The OFFICIAL Kenworth Slide Map! (Fortnite Creative Mode)

The OFFICIAL Kenworth Slide Map! (Fortnite Creative Mode)

ladies and gentlemen it has been a long time since we have seen a slide deathrun sir replays hit me up on Twitter I was like hey if I was to make you a map what kind of map would you like and I was like you know what dude we've had trouble identifying some possible death runs dummy death runs but we have not had a slide map in a long time ever since like I can't remember what the guy's name was but I played it with Preston it was very rage inducing it took me forever and I don't even think I completed it I'm pretty sure I got to the last level and I had to go like do something but anyways today we have something new the kenworth slide map a death run that is supposed to be just slides and I don't know there might be some other stuff thrown in here so replay thank you so much guys I'm gonna have his channel linked down below he worked really hard on this so make sure you guys go check him out give him a follow subscribe whatever you check out his Twitter I don't know but thank you so much man I appreciate you making this map welcome to this awesome map make sure to stop to Kenworth thank you very much for putting that in everything is possible any problems go to youtube sir replays okay so go to youtube sir replay so I also have a link down below in the description grab the puzzle piece to finish all right so the Kenworth slide map let's see what this map has in store um the ultimate can we're slide wait why is like why is it text like cut off right there so weird now created by Sur replays so I think we just dropped down hopefully that was the right way or else we're gonna be screwed Oh hopefully I didn't have to go up here dang it okay so at level 1 wow this is actually really cool it's like we're inside of a building but there's no light coming in it's just mirrors oh wait I see light you guys see that light look uptick oh I can see buildings okay alright wait what's down here hold on it said there was a teddy bear right there's something on level 1 so let's see if we can find this teddy bear Oh troll your friends friends okay I'm looking wow that actually that worked out perfect troll yourself I don't have any friends and then I just died dude if that was that's a better love story than Twilight let's go another one no more waiting let's get this over with okay let's go we got this level one right here baby that jump is not possible excuse me there is no way replays what are you doing to me I said a nice fun slide one would be great there's no way dude wait right you know what I'm I'm betting I have to go through there hold on how much I don't think this is possible there's no ways as possible but no there's no okay I definitely have to go on that torch okay all right lesson learned this is also a troll death run so never mind guys it's not just a slide it's a troll as well okay land on the torch we're on level one and this is not looking good okay on the torch land on the torch we just walk in here oh my god oh wait what what's this a if you spent time to get here I love you wait what this isn't where I go oh come on I'm so confused does this take me anywhere hello bro where am I supposed to go I thought this was just gonna be a slide map why am I getting trolled eye level help me somebody scarecrow can do me a favor and not make me look like an idiot please I'm very lost right now and I'm not gonna lie I think I'm suffering from a little bit of dumbness day too where do I go haha wait I made it through like do I go out wait wait I see it hold on okay so that's the drop-down thing oh wait do I go through the door to down from the mirror settings one no the door is one down unless I do go through the door but that doesn't really make any sense I I have to be either the dumbest person to ever put all I wanted was some slide levels where you dodge obstacles and the first level I have 20 minutes in I'm still on level 1 by the way just then by sheer coincidence oh my god if that's how I have to do it oh wait wait wait oh wait I'm bathroom mad oh I'm about to cry I'm about to cry if it was really this easy the whole time if it was really this easy the whole time I'm about to cry oh my god I'm not gonna cry I'm not gonna cry oh my god oh my god oh my god what huh there's no way there's no way right there's no MSD I have stopped why okay I'm just just just just I can't believe that first level that's all I had to do oh I'm so mad I thought it was like a secret escape oh my god I'm so bad ah fill the anger and my bones go left oh all right come on take a left yeah level three let's go easy peasy I'm dead okay all right come on ice come on all right we're good all right bait okay bait hopefully there's not one in the back we're good okay okay I got I got a reason dude I got a I got a reason okay yeah replays what is this map ok troll we go down here alright what dude I can't I can't become unmad I'm so mad at the first level and I can't I can't shake it off boom yup boom boom alright why are there pyramids is this is somebody turtling up over here running out of ice how do i how do I do that one I'm so bad with these pyramids maybe oh you know what maybe I just go to the right side instead of trying to go middle I probably a lot easier right jump early alright here we go say it can you jump Kenny yeah it's not that hard Microsoft Word just popped up hello okay jump early yep okay now we're gonna jump again we're gonna jump boom let's go baby go for a bit of speed never hurt let's try maybe you'll never hurt nobody woah it hurt me all my life I'm dead okay you know I did this hats not helping anyone it's time to put on the sweat hat alright switched hats now we're hit now we got work now we're ready okay we're not ready I'm not telling your tilted I'm not mad you're mad that first level really got under my skin boys and girls well I said it's a slide death row and find the real way what do you mean find the real way uh what we're just to find the real way I don't know where it's at okay replays listen buddy I love you but I swear to god you ever make a level like number want to get it's up here oh my god if you ever make a level like Oh replays oh dude you know what and I guarantee you replays that's just sitting back right now he's got a bag of gummy bears and he's just like this guy's an idiot oh this kid Worth guy what a dummy dude that's what he's doing now okay we can't actually chew on a gummy bear or else I wouldn't talk for five minutes because those things take forever to eat alright now we know where we're going we know what we're doing now replays nice try buddy but weren't you smart for this map alright what viewers guys what was that just fell on my desk guys listen okay please drop a like on the video help me okay that's all I ask I don't ask too much from you guys how all I want you guys to do is just drop a like like it takes a second just click the like button at say it's free it's free that's all I ask what is this ice jump haha too smart for this map replays Oh Mike do you know please wait did I see another level behind me hold on okay becoming an idiot might have just helped me there that ice might have just helped me I think there's a jump behind me okay all right all right so this is what we got to do ready boom all I said right okay and now I saw a door up here wait yeah there it is right there obviously there's no running only ice what let's go bro hitting that ice trapping going backwards actually help me wait so is there like I was gonna say is there like an invisible no it's a Death Zone dude if I would have made those jumps it got to the desk oh my god okay dude I thought this was just gonna be a nice little slide mat all right you know what let's go ice never hurt me none oh yes dude I like to run jump thing Check Point sucker okay I got you know what wait am I supposed to go through that table trap I'll give it to your replays this is a really can I even say this is a really fun map whenever I'm dying constantly I like I like the idea for the map oh wait what's this I found it all right let's go all right wait my sister wait what okay I'm really confused I actually have no idea what's in this level wait where was that was that here yeah okay is this the one okay all right hit this bounce off the bouncer oh nice oh my god we did it let's go okay that wasn't too bad hey GG man okay these are easy I do these in my sleep oh my god I do these in my sleep okay okay I wants us to do here running jump yep okay jump jump jump wait wait bouncer where's our bouncer why is our bouncer why is there about why is there a bouncer why is there about I'm a little confused now I think I have to look going one of the holes I don't know which one it is but yep okay look for doors behind there it is I see it okay okay I gotta hit the bouncer and then go back through that hole okay gotcha I could probably honestly just jump down in there though I don't know the bouncer do I need the bouncer I probably don't realistically okay what hole was it I think it's one after the trap right wait oh I see okay so I I have to hit the bouncer like I have to okay come on Kenny let's go yes yes but yes this is the kind of level so I'm talking about this is what I was looking for this is what okay whoa whoa whoa what the heck was that whoop oh my god yes okay it says go right first all right okay whoops what just happened where am I okay sir tip on twitch and YouTube disconnect underscore fortnight on Twitch kill yourself after run into this Oh oh no I didn't wear the right skin I forgot the story the pirate skin for this Oh rip dude look yeah look at the pixel art hey Gigi made it wait wait wait wait dude oh my god take the out there we go oh that's awesome dude hey let's go I even got the Reaper pickaxe on cuz all supposed to sweat this map alright that's really cool thank you guys sounds dope dude well done all right go right first gotcha all right done all right here we go go here after going right okay all right another level level 9 here we go whoa whoa whoa where where's this to go what huh what access to do let's go I made it wait wait wait what is this what is this no Kenny's house is frozen find a way out to save Korey and your friends wait what's yo my house is froze that did all right we got to find a way out what about through here is this the way out nope doesn't look like it okay I don't think the escape is here I feel like it's gonna be upstairs or underneath the stairs it's hard with the ice my house is frozen by the way on mega wall ah okay alright I know how much you love mazes no dude I really hate them honestly I really hate mazes and he knows that Oh God okay it's fine as long as it's like a clear path everything is gonna be fine okay okay wait I I've looked in every room oh no it's gonna be oh wait wait wait wait I didn't look up in the Attic okay you're here okay is it over just wanted to give you another maze oh no dude what where am I what the heck what's going on oh it was a troll okay oh thank god okay level 11 oh my god mr. Isis trying to freeze this fish stick species no my family go go go what am I suppose to do here okay Oh over here all right level 12 the final level okay whose code should you use in the fortnight item shop hmm that's not even my code I'm going with my code I don't know why but it just feels right you should probably open the door first yep good good job Kenny come on let me in dude how long does this ice like oh whoa wait wait I made it through but I wasn't ready but there was a checkpoint so that means you guys have to use codenvy Kenworth right down below the health bar over that way somewhere yeah over down there follow it use code n become words in the foreign item shop so you guys genius all right I'm actually really good at these ice jumps wait what oh it's a ha I was like wait that's not possible there's a freaking tire dude okay okay up and over boom use this up and over again alright dropping down okay and wait I thought was the final level have I been trolled wait you guys want to see a little a little trick about the type have I been trolled yes I have wait no I jumped ah let me in please I don't want to be here anymore can I just land on the table please I want to land on the table hey scarecrow can you do me a favor dude and just make me look like I never failed a level Kappa yes that's it tell me that's it yeah finally oh let's freaking go dude YouTube serene plays thank you for playing the cam or slide mat make sure to recommend a map for me to make and help me reach 1,000 subscribers which is my dream youtube desert replays guys hopefully enjoyed the kid war slide magnitude ah the first level was probably the hardest one honestly and it was so simple but I was just so psyched so small-brained I thought I had to like do an escape or something oh my gosh but guys hopefully you enjoyed this map was freaking awesome replays thank you so much dude I may have raged a little bit but it was a really good map I appreciate it guys go check out his youtube channel drop him a sub if you guys like the map and I will see you guys later let's so many times I died hopefully there's a deathcounter cuz it's gotta be at least like 50 times right there's no death counter okay I don't know how many times I died you guys probably do comment it down below if you guys kept count that's all I got for you guys today hopefully enjoy it I'll see you guys later drop a like subscribe notification bell use code Emma comers and shop follow me on Twitter at TV our camera follow me on instagram at TBR Kenworth and that's all I'll see you guys later peace out

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  1. U also did one with Henry (it was a surf map) if u count that as a slide map👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I loved that video

  2. 3:49 Ken: Can you do me a favor and not make me look like an idiot please? Scarecrow: Omae wa mou shindeiru. Ken: NANI?!

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