The WORST Art Subscription Box I’ve EVER Opened.

The WORST Art Subscription Box I’ve EVER Opened.

Hello there! So, I subscribed to every single art subscription box that you can possibly subscribe to and I opened them all on camera last- *cheesy dial tone* I’m popular! Someone’s calling me! I just-
It’s the wrong number. Last week I uploaded a video where I unboxed every single art subscription box that you can subscribe to and basically saw which was the best. Now I’m not turning into an art subscription box unboxing channel, I promise, BUT I’m gonna be opening up this brand new subscription box by Crayola. It’s a CIY box and it’s for 8 and older so I just managed to scrape through there, and this box is obscenely expensive, like for Crayola supplies I’m gonna see how much it was. Hang on… So the CIY box has two crafting projects inside of it. Apparently it’s a $50 value. It cost me $37.99 plus three dollars shipping so basically I paid $40 for a box of Mystery Crayola art supplies, but I don’t want to, you know, make a quick judgment because it might be very very good, we don’t know. It just seems a lot of money for some Crayola art supplies! Before we start this video though, I just wanted to show you this piece that I made because I didn’t film this for my channel, it was actually filmed for this amazingly cool collab video that I did. I’ll leave a link to it in the description and I’ll tell you a bit more about it later on in the video but basically I painted this for 14 hours solid and it’s actually like my favorite acrylic painting now because it- I don’t know. I’m just really happy with it. And I’m gonna be selling limited edition prints of it. So like, 8 by 10 size; there’s only gonna be a hundred ever made so if you would like one before they sell out make sure you check out the link in the description. I’ll be making smaller prints later in the year that aren’t limited edition but bigger, 8 by 10-ish sizes are gonna be limited edition, so if you would like one, link is in the description and I will get started with the video that you clicked on so let’s, yeah. I’m very excited, I’m not gonna lie. I’m very excited to see what’s inside because it might be incredibly cool. OK, so inside it says “inspired by Crayola, created by you.” So let’s have a look what’s inside. Ooh, okay! So this is what the inside looks like. CIY Marble Madness crafting instructions. So, so basically we’re gonna- oh you can make a marble clock! That’s cool. You can make a marble treasure dish… oh that’s it. Oh, okay. So those are – those are the two crafts. So inside it’s got kind of the cheap Crayola supplies you can buy at Walmart, but we’re gonna look through and see what there actually is because there’s more underneath. So we’ve got some yellow Model Magic, I’ve never actually used that. We have some, what looks like pink Model Magic, but apparently it’s red. We have a blue Model Magic, a white Model Magic and this is black. Oh, no, that’s white as well. So we’ve got some more Model Magic, then we have some of the washable paint. This is blue; looks pink, but it’s red. Then we have some white and then we have some metallic silver paint. We have – oh-ho-ho-ho, mmm-hmm. *sarcastically* This looks like a great paintbrush. So this paintbrush, it- it’s one of they’re just standard cheap paint brushes that you can buy in a pack usually. That’s what it looks like. So it’s, it’s kind of stuck. It’s got a weird like, stuck bit. What I do like to see is they’ve not used plastic bubble wrap in any kind. So, okay. This is quite cool, I like this. They have included like a little wooden thing to make a clock so it’s not just Crayola art supplies, they have included some extras as well and they’ve given us some little crafty bits for the actual clock itself, a battery thing here which is what you use to obviously make the clockwork. “Yummy veggie nutrition strawberry milkshake.” I mean, that’s kind of fun they included that I guess for kids, but I would rather have had more art supplies or like craft supplies in here. That is literally the box! That is- that’s literally the box! Is that really the box? That’s the box. Ahhhh, kay. So inside – I mean, this is cute. I like what they’ve done here. This is nice. We’ve got a green pen. Ah, okay! So Crayola has these new permanent markers which look quite fun, low odor and fine point. Then we’ve got – aw, these are cool! They’ve given us some pretty like, Galaxy Marble-esque Post-it notes which are really nice. So basically for $41 I’ve got a chocolate milkshake – but it’s organic so that’s good. I’ve got five Model Magic… Model Magic. Got four of their kids’ washable paints, one of their little paintbrushes with the sticky bit on it and a circular bit of wood with a hole in the middle with some little metal hands and a battery holder. It doesn’t seem a lot for $41. It’s- at the end of the day, it’s Crayola. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun idea, but I feel like the price point is way too high for what they’ve given you. I’m the type of person that when it comes to subscription boxes, I don’t mind if I pay two or three dollars more than what it all costs together because someone’s kind of put those things together, someone’s come up with like, you know, the brochures, the art inside. They’ve actually done what’s there. So looking on Walmart right now, you can get a pack of ten of these in different colors for $4.99. I didn’t get ten, I got four. So let’s say that came to five dollars for four of them, which it didn’t. So also on Walmart, the Model Magic for a 7 ounce variety pack comes to $13.33. There is- these are one ounce each so because there’s five colors, there’s five ounces here. So already there’s not even a full pack of Model Magic in here, so say that’s $13, say this is $5, which it’s not, it’s worth much less than that. That’s $18 just for these things and this is worth literally like, not even 50 cents. So we’re just gonna say $18.50. 18.50. The box itself came to $38 without shipping. So forget shipping, $38. This thing is not worth $20. This is worth maybe $5 if that, so we’re at $23. So basically I am down $15 and that’s being very lenient. Like it’s more than 15 dollars, but I’m just saying that for this purpose of this. So I usually say 5 dollars for the actual box itself, for the effort that goes into it, that type of thing, but they mass-produced these things so they’re not worth anything. So say 5 dollars for effort for the box. Umm, you know what, I’m a bit upset, so I am gonna try my $10.00 strawberry milkshake. *Slurps* Yeah, that’s not worth ten dollars at all. If this was 25, 30 dollars a push, I’d be more happy with that, but I bought the box now. I’ve got the supplies, I guess I should try and make some of their Marble Madness stuff because what else am I gonna do with this stuff? Okay, so it is the next day now and I’m about to start the paint pouring clock and I was thinking a little bit about this and honestly, it’s a great put together box. The price point is just too high, you know not every parent can afford to spend this kind of money every month and when they do, they kind of expect their money’s worth. This Crayola, if for some reason you’re watching, awesome box. Awesome idea. Just the price is just too high in my opinion, so, you know, and I’m not even a parent yet and I think it’s high. So just a little bit cheaper would be good. So basically it’s paint pouring onto this piece of wood to make a marbling effect. I’ve got these plastic cups here, which I did not buy for this video. These were just left over in my house, they’ve been there for months, and it tells you to get started by pouring half of each bottle of paint into individual plastic cups. I love how Crayola starts off by literally including the messiest craft ever. Like, if you try and impress parents… that’s not the way to do it. *laughs* Okay, so now it says add one part water to two parts paint. They’re already pretty runny paints so it doesn’t need a lot. So now it tells us to pour the water down paint a little at a time into a clean empty cup, layering the paint in alternating colors. Touch of white and then I’m gonna add quite a bit of red. So that’s what that looks like as you can see, and now we are going to paint pour onto this clock. I’m gonna pour over this nasty stained side because it doesn’t look very nice. *Elevator music* It’s a very patriotic clock. I’m gonna go put more silver in I think, cause I think that looks quite cool. There we go, okay that is a really ugly paint pour but that is cool! So it says, allow the clock to dry overnight and add the numbers with metallic paint. Well first of all, these numbers are not done with metallic paint, they’re done with white paint, second of all, how are you supposed to get those tiny little detailed numbers with this? I can’t draw a basic circle with that, let alone fancy little numbers! Okay. So this is what the clock turned out like now it’s dry. I’m actually, I’m really impressed that this is just Crayola paint with a bit of water put in. I think it looks really really nice. I just wish it was kind of a different color but whatever. Um, they suggest that you use this paint brush with metallic paint. It’s gonna look kind of… like that. I’m actually gonna probably use a Posca marker instead. It’s not really writing too well on this to be honest. *Sighs deeply* I’m so not good at hand lettering. So here is their clock, as you can see it looks very very pretty, and here is mine. *giggles* It looks really really bad. My Posca marker didn’t want to work on this and I wasn’t gonna use their paintbrush to make it look worse. So that’s how that looks. So the next and final craft is with the Model Magic which I’ve never used before, I’m kind of like, my inner child’s like screaming with excitement. So they’ve got these cool little jewelry holders, marble treasure dish. So we start off, we put all of the colors together like this and then we just squish it, squish it, roll it, twist it and smush it. Ooh, this feels like clay but Floam. Does anyone remember Floam? That stuff was a nightmare to get hold of back in the day. They childproof everything! It feels so weird. Oh, it feels weird, but I love it. It feels weird in a good way. It smells disgusting. Kinda looks like those rope marshmallow things that you buy in the shops. Pull the mixed Crayola Model Magic apart. Looks like a blue zebra. This is like- I’m over squishing it, I’m over squishing it. That’s not good. I’m pretty sure that this looks like absolute garbage because I’m incompetent at actually doing craft stuff. I’m an artist not a crafter. So I’m not always good at this stuff, so I think I’m gonna try a different color. So here’s my beautiful bowl, it kind of looks like Donald Duck’s hat but yeah, that’s how it looks. Not too snazzy is it? Okay, this one’s turning out a lot better for sure so I think the key is to use more white. So that looks quite cool. It’s a good craft. It’s a good craft, that side looks crap. Obviously you need to let it dry and then you paint the edges with the metallic paint, but overall it’s a good craft. Okay, so they are now hardened but I just wanted to let you know that you definitely need to leave it longer than overnight like it says because they were still bendy overnight drying so just to let you know. I’m now going to paint the edges of this to make it kind of look like a precious stone or whatever that effect is supposed to be. Is anyone else like an artist but isn’t all that good at crafts or is that just me? Ta-da! Here they are, they are all done, not quite as impressive as their pretty pastel looking bowls, which I have no idea how they made the colors of this but that’s what mine look like, but you know, if you practice a lot, I think these would actually turn out really well so definitely a craft I recommend if you’re more crafty than I am! So thank you so incredibly much for watching this video, I really hope that you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun doing the crafts, even though I feel that they were very expensive crafts. Let me know in the comments down below what you think of this box yourself and if you would maybe subscribe to it in the future, um, or maybe leave suggestions for what Crayola should be doing instead of this price point. Um, before I go though, I would just like to talk a bit more about this particular painting. Basically, my friend Zach or you might know him as ZHC here on YouTube, flew me, my friend SuperRaeDizzle and Vince or Vex over to California and we all did a massive collab on his channel where basically the last to stop drawing won $10,000. I didn’t win, I’m just letting you know, but I painted for 14 hours straight through many challenges that he threw us and this is what I painted in 14 solid hours and I’m really really happy with it. Make sure you check this video out. It’s so much fun, link will be in the description, it’s honestly such a good video. So yes, thank you so incredibly much for watching this video. I really hope that you enjoyed it, take care of yourselves and I will see in the next video. *Music*

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  1. Hi everyone! Wanted to clear up a couple things!

    I used the phrase “I’m an artist not a crafter, I can’t do crafts” crafters ARE artists! What I meant was, I am the type of artist who draws not the type of artist who makes crafts, or writes/sings songs, etc. the umbrella of an artist is so large! I just didn’t perhaps use the correct term whilst speaking/should’ve said I’m a painter/drawer/sketcher? Type of artist? I know a lot of you know exactly what I meant but some of you perhaps took it to heart I meant otherwise. I can assure you I think crafters are just as much artists as people who draw. Sometimes what I mean and what I say when speaking fast doesn’t always mean it how I mean it in my head, so yes to clarify – crafters are artists, musicians are artists, I’m the type of artist who draws not the type of artist who is good at crafts (if you watch to the end you’ll see me fail at them greatly)

    Secondly, YES I have got Jazzas art box on the way and will be reviewing it when it gets to me. But it doesn’t ship until the end of July 🙂

  2. Got to agree with you in saying that you an artist not a crafter… I more of a crafter and not so much an artist although have tried 🙂 x

  3. Hi Chloe, love your channel, but I am watching this video in June almost July, and I was wondering if you can somehow do a restock on those paintings? 🥰🥰🥰

  4. Me in this situation: IM POPULAR SOMEONE'S CALLING ME! oh its just my mom… ·_.

    Edit: yes i liked my own comment fite me




  6. I love how she doesn’t spend an ETERNITY on talking before the video about other stuff she cares about her subscribers!!! Thank you so so so much for caring so much!!!

  7. Just found your channel and I LOVE it! <3 you're so fresh and sweet. And your accent is adorable! Love your art!

  8. I think a $25 price point for a Crayola box would be amazing. That's what it's worth (and that's a stretch). I'm a crafter and not an artist, so I know exactly what you mean, LOL.

  9. A full set of paints and full set of clay, and maybe… I don't know, an extra clock base, then I could see it being worth $40. Because then you could at least have one to practice on and make mistakes.

  10. I mean….if they were using Michael's pricing it'd be worth $50. But this box really is a disappointment.

  11. Yea but you see it's inspired by Crayola, and you can't put a price on inspiration.

    Although, if you could, I still probably wouldn't pay $40 for it

  12. I'm gonna start a new company called Crayla, and I'm gonna buy really cheap, slightly shitty stuff and put it in one of these boxes for £1+ the actual cost and not a penny more, and then we'll see if Crayola change their tune

  13. I really love you're channel . I have started to a channel few months ago. I would appreciate it if you guys subcricbe to me please?

  14. If there gonna be doing boxes that cost that much then they should do the decent thing and put better pricer stuff in. Crayola are robbing people
    This needs to be posted everywhere insta Facebook twitter warning people crayola are robbing people.

  15. If I was you I would have got in touch with them and include copies of those prices you found and ask where their prices come from!

  16. So, if memory serves from when I used to work at Michael's (in New York, for New York prices) : the model magic looks like the same amount as in the normal retail package, which they sell for 5 dollars. So, that would be 25 dollars. The paints sold for 3 dollars each, so 12 dollars. Patterned cardstock was 50 cents, those crappy Crayola brushes were like 3 dollars for 2, so call it 1.50, and the wood blank, especially that thin, would be like 4 dollars, and the clockwork kits were like 6 dollars.

    That's around 50 dollars, but Noone who shops in Michael's more than casually does so without coupons and/or bumming the employee discount, so you'd never pay that much.

    Also, off hand, you could also go to the same store and spend 40 dollars on the following: a 5 pack of 16×20 canvases ($20), a 25 pack of assorted brushes ($5), a 5 set of assorted pallets ($5), and a 16 pack of assorted acrylic bottle paints ($8).

    Its why I always tended to just get customers to just buy normal art supplies when they wanted to get their kid stuff, but brand names sell.

  17. Box O crap. You’re being generous. If I bought this for a kid I’d be pissssed.
    Burned Crayola. Can’t buy marketing line this!!

  18. This takes the fun out of art I think.. it should be creating what you want to create not given supplies in a box and told what to do with them 😂

  19. I LOVE your painting!! It’s beautiful!! Also, you are an amazing painter and I love how honest you are!!

  20. Hi Chloe, I really love you and your channel! I was wondering if you could possibly restock the bear painting? I know it was limited edition but I really like it and it seemed to have done very well. Anyway lysm! Sending love from Ireland!

  21. What a ripoff! They could’ve definitely added a more, somewhat respectable kit with their poster paints, scented markers, and coloured pencils (which beginners would definitely love), along with their more decent sketchbooks and THEN little odds and ends like the clay stuff and instructions for crafts.

    Crayola, I loved your crayons as a child and still somewhat as an adult. Do better.

  22. Honestly, in my country, crayola products are too expensive cause its a "well known branch". So… the price of this box doesnt surprise me… like, Im sure Ive seen some of their products at that price here, like… the "super complet crayon set" or stuff. Yeah… crayola here is everything but cheap

  23. 4 paints are worth $2
    5 oz is the model magic $9.52
    Crayola brush .50
    Wood round $5
    Clock battery and hands $8
    Drink 1.79
    Pen .62
    Post it notes $1.50

    $28.93…. that box was not worth it…

  24. Madam you are being way too kind. "The price is a bit too high." No the price is absolutely ridiculous! Extortionate prices!

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  29. I'm a Professional Sculptor. ive tried EVERYTHING. E V E R Y T H I N G. and Crayola Model Magic is one of, if not the ABSOLUTE WORST clay ive ever touched. it's just HORRIBLE. Mushy, Gummy, Sticky, Smelly, UGH.

  30. Your sound keeps bleeding into the next clips. It's just something I've noticed from a few of your videos

  31. I feel like given how cheap all their supplies are basically everywhere, Crayola would be able to make a subscription box really valuable by instead sending you some kind of craft KIT every month. Like a ready to do painting project or something, instead of bits and pieces. A box that's a whole activity to do with your kid, no other supplies needed. I feel like that would be something you might want to pay for as a service, not like…overpriced bits and pieces from someone's kids' art supply drawer -_-

  32. “I’m an artist not a crafter” Same. And yet I’m sure everyone I know doesn’t know the difference. They say “oh ur artistic wanna paint my walls?” And I’m like I use charcoal and color pencils on sketchbook paper do u want me to ruin ur wall??? Like me and paint DONT MIX😂😂😂

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