Transformers LED artwork

Here we have an ordinary picture frame with a special piece of art inside Watch what happens when I turn on the power. Pretty cool huh? It’s the Decepticons logo Now watch what happens when I push this button *music playing* Ok doesn’t really play the sound effect, but I can switch back and forth as often as I want as fast as I want So how do I make it? Well the pictures are actually two pieces of plexiglass that are etched by hand with a razor blade There are two arrays of LEDs mounted on top One red LED array and one violet LED array Each array of LEDs only lights up one of the plexiglass etchings When you apply power to the LEDs, the corresponding logo lights up The dimming effect is created by an act on my controller and a couple of MOSFETs I’m using a microcontroller to generate PWM waveforms to dim the LEDs and perfectly time the switchovers Since the PWM is done in software, I can program the artwork to glow on whatever pattern I want Let’s take one last look In the dark room, the effect looks even better

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  1. Wait a sec, how much flashrom do you have there? You should consider something like 20 khz sampling rate, 2 bit per sample ADPCM with 8-bit PWM or r/2r DAC output.

  2. so for someone with no electical skills how hard would it be to do, im currently moding my pc case and that bets the shit out of what im able to do. do you have a how to guide avaiable ?

  3. @afrotechmods Im trying to replicate the effect used in your transformers plexi art. I was wondering the specs on the LEDs themselves, noticing you used mosfets rather than a direct 20ma drive from the micro, are they higher intensity (>5000mcd) LEDs?


  4. what language did you use to program the microcontroller?

    speaking of which, maybe make a basic microcontroller tutorial?

  5. This is something I'm really interested in. However, I don't have the skills to create the Plexiglas. Any suggestions? Fantastic video, BTW.

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