Top 10 Adult Cartoons

Alright, we’ve spoken about adult oriented
animated films from all over the world, and while I still have a lot to cover on that
subject, I think we’ve covered enough bases to turn our attention to adult animation on
television. I’ve kinda been putting this one off, because
with so many great series from the past and currently running, odds are no matter what
shows I include or in what order there is going to be some disagreement or some small
show I overlooked. So just try to keep it friendly, these are
my favorites based on a pretty heavy lifelong exposure and interest and by no means need
to be your favorites as well, just leave a comment below letting me know what I might
have overlooked. So without any further delay and only a tiny
educational value to boob and joke ratio, lets toon into my Top 10 Adult Cartoons. Number 10
The MTV Animations Okay, so kind of a cop out, but I’m including
all of the classic mtv cartoons in this one entry, so Beavis and Butthead, Daria, The
Maxx, The Head, Aeon Flux, Undergrads and Clone High. They were all produced in the 90s by mtv and
are worthy of mention here. hey, It’s my list, I can do stuff like this. Number 9
Rick and Morty I’ve not seen all of this series, but I’ve
seen enough to know it belongs here. Starting as a crude attempt to troll universal
studios by spoofing back to the future, rick and morty grew into a fully fledged troll
of everything science fiction, poking fun at all manner of media and theroretical physics. Number 8
Ren and Stimpy With classic episodes like “don’t whiz on
the electric fence” how can this not make the list. By the legendary animator John Kricfaluci
Ren and Stimpy pushed the limits of adult animation on television in the 90s. Number 7
The Venture Brothers A parody of the johnny quest adventure cartoons
of the 60’s the venture brothers follows the story of a grown up former boy adventurer
Rusty venture and his two sons who are current boy adventurers dean and hank. It also casts david bowie as one of the villians
which is always a win in my books. Number 6
Archer A parody of the long running James Bond franchise,
we follow the super spy slash man-child archer as he does spy things while cracking jokes
and making obscure references. I’d also include bob’s burgers on this list
but I don’t want to summon Harry Benjamin, well not for a youtube video anyway, maybe
alone in a dark bathroom later. Number 5
Simpsons For everything previous on this list, the
Simpsons did it. While not the first television series aimed
at adults by a longshot, it did bring animated comedy for adults to primetime media and opened
the doors for many of the shows we’ve seen since. But the simpsons didn’t do quite everything. Number 4
Spawn Dark, gritty and violent Spawn represents
the badass side of animation perfectly. Made in the late 90’s by Todd McFarlane for
HBO which means you can also expect a fair amount of cartoon boobs, this animated version
far supassed its shitty big budget live action counterpart and stands the test of time. Number 3
The Boondocks Alright, so lets talk about satire as a platform
for social commentary this is your example. Starting as a comic strip by Aaron Mcgruder
with commentary on urban culture and race relations the boondocks grew into one of the
most socially relevant television series of its era. This show challenged its audience to move
beyond the conventional media messages regarding it’s topics while making us laugh. Number 2
South Park Not quite as old as the Simpsons, these guys
are getting up there as well. Starting as a crude cutout animated short about the spirit
of Christmas, Southpark has also faced many social issues head on through comedy and have
always been advocates of pushing medias bounderies. I don’t know how I feel aboot being called
a little mushroom person tho. and the Number 1 adult cartoon is
Robot Chicken Using stop motion claymation techniques Robot
chicken parodies all forms of media from A team to Zybots and everything in between. Watchmojo actually excluded these guys from
their list, and I’m declaring that a bad call and putting them back in the game! Take that
Watchmojo with your 11 top 10 videos a day! I hope this in no way negatively affects my
repeated job applications and resumes to watchmojojojo. Love you guys! :p So those are my Top 10 Adult Cartoons honorable
mentions for this list are Spicy City, Duckman, Roccos Modern Life, Quads, Oblongs, Delta
State and I’m sure I’m forgetting tons more, so leave comments below! While your down there hit those like and subscribe
buttons. You can leave ascii art penises but I’m the
only one who’ll see em so the effort is wasted, once again this was Fade Dragontear, Peace

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Adult Cartoons”

  1. Most of this list was decent, though several of those were not adult cartoons even if they were created in a way that would appeal to multiple age groups. I can't for the life of me understand how Robot Chicken would make the #1 spot, or even get on the list for that matter. It is about as mediocre as you can get and so hit and miss. For ever good bit they pull off you have to suffer through half a dozen others that are just crap.

  2. I don't think that was a clip from "Oblongs." That looked like it was a clip from another show called "Mission Hill."

  3. I'm one of those "iconoclasts" who actually enjoys "Futurama" more than The Simpsons. The Simpsons is about a traditional family setting. Futurama is about outcasts coming together to form some sort of a family

  4. While Simpsons and South park are both clever, timely and witty, I am astounded that you did not include Bugs Bunny and Loonie Toons. These cartoons were both cutting edge for their time and 'witty' doesn't do them justice, if you have even a passing knowledge of American History, you would find them hilarious. Just now as I write this, I am imagining when Bugs went to the Witch's house and started screwing with Dracula. Seriously, watch it. You'll piss your pants! Or the esact moment when the raging bull in the arena that accidentally swallowed a rifle realizes "hey, this could work…" Funny shit.
    Speaking of History, You also forgot to mention Fractured Fairy Tales as featured on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.
    Maybe you're just too young. I watched Bugs for years and years even though most were made in the '40s.
    I hope you look around and find all these classics because they were truly amazingly funny.
    In short, your list is both inaccurate and incomplete.

  5. When you said Top 10 Adult "cartoons", I kinda figured you meant movies as well, which of course would HAVE to include Fritz The Cat, Heavy Metal, and pretty much anything Ralph Bakshi. 😉

  6. My favorite part about Archer is Aisha Tyler ~ I've been stuck on that girl since the first time I saw her, even her voice is so sexy.

  7. The Simpsons isn't adult, though, dude. It's lucky to have a PG rating. The worst I've ever seen it get is "Bitch."

  8. iN 1:44 YOU you mention "with classic episodes like:don't whizz on the electric fence" well let me tell you that if you really had done your research the way it should have been done you would know that's NOT the name of the episode. "Don't whizz on the electric fence" was a game featured on Season 2 Episode 4 and the actual name of the episode is: "Svën Höek"

  9. You use clips I've never seen before, by don't feature them.So I'm curious, what is the one where the girl is dancing in front of the TV news, and the one with the girl in black dancing in the dark.. I think you used that one at the end.

  10. In no way am I trying to bash the show or anything like that, but I'll never understand the appeal in Robot Chicken. I can't remember it ever getting more than a chuckle out of me. Never a hard belly laugh like Rick and Morty serves up nearly start to finish in every episode (for me, at least). Rick and Morty has plenty of fart and puke jokes but it can also be really smart, while I think Robot Chicken really only has the immature humor going for it. Plus I feel like the animation suffers since stop motion is such a grueling process that I'm sure they really have to rush things along. But anyway, it's not my list, haha. Just never understood the appeal is all.

  11. No anime titles?? While I wouldn't say I'm a full otaku, I do like Japanese anime. Although some is film format a lot is also tv episodic and follows their manga (comic book) culture. I'm not saying it's better or worse, just worth exploring. I've found the depth of genre and material wider than some domestic stuff. There's also euro stuff too I'm sure, but I've really only seen film so hard to comment there.

  12. You missed the best show of all time – Duckman, and put the shitty Robot Chicken as number one. Futurama also beats at least 6 out of 10 of the shows on your list. And as you mentioned, Rick & Morty should be much higher than 9. Duckman, Rick & Morty, Southpark, Futurama, Simpsons, Family Guy, Archer, American Dad – probably those in that descending order for me.

  13. Now which one of these had the dancing girl in black at the end of the video? It's the only one I haven't seen yet that seems worth watching

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  15. 10 never liked B&B…marginally amusing,
    9 never heard of it
    8 wish I had seen more of R&S…..funny stuff
    7 never heard of it
    6 saw some of it, didn't think it was all that funny
    5 mostly funny, I think it peaked in the 90s
    4 heard of it, but only saw snippets of it
    3 only heard of it by reputation
    2 Funny stuff
    1 Hugely funny

    Good list.

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