The True Story of Life-Saving Moustaches!

ALEX: What do you
know about Movember? FEMALE SPEAKER:
Absolutely nothing. I’ve heard the name before, but
I don’t know anything about it. MALE SPEAKER: I
don’t know, though. I’m totally– I don’t. FEMALE SPEAKER: I actually
don’t know anything about it. FEMALE SPEAKER: No. I’m from Russia, so– MALE SPEAKER: I know
you shouldn’t shave. FEMALE SPEAKER: I
believe Movember is when men grow mustaches? ALEX: You know why? MALE SPEAKER: It’s for a
cause, something like that. MALE SPEAKER: Men’s cancer? MALE SPEAKER: To raise money
for like– I think, for kids? MALE SPEAKER: Testicles. ALEX: Lizzie, we’re two
weeks into Movember. And clearly, people
are still confused. LIZZIE: Yes. Thankfully, the
Movember Foundation is here to explain
what’s really going on. MALE SPEAKER: We shave down
on the first, and for 30 days, raise awareness and
funds for men’s health by growing mustaches. MALE SPEAKER: We sign up
at in October and raise funds in Movember
for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s
mental health problems. MALE SPEAKER: Grow a
mustache this Movember, or support those who do. Together, we can change
the face of men’s health. ALEX: They raised
$559 million so far. LIZZIE: That’s a lot! And there are a ton of ways
that you can get involved. But here’s a really easy one. ALEX: Grow on or stick
on your best mustache. Snap a photo of it. Tweet that photo @YouTubeNation
with the hashtag, #Movember. For each ‘stache
pick we receive, we’re going to be giving $1
to the Movember Foundation. LIZZIE: And if you need
some mustache inspiration, don’t worry. We have a downloadable,
printable cut-out sheet in the description below. ALEX: And for those of you
thinking, but Alex, your beard! It’s so beautiful! Where’s your mustache? Guess what? It’s coming. LIZZIE: If you’re
in Los Angeles, you can join us tonight at
YouTube Space LA from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, where Alex and
some very special guests are letting fate decide what
happens with their facial hair. And you can, too. We’re going to have a
professional barber and makeup artist standing by. And for every person that
gives the wheel a spin and takes what it
dishes out, we’re going to be donating $100
to the Movember Foundation. ALEX: There are
only two weeks left, so start tweeting
your mustaches now. LIZZIE: And if you
want to find out more, we have a link to the Movember
Foundation down below. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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