The School of Rock (9/10) Movie CLIP – Learning in Song (2003) HD

Uh-oh, you know what? Miss lemmons must be on crack,
right, kids? Kids:
Mm-hmm. Well… Well… What’s that? Oh, that. Yeah. Hmm…
We were singing. We were singing
and we were learning. We were learning In sing-song. Huh… One of your methods? Mmm-hmm. Yeah. I find that it’s really helpful When you’re teaching
the subjects That are the boring subjects… Huh. Well, you don’t mind
if I just sit in On your class
this afternoon, do you? No. No. Come on back this afternoon. It is the afternoon.
I meant now. So, please, just continue
with your method. Yeah. Okay. (strums guitar) Math is a wonderful thing ♪ Math is a really cool thing ♪ So get off your ath,
let’s do some math ♪ Math, math, math, math, math ♪ Three minus four is… ♪ Negative one. That’s right. And six times a billion
is… ♪ Six billion? Nailed it. And 54 is 45 more then…
What is the answer, marta? ♪ Nine. No, it’s eight. ♪ No, it’s nine. ♪ Yes, I was testing you ♪ It’s nine. ♪ And that’s a magic number. ♪

99 thoughts on “The School of Rock (9/10) Movie CLIP – Learning in Song (2003) HD”

  1. This show suck this movies suck Nickelodeon is more better than you even you just copying them seriously make your own movie don't copy Nickelodeon maybe Nickelodeon copy to you but you're so stuck okay your movies suck I like Nickelodeon better

  2. My Latin teacher actually does sing with us so that we can remember all the stuff without studying 24/7

  3. Goes to the most brilliant kid for a question they should technically not know the answer to. 4th graders donโ€™t know negative numbers.

  4. As a teacher, I have to admire how accurate the portrayal of a teacher bullshitting his way out of justifying an improvised lesson is. Dewey at lest had that part of techer's life down XD

  5. How could none of these kids laugh or even smile?? I don't think I could ever pull that off if I was their age ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. The principal comes in and he's teaching E equals MC Square when he starts singing this song he doing simple addition

  7. Just a disclaimer meth isn't funny so here we go

    Meth is a wonderful thing
    Meth is a really cool thing
    So get of your math let's do some meth meth meth meth meth meth.

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