The music of revolution 1987 muzyka Revolyucii English subtitles Russian cartoon

Soyuzmultfilm THE MUSIC OF REVOLUTION After motives of A.Blok’s poem “Twelve”
to the 70 anniversary of October revolution. written & directed by Ivan Aksenchuk art directors D. Bisty,
Olga Bogolubova, Oleg Safronov Camera Michail Druyan
music Alexander Tsjaikovsky
sound Vladimir Kutuzov Ass Dir. Zinaida Plekhanova
Art: Alla Goreva, Natalya Garmash, Sergei
Marakasov, Olga Novoselova, Alisa Karaseva Animators: Vladimir Shevchenko, Oleg
Safronov, Marina Voskanyants, Olga Orlova Reading the poem:
Rogvold Suchoverko Cutter Elena Bervskaya
Tekst editor Tatyana Paporova
Producer Lyubov Butyrina Black evening.
White snow. The wind, the wind!
Sweeps people of their feet. The wind, the wind –
Sweeps all on God’s earth! Through howling wind and fluttering snow
twelve people go. Rifles, black belts,
All around – lights, lights, lights … – I saw Vanya with Katya in the pub …
– I have her Kerensky notes under the mattress! Vanya himself is now rich …
– He was one of us, but he became a soldier! – Well, Vanya, motherfucking bourgeois,
She was mine you try to kiss! Revolutionary keep pace! The restless enemy doesn’t sleep. How our guys have mobilized
to serve in the red army! To serve in the red army!
Exuberantly count their heads!! Eh, eh, no cross! Again, the twelve move on,
riffles over their shoulders, Only the poor killer
Doesn’t look at anyone at all … What, comrade, are you not cheerful?
– What my friend, have you struck dumb? – What, Petrushka, do you let your nose hang?
Are you mourning Katya? – Oh, friends, relatives,
I loved that girl … Nighttimes, black, drunken,
With this wench I spent Hold your head up high
and keep yourself under control. There isn’t time now
to baby-sit you. It would make our burden
heavier, dear comrade. A bourgeois stands at the crossroads
while his collar hid his nose. And next to his coat clinging tight,
a scabby dog, his tail hidden in fright. The bourgeois standing like a hungry dog,
Standing silent as a question The old world like a mongrel dog,
behind him, tail between its legs. ….And then go the holy unnamed,
All twelve, towards the distance. Ready for anything,
Regretting nothing.. So … go with majestic step forward-
Leave behind – the hungry dog. Lead the way – with a bloody flag
in ignorance of the mighty snowstorm And when the bullets sound,
Soft tread across the blizzard, The Snow scatters like pearls, In a white crown of roses –
Leading the way – Jesus Christ. Revolutionaries, lead the way! The End
Soyuzmultfilm 1987
Subs by Eus

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