THE ONLY ART SUPPLY YOU NEED!! | the art supply I couldn’t live without | Art/Illustration Process

Today I’m gonna make a video using my
‘number one favorite art supply’ – the art supply I couldn’t live without, the
arguably best art supply in the world and that is……. the pencil!! more specifically
my favorite pencil variety, the mechanical pencil let’s see what we can
come up with! ♪ something I’ve always liked about art and something that always has
drawn me to art: is the fact that you don’t need expensive art supplies to be
able to make something cool, it all comes down to how much practice you’ve put in
and the resources that you’ve collected in your mind and your ability to throw
those onto the paper and that’s something you can constantly be
practicing without the need to go out and buy some kind of new art supply and
I think the fact that anybody in the world can sort of have access to
creating something and making art even if all you have access to is a pen or a
pencil you can create something and not to go all chef Gusteau on you, but anyone
can draw and and that’s what fills the world with like all different types of
art and I’m getting a little sentimental but I just love how many different ways
there are to approach like the same general idea – like you can use all
different art supplies or you can try all different art styles or you can try
abstract and you can-there’s so many different ways to approach the same
thing and the fact that with just one pencil and like a piece of paper you can
create something that didn’t exist before and some of it can have like
deeper meaning and tell a story and other art can just be fun and fluffy and
some art can be dark and mysterious and make you feel emotional like there’s no
one specific way that art has to be, you know? – and you could make it with anything.
I don’t know, I’m feeling like I’m at a loss for words but I just keep talking
sooo that’s how art makes me feel and art doesn’t have to be seen to be enjoyed
like the creator can just keep it all to themselves and still find fulfillment in
that or you can share it with the world and see what other people think I don’t
know there’s just so many different aspects to it and it brings me joy and I
hope it brings you joy too like I hope you find joy in the process of
creation or sharing or learning from others it’s… ah! art can start
as a way for you trying to find peace in yourself and then when
shared with the world maybe it can help other people find that piece as well and
maybe learn that they want to try and explore the world of art (you know just
off the top of my head) someone with the username I think it was squishable or
something asked me the other day” “do I draw the character first or do I
draw the clothes on the character at the same time?” and I did answer the
question but to like address it more fully if I know exactly what I want the
character to be wearing I draw it like at the same time I’m laying out the
preliminary sketch so you can see if you look at this drawing that I’m making
right now there’s some light lines and then there’s some darker lines so those
darker lines are ones that I’m like ‘yes that’s where I want that to be’ so then I
darken it up – the lighter lines are those quick fast ones that are easy to erase
if I don’t like them and I can move them around a lot easier and you’ll notice
she’s kind of little naked right now because I had no idea what clothes I was
gonna give her so if I don’t know what clothes I’m gonna give her the best bet
is to just draw the body and get an idea of what the body shape is and then try
and figure out what the pose is – that way once you have that, you can go on and add
clothes afterwards and you’re going to have a very good idea of where the body
is because you’ve already drawn it and this helps you figure out where wrinkles
are and figure out what parts are further away, and I’ve seen like hard to
draw books where they’re like you always need to draw this way which I don’t
think is a harsh rule because sometimes you can just draw if you know exactly
what you want it to look like you can sort it just you know finagle it as you
go if you have a hard time with Anatomy I think it’s important to focus on the
body first and then add the clothes on top but once you start getting a grasp
of that then you can start taking some little shortcuts and sometimes I think
when we focus too hard on creating the skeleton or the body we can end up with
some very stiff characters and I think a way around that is to focus on the
shapes of the body instead of the skeleton of the body and when I started
doing that I found it just as easy to kind of focus on the clothes if I knew
exactly what clothes I wanted the character to wear because I could focus
on the shapes of that so if you’re having trouble with Anatomy definitely
study some references, figure out where all the body parts are, like we don’t
have wrists in our elbows or anything, you
got to figure out how everything bends and you can also push it so it doesn’t
need to be harsh, I mean like I said earlier there are no rules in art so you
can-you can make an arm look like a macaroni noodle that’s actually kind of
popular right now even if it’s not physically possible, unless professor
Lockhart tries to heal one of your broken bones, but I think every style
even when we take liberties are rooted in some kind of realism so it’s always
important to study life and figure that stuff out, I feel like I am really all
over the place right now, I don’t remember what a question-Oh! Clothes. so
yeah focus on the shapes of the character I think would be my most
helpful tip because once I started approaching the character as simple
shapes instead of like “oh my gosh I have to draw an entire body” it got a little
easier and I have a whole video on how to like break down the body into shapes.
I’ll have that linked somewhere if you want probably in the description. if
you’re having trouble with that. but once you’ve learned to break the body into
shapes it’s very easy to then take that knowledge and start breaking clothes
into simple shapes and being able to incorporate that into the preliminary
sketching process. another question I get pretty often is how do you come up with
the ideas for what you want to draw and to be honest [deep breathe] I don’t go about this the way you are probably suppose to, I mean sometimes I create little thumbnails and then that
inspires an idea then I create an illustration but for like this one in
particular I just drew a head and then I was like well she needs a body so I
attach the body, and then I’m like well I want her to be kind of floaty so I make
her look floaty, you know, she’s not grounded in any way, and she’s just you
know floating there; so then naturally her hands have to kind of be-you know we
don’t want them just stiff by her side we gotta like give it some contrast
so one can be like a way up here and then one could be way back there and
then I don’t know maybe she should have some clothes so we gotta give her some
clothes and then boom and then I have this kind of drawing right here. every
drawing I make is honestly made for me first and then I share it with you guys
and there are certain things that I really enjoy drawing so those are the
things that I’ll tend to focus on and lately I’ve just really enjoyed drawing
floaty people so I think going in that was the only like idea: “I’m
girl who’s floating” that was basically the thought process and then yeah it
just naturally evolves over time and I slowly chisel away at the idea and make
little changes over time and come up with something that you know looks like
this. I think this probably derives from the fact that I was a big sketch-booker
I just liked creating sketches in my sketchbook and these sketchbooks were
places just for me to experiment and create what I wanted to create I never
went to like art class and I never had like art assignments so I was never in
an atmosphere where I had to draw for someone else and I think what I create
definitely shows that I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing that
that’s the only thing I was exposed to you because exposing yourself to like
all different ideas and art styles and critiques is what evolves your art and
like all of those things you learn over time are incorporated into your style
and so I definitely would be in a completely different place if I had gone
in any other direction and oh that’s kind of like just a deep thought like
every choice you make leads to more choices that you might not have had if
you didn’t make that choice [deep thought] what is today’s video?! I don’t even know. and
every once in a while I kind of feel guilty about it and then I like try to
do what I think other people want to see or I try to create things that I think
are considered more socially acceptable and that never brings me as much joy as
just creating you know because art is still art even if only the artist is
getting enjoyment from the creation you know that doesn’t-just because someone
else doesn’t like it or someone else doesn’t find joy in looking at it
doesn’t take the value away from the Creator you know and personally I like
making art but I don’t really like looking at what I made so I honestly
don’t even find joy in the end results as much as I do in the creation of it
which is why I’m so glad that YouTube exists because I can show the
creation of art and not have to just post a finished thing you know “well
here’s what I made and then what do you think?” instead I can show the start, the
middle, the the near-the-end-where-it- starts-getting-a-little-tough, and then
the end! and like you can see the way that rises and falls, like
what goes into it and that is what I find enjoyable about art like if you
could go to a museum-Oh Man! okay like imagine if you went to a museum and then
there’s like the art but then to the left of it there’s like a time lapse of
the art being created and you can see the artist’s hands getting dirty and
creating that thing like Ooooooooooh imagine if we had records of that like ya’kno we have
some pretty old art, imagine we had records that art being created – I would
die even if it was just like a drawing of it being created like imagine if
there was an artist that was sitting at the bottom of the Sistine Chapel
watching Michelangelo work and he’s like sketching it out to document
it!! now that is my kind museum – I could get lost in there for sure now when I’m
sketching with pencil one of my favorite things is like the texture of the pencil
and when you like do cross hatching or hatching and you get that texture and
you know you like you look at it you’re like “wow somebody drew this” that’s like
my-that’s my jam you’ll see in some places I’m not even
trying to like hide it but the direction of the hatching just changed because I
just I love the way that looks I don’t know if you’ve ever like zoomed in on
one of your sketches but you can like see all the different layers and like
you can kind of see hints of like where you erased and it’s just so so
pretty I love it now when I draw like big floaty swirly characters I like to
add a big swirl in the background that kind of just you know remind me that
this character’s not just standing there and so in this one in particular I
decided to actually draw in that shape so I’m just defining that a little bit
more adding in a couple extra where I think it needs a just you know drawing the
embodiment of a swirl behind her and because I like took some of-and because
some of her clothes I actually drew floaty as well so like her sweatshirts
kind of billowing and like her little ties from her sweatshirt aren’t just
laying flat that helps it look floaty and then when I add this like swirl in
the background it looks like some the wind is like kicking it up and creating
that texture and then that just makes the character look even more floaty – it
just contains the art into the paper in a shape and yeah that’s a lot of fun
to do and then nearing the end of the sketching process I can usually see
where it needs a little bit more contrast so I just darken up some areas,
try to lighten up some other areas, but if I’ve already darkened a lot, erasing
usually isn’t that much of an option so I’ll just try to darken the areas around
it unless I get to a point or like ya can’t erase anymore you’ve reached a
limit and then this is what it looked like after a pretty thorough sketching
session if I get really close you can see all the sketchy bits I don’t like to
erase all of them like you’ll see I’ve left a few here and there even if
they’re like outside of the sketch but yeah I love those things! anyway I do
want to thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed watching me create some
art with only a mechanical pencil and (obviously a piece of paper) I hope it
proved to you that you don’t need a ton of art supplies in order to create
something and art will always be there for you, you just need to pick up the pencil, hehe anyway thanks for watching I’ll see you guys all next week, and I hope you have a
delicious evening full of waffles!!!! BYE!! ♪

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