TheFatRat – Warrior Songs (DOTA 2 music pack)

Raise your weapon Sing a song War is here We waited so long Prepare my brothers Battle will come And when we die Our legend is sung See the Mad Moon falling Side by side we stand strong Till the end of days through the clash of our blades We’ll sing the “Warrior’s song”

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  1. Полгода не играю. Такая ностальгия по этому паку аж муражки по коже.

  2. Heard this before, not so patiently, heard today again after the dota final championship stream is completed. The first warrior song in this video was playing. Purchased it and equipped it. Now i have the best music in dota, thanks Fat Rat. Love your music. It's godlike!!!

  3. My favorite WS is Ascendancy 3:59 . Those I loved too: Kingdom come 10:34 , Mad moon falling 11:22

  4. For those of you who own the pack, skip to 1:57 so you don't have to listen to the main menu song. You've all heard it plenty enough while waiting in queue.

  5. My personal take on TheFatRat’s songs and how to make them into a series. I’ll refrain to talk about the DOTA 2 pack (this) because someone has done so, I don’t want to be accused of copying, and it’s more like a prequel and/or spinoff. Scroll through the comments and you’ll probably find it. TheFatRat hearted it so it should be generally easy to find. Now, on to the lore.

    Fly Away: S1 E1: The singer (let’s call her Alison, I’ve been reading a lot of “Amulet” lately) dreams about going to space and the great beyond.

    Oblivion: S1 E2: Alison decides to ask someone to go on her adventure into space, let’s call him Navin (yes, more Amulet references XD). They accept and are about to go into the great beyond.

    The Calling: S1 E3: Alison and the companion get launched into space, with the beauty and complexities of space all around them.

    Mayday: S1 E4: The mission goes wrong and Alison and her companion get stranded in space. Needing urgent help.

    Monody: S1 E5 (Season 1 finale) Alison makes it back, but, Navin does not. Alison grieves the loss of her companion and friend.

    Season 2: Alison, after dealing with the dangers of space that killed her friend, she decides to enlist in the military. Not knowing the horrors that lay upon her

    Chosen: S2 E1: Alison enlists into the military, and she begins to realize that it’s not a very safe job. A humongous, evil rat god named TheBaddestRat is trailing them and wants to destroy them. They attempt to fight back, but they are quickly slaughtered. The survivors go into hiding.

    Solitude: S2 E2: Alison and the small bunch of survivors go into hiding, and evil forces start trying to kill them. Dealing with the slaughter of their friends and family by TheBadRat and his bastardized abominations, they eventually decide to seek refuge inside a safe haven to then take down the twisted, evil god. But they find something they weren’t expecting….

    Sunlight: S2 E3: Alison and the now even smaller group of the military (about 600) find the safe haven. But they find a god, named TheFattestRat, who wants to help them in their quest to take down TheBaddestRat. He gives them powers of a true warrior, making them almost as strong as a god (you know, TheFatterRat has to stay in power) and they get enough power to take down TheBaddestRat and his abominations.

    Stronger: S2 E4: Alison and her military friends, along with TheFattestRat, find TheBaddestRat and his minions. They successfully take down his minions, until eventually a humongous spider comes their way, with more power than anything they’ve ever seen. The villains are winning. With even TheFattestRat beginning to lose against his adversary.

    Close to the Sun: S2 E5 (Series finale): Alison and her powerful group of friends fight the evil mechanical, almost godly, spider. The spider ends up being destroyed after days of long, Attack-on-Titan-style fighting. They take the mechanical beast down. TheFattestRat manages to kill TheBaddestRat. They then have peace in the land forevermore.

  6. The Fat Rat 😍 My idols😍 when i always play DotA 2 i listen this worrior songs😍Because i cannot buy The Fat Rat Worrior song in game 😅😁 😘😘😘😘

  7. Почему нет ниодного русскоязычного коммента? Неужели русская нация не в силах оценить по достоинству этот шедевр?! Очень надеюсь что это не так 😕

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