This Makeup Artist Transformed Herself Into Her Own Cat for Halloween

This Makeup Artist Transformed Herself Into Her Own Cat for Halloween

Hey guys, it is Julia Dantas and I’m
gonna show you how I transformed myself into my sweet little precious baby cat
Lulu. So if you want to get some inspiration for Halloween then keep on
watching. Alrighty guys, diving straight into the
tutorial, the very first thing you want to start off by doing is just mapping
out your cat’s features or their most prominent spots on their face. And I’m
just using a nude eyeliner so that I can map everything out, and if I do make a
mistake, I can just wipe it away. Next up, I’m gonna go into my Make Up For Ever Flash Palette and this is a creamy product, so it’s really easy to blend all
over the skin. It’s also extremely important to have a reference photo
whenever you are recreating something that is real, so either print it out or
get your phone out and have something to keep looking back to so you can make
sure it’s as accurate as possible. Okay, so for the base I used cream products, now I’m switching over to my Aqua Color, which is a water base, which means it’s
going to dry down and it’s not gonna move around on you, so when we start
adding all of the layers and dimensions everything’s gonna stay pretty much in
place. So now all I’m doing is filling in all of the beautiful little spots on my
face with white, and the best advice I can give you if you’re doing a look like
this is just to break it down by shapes and by colours starting out. Okay so we’ve done the grey, we’ve done the white, now we’re gonna move into the black. So all
I’m doing right now is picking all the features on my cat that really stands
out and makes my cat look like Lulu, my dear cat. So if you’re recreating this at
home and you want to tune with your own cat then this makeup tutorial is gonna
look a little bit different depending on who you’re referencing, and what cat
you’re referencing, so since I’m trying to create a super realistic tutorial I’m
going in and I’m actually doing little flicks to make my marks on my face look
like fur. Okay, now for the fun part. I am seriously obsessed with this technique.
I’m going into my toothbrush, dipping back into my Aqua Color, which I have
been using over my full face, but this time around, I’m wetting the toothbrush
so that the Aqua Color is really going to liquify and it’s going give you that really nice paint splatter effect. With any makeup look or artwork
that you are trying to achieve something that is really realistic, it’s all about
layers, dimensions, tones and textures, so this is a really great technique for
creating that really 3D effect. And the closer in we go with our toothbrush, the
more intense it’s gonna be, and the further back we pull, the more diffused
it’s gonna be. And the great thing about this is it’s makeup, so if you want to
tone anything down you can just go ahead and buff it out like I’m doing right now. Okay, I’m gonna pick up this stipple sponge which has a pretty similar effect
to the toothbrush but I wanted to show you guys some different options. And you
can order this right off Amazon for like $3. And I’m just creating more texture onto my face. And it’s also important while you are doing this texturizing step to
pick a shade that’s gonna contrast with that base colour. Okay, moving on to my
beautiful cat nose, I’m making my nose look super wide to match Lulu. And if you
do have a slim nose you want to fake it and literally just draw it on your
cheeks, the wider the better, and that’s what really creates that cat look. Okay,
so now everything I’ve been teaching you about contour and highlight we’re gonna
completely go against that and we’re going to be highlighting our nose where
we would normally contour. And actually this flattens out our nose and makes our
nose look so much more wide. Time for my favourite part: creating this super cute
little tiny nose. I’m just going into a pink mixed with a touch of a nude
shade and I’m just doing an upside down triangle right on the tip of my nose. And
then, with the tiny defined detail brush, I’m just going to outline that and add
in some detail. Moving on to the eyes. My cat’s eyes are pretty dark and fierce
and they pretty much look like she’s just wearing eyeliner at all times, which
I’m totally okay with, so I’m just going back into that Mehron Aqua Color,
doing a nice wing that covers my whole eyelids with super fierce and intense,
and then I’m just doing that little flicking motion to make this look like
fur. Doing any artwork, any painting, any realistic makeup really all depends on
the layers, the depth, the dimension, so I’m going in and I’m doing more layers,
and the more time that you take with this makeup look, the more it kind of
comes together and looks more realistic. Now, we’re just gonna add in a
touch of a brown shade. My cat is a tabby, so she does have gray, black, white, and a
touch of brown. I’m gonna be picking up my Jaclyn Hill palette and I’m just
really deepening up some of those areas that have those shadows so they’re
really, really intense. You guys have almost waited through the whole video, we are at the home stretch. We’re just gonna finish off with with the mouth area. I’m
just cleaning up the mouth and making sure that it’s super white, bright and
clean. I’m also continuing to do these flicks
on the chin so that everything has a really nice fur-like effect. And then,
dipping into my stipple sponge just to kind of blend and diffuse that. With a
super tiny defined brush I’m just doing a black line right to the centre of my
mouth, and then just doing a lot of little tiny dots where the whiskers are
gonna go. And then, take your time with this, but I’m just doing little tiny
flicks where the whiskers are. I’m also not overly extending these whiskers. I
want it to be realistic and I don’t want it to take away from the makeup look that we’ve just done. Alrighty guys, here is the finished look.
Let me know what you thought down below. If you’re going to transform yourself
into your pet for Halloween, remember to check me out on Instagram and YouTube
@JuliaDantasBeauty and I will see you guys in the next video. Bye!

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