This Girl Explains The Hardships Of Dating In The Social Media Age [Mockumentary]

It’s really hard to meet people
in New York City. I moved here from a small town and I’m really noticing people
are afraid to talk to strangers
in public. I tried tinder, but I hated how
vulgar some of the people were. So I made a Facebook, put all my
best pictures on it and started
adding cute guys in the area. No one has accepted my friend
request though. Seriously. I even made an Instagram account
and started following guys and liking their pictures but no
one follows me back. I figured it’s 2016 — maybe I
should just make the first move. So, I started direct messaging
and telling people about my work as a freelance
web developer. People are so unfriendly. This one guy accused me of being
a middle-aged Bangladeshi man. Look, I’m okay being single.
Really. I just hate being so
ignored. I went through a really tough
time when my good friend, Nigerian prince Adewale
Anti-Kuti, was stranded in
Europe and couldn’t access his savings
account. He relied entirely
on strangers to transfer him
money for a plane ticket. Not one person would donate. In the end, I fronted all the
money and, as promised, he made
me rich. But still, all I want is a cute,
single, local guy to fuck.

54 thoughts on “This Girl Explains The Hardships Of Dating In The Social Media Age [Mockumentary]”

  1. Your story has was really touching and it has moved us. My girlfriend and I have agreed. We are willing to take in another….lol. This was hilarious

  2. I feel ya gurl. I struggle with that too. I am too pretty everybody thinks my accounts are fake with overphotoshopped pictures.

  3. This is what guys hope to find, a model like girl who doesn't want commitment. Haha! Most women want a relationship not a fuck buddy and most don't look like models so dream on men. Just like most women want a good looking guy who wants a commitment, more than likely it's not going to happen. Keep dreaming people because that's the only way you'll get what you want, is in your sleep.

  4. adding randoms is creepy no matter your gender and people generally don't trust people they don't know. if some girl i didn't know started commenting on all my instagram photos and trying to message me, I'd be skeptical and a little dismissive as well

  5. MGTOW is the right choice. Even pretty girl start to suffer to. Thanks feminism to help us give up on the slave world where the men work to sustain the family. We are free now from being that slave.

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