u spelled wrongly, when u said ظننت u spelled like 3 N’s “thanananto” when you’re supposed to say “thananto”
    And good luck

  15. It is very nice when someone is studying a language other than his language, interesting thing but this is very difficult and requires time and effort is very large, and we must encourage these people even if the language is weak to medium 👍👍

  16. See Nothing wrong speaking Arabic it’s Exciting to learn another languages and Try to be fluent in it

  17. نصيحة لك…. الرسوم المتحركة الجديدة… لا يكون نطق اللغة العربية فيها صحيحا مثل كلمة ( مول) لا علاقة لها باللغة …..حاول تعلم من الرسوم المتحركة القديمة مثل ( في جعبتي حكاية ) أو ( مخلص صديق الحيوان ) أو كل رسوم متحركة مترجمة من استوديو الزهرة سوريا. تحياتي للجميع.

  18. سنخرج للأعشاء حشيش omg 😂😂 but no worries your gonna be much better seriously keep practicing!!

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