The REALISM Drawing CHALLENGE – | Which one is REAL?

so hey what's going on YouTube a DCI detective otherwise our brand-new drawing video and in today's video I'm gonna be doing the realistic drawing challenge that's right I think it today we do something a little bit different to my regular content now usually I do a lot of artwork from animes or comic books and it really involved too much realism but they are quiet intense they are quite difficult hand obviously all forms of art are difficult if you are not used to them but yes so I saw a video from draw love Jazza and he did a realistic drawing attempt on a pencil sharpener I believe it was and I was just heavily inspired to do this so I figured why not we're gonna look around the house and see if we can find some objects probably start with a test run and we'll see how that goes before moving on to the main event so that being said I don't want to bore you to death today I'm just gonna get right into the video and hopefully you enjoy it I will talk you through the process and the steps that I'm taking to do this wish me luck okay so kicking things off I decided to grab myself an object and I didn't know what object to use I really don't know what to do for these challenges and the last time I saw someone do this was draw jazz' and he chose a sharpener so I decided to use my eraser big mistake because very quickly I realized I need this eraser I don't actually have another racer on that standby on but yeah anywhere so I was stuck with this and I wasn't able to erase so I had to run with it that was also another problem that I ran into here I didn't realize that boy I should have realized but you need to be at the exact same position as your camera for this to work I mean there's no point of me having it side by side if they're not gonna look the same because you have to be at the same angle well you can't do that because the camera is so yeah while doing this I quickly realized that the camera was causing an issue but by then it was too late I was too really too deep into this and I was noticing that I was having a different angle than what camera was seeing and therefore the drawings are at a slightly different angle it almost looks as if the eraser is slightly to it and that is due to my position that I'm satyr so we have to get a work around this and I will go into that when we move on to the second part of this video but yes so I'm just gonna finish up this drawing right now and as I'm finishing this oh you're also notice I'm using markers and pencils by the way the reason I'm doing that is because I know I've said in previous videos that si Chi that's not what I mean by that I mean it's a personal challenge for me to not use both at the same time because mixing the two it's much easier to get a desired result as opposed to using the singular if you use pencils alone or if used markers alone you can't quite get the effect is using both of them together they work fantastically hand-in-hand so as you can see at this point I'm figuring out and I'm just thinking to myself well this isn't looking the way I want it to look I've already messed up with the angles and everything so we're gonna scrap this one right now and we're gonna move on to doing the next one which will be now for this final attempt I went and grabbed myself a very special keyring I went looking around my house I found several key rings I have a Goku one I have a cell one and a stitch or honey from lilo and stitch and I decided to use the cell one because it has a great contrast and there was a lot going on here and I thought it would be a great challenge for me to attempt something so detailed in this video plus also a lot of people say to me that I have moved too far from Dragon Ball now I know that I built up a huge fan base based on Dragon Ball however I like coming art is a passion for me and I will always do what I am enjoying and at the moment I'm enjoying doing a comic book stuff but I'm also enjoying Dragon Ball so I haven't completely dropped it it's just I'm mixing things up every now and then and that's just the way it's gonna be so starting this one I had to use the new tactic I could not do what I did with the previous eraser right I had to go another route and the only option for this considering the camera is in the way is to look at the computer screen so I had to draw this entire thing staring at my screen I needed to make sure that I was getting the same view as the camera was getting for this challenge to work that's a lot more difficult than it seems because you have no depth perception you really at any point do not know how far you are how close you are to the sheet of paper which makes it extremely difficult to draw a finicky fine details anywhere it's it's a real challenge but that's just the way it is and I had to work with I did make a mistake however and I have learned from that and I believe if I attempt this challenge again in the future you'll have to stick around to the end of the video and sort of cost your vote and let me know but if I do do this again in the future I think I found a way to make it much better now I chose to use grayscale paper here just because I felt the white paper wasn't giving me the desired result were affect the gray paper was gonna give me a little bit more of an edge here and just make it a little bit easier for me and it did however I chose to use alcohol markers to color this and the bad thing about doing that is when you put the alcohol markers down in this gray paper the color completely saturates out and it's pretty much not the color that you wanted it to be so that's a problem and I had to try and find a workaround over that and I did so I've tried to do it but I still get a saturated look more so than I wanted for the final result that being said halfway through I did discover that I could use gouache which is a sort of paint like substance and yeah that worked fantastically and I think in the future I would definitely be using some gouache and watercolor to just fill in the base layers and make the drawing more vibrant however I gotta say right now this drawing by the end of it is one of the proudest drawings I've ever done and I truly mean that I haven't been this proud of it well you know what we're gonna go into that at the end I'm gonna let you sit back relax and enjoy this drawing it was a huge task this drawing has taken me all day I have been working on this drawing all day well that being said I'm gonna let you sit back enjoy and I'll catch you at the end of the video and here we are the drawing is complete and I gotta say from everything that I've ever done every piece of artwork I've ever done in my life this is one of my proudest this is something I think looked pretty damn good considering I've never done anything like this in my life I've done free art before and I've done pretty illusions I've also done some realistic artwork as well but I've never done something where it was on camera side by side attempting to draw them this was madness actually and I'm really super happy with results I am a little bit upset that towards the end there I lost my recording I should click record on my thing but my mouse didn't click so I didn't get to capture my airbrush thing which do I slipped a little clipping at the end there just showing that I was airbrushing but basically what I did was such as airbrushed of this to create the shadow effects I really want to know what do you think about this and would you like to see more of this in the future this was one of the most challenging and demanding things I've had to do as an artist there was a lot of pressure on me for this one also I've been quite comic carry at the moment I've been doing a lot of comic book art work and I do understand I did build up almost a hundred thousand people based solely on Dragon Balls so I just have to say that my content will vary I will bring multiple forms of content out there I don't just want to be linear in my content I want to do as much as I can and have as much fun as I can I like to do whatever I'm enjoying and whatever you are enjoying so that's why I'm flip-flopping about and I'm just having fun revoir I mean that's what I was all about at the end of the day so did you like today's drawing video if you'd like to see me do another one of these I thought it was pretty cool and it's pretty fun I would like to do have one I am a little bit nervous about it but I really had the results of this and quite honestly I think this looks brilliant I rarely ever said it's about my artwork but I do really like this one and I'm very proud of myself here with that being said I'm just rambling on right now I will see you in the next video take care bye bye you

42 thoughts on “The REALISM Drawing CHALLENGE – | Which one is REAL?”

  1. Watching amazing art in the work is like listening to a master playing a violin. Keep up the amazing creativity!
    Edit: Personally I'd rather enjoy more of this.

  2. Do what you feel passionately about. This is lovely and I have no idea who it is. But the capture of the process is great.

  3. That was a great watch! The level of detail is excellent. The music was also perfect. This was a very satisfying one.

  4. I love the work you did! Wondering why you chose to leave the black and purple less intense vs the original?

  5. If i may ask can i ask how you record your videos like how the camera is held over your hands like that im curious and might start off with art of my own you've inspired me

  6. hey adc i have a question is it better to start off drawing your own characters or draw other characters like from games and anime

  7. Ive been on an army camp for the past week now so not active and coming back to a video like this is amazing!!!

  8. Loved the video! If you do this again, do you know what would be cool to draw side by side like this? The Comedian smiley face button from the watchmen. Or if you wanna do one that's dbz again. Draw the 4 star ball. That would be really cool and challenging if it's one of them "Crystal balls" but really it's resin. Lol love your content no matter what you upload 🙂

  9. Hello ADC, let me just say that I love your videos and they have inspired me to improve my own drawing/ coloring style and technique. I honestly would like to request a drawing from you: Vegeta is my favorite character and I would like to see your take on the Super Sayian Blue Evolution transformation please. Lots of thanks and support, a fellow artist

  10. I would love to see more pieces like this in the future. I also like seeing that you used different mediums to get the effect that you wanted.

  11. I love how good this is! It shows that artists who have a comic or cartoon or anime style can draw in so many more ways than just that style and can be extremely good at many different things. I used to do realism with regular pencils all the time, I was obsessed with getting details to be so dynamically shaded and refined that I often actually muddied up the drawing anyway. Now I work with inking and coloring with Crayola markers and my drawings look so much cleaner and more stylized and fun and it was probably the best thing I could have done

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