Time for another caricature (color pencil drawing)

Time for another caricature (color pencil drawing)

all right it's time for another youtuber to be drawn by Bibi all right I've been having fun doing these lately got another person my glasses but wrong like glasses we're getting pretty good by now anything all right nice reflective glass this is gonna take a while let's see the glasses a lot of stuff going on in there trying to get it to to look correct but anyway here we go now this person is a person that I enjoy I like his channel I guess you'd call him a blind viewer he comes over to the thirsty Thursdays and hangs out he is a frequent commenter on my videos and again I guess I enjoy his videos as well now some people say that he is I don't know they say he's arrogant or cocky err a braggart or some stuff like that but I disagree now unlike most better nomads here on YouTube this guy is uh self-made he takes care of itself he doesn't you know have the usual stuff doesn't have to pick try on and he's not asking for money and he doesn't have his little PayPal account either donate and he doesn't point to it all the time yeah finances his own way I know it's unusual isn't it it's kind of rare here on YouTube especially with someone he was in an RV but anyway he has several sources of income all of which are well I won't say all most are some sort of creative outlet where he cashes it on his creativity of course if you say anything if you talk about it the things you do your accomplishments in different ways that you uh take care of yourself you're cocky you're a braggart yeah I don't think so he's intelligent human being I was an extensive vocabulary and he uses it he uses it well and he has different talents oh yeah why not talk about it share how to do some things with know he's this bragging I don't know maybe it's because he's Canadian I don't know I I have to like the guy I think it's pretty damn cool and I didn't be listening which was real fun awesome awesome to talk to you super dude man anyway I figured why not immortalized him on paper forever the blonde she's like that's right girl lies girl he's a good dude I hope he enjoys this rendition just rendering this caricature well here you go yeah I got the glasses give him like a like a kidney bean shaped head oh yeah he has some interesting characteristics kind of has some I want to say chubby cheek he has around 40 area and yeah the little neatly trimmed mustache and goatee I kind of focused on the up the glasses though the most and yeah the nose and the kind of glasses yeah we're doing a nice little blue shirt that's fancy and just put a little skirt down there I guess the good thing about this one is I don't have to draw eyes or try to figure out I color even though we know he has blue eyes but I had to deal with none of that in this one I focused mainly on that reflection in the glass was trying to make it look pretty decent now it isn't exact to what the picture but me though and here we go what do I got to do what am I gonna do a lot of pictures not thick to do force myself to draw it that's right camo and draw a camo so I guess that don't leave one reason there's only one reason why people look at camo see camo wear camo but now this isn't an homage this is a tribute just so happens you had on a camo hat so I drew some camo but there you go again reflection in the glasses isn't the exact same as in the photo reference and just tip celebrities because I can do that that's the awesome thing about being me I can do whatever I want but I hope you enjoyed this one there you have it get these a nice shiny glasses all shined up coming down to the end here putting the highlights in the little reflections Sol I'm screwed once I find him interesting I find him entertaining i finding highly intelligent I don't think he's cocky I think he's confident got a shit together doesn't rely on no one and people just don't like that especially here on YouTube alright guys stick around come back did you never know who or what I might draw next what we do here does go back back back

21 thoughts on “Time for another caricature (color pencil drawing)”

  1. As soon as you started the glasses I knew it was LS1! Nice job BV I like his video also .You both tell it like it is and that's the best.👍😍

  2. Outstanding job !! Hey Linescrew 1, this caricature looks more like you than you do !! LOL Excellent work Blind Views …

  3. I don't watch him but I am familiar with him. You betcha yah. Thst is my best great white North accent

  4. Your drawings are fabulous ‼️ 👌…thought I'd comment & let you know…since I don't really comment ..

  5. Andrew never looked better. I love that you drew him with his mouth open. It often is. 🙂 Awesome job. Love the reflection!

  6. Linescrew1! Perfect as always BV. I enjoy his channel. I agree with almost all of his opinions. The ones that don’t like him are probably ones that don’t listen to anyone’s opinion, but their own. I like hearing more than my own opinion 😊

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