The most expensive BMW paint.

The most expensive BMW paint.

colors are an expression of personality therefore BMW drivers can choose between over 230 exterior colors the most exclusive one is called BMW Individual pure metal silver already the paint material for this chrome like special effect coating is 40 times more expensive than the coat in the baseline because of its very unique characteristics for example the light dark effect both customers and designers love it this paint is a silk skin it has a very high metallic brilliance and it reflects more intensive than every other color so this is very special for this paint we have now at BMW so it's more a little bit like a chrome effect responsible for this unique metallic gleam is the combination of a special effect pigment with a water-based paint system hundreds of thousands of ultra-thin aluminium flakes guarantee a uniform and gleaming surface here in the paint shop of the BMW Group Plantinga thing the vehicle gets its innovative and special coating painting a car in this color is extremely complex and a lot of handwork we need this fall take we have to remove the vehicle completely from the normal production process tonight moreover we are checking the surface of the car three times in our finishing areas the surface has to be 100% perfect until it gets to its next production step after the paint preparation the chassis ends in this finishing box every inch of the vehicle will be carefully examined I've been working in the paint shop for 37 years every unevenness of the surface I feel with my fingers with a smoothing plane I remove a dust particle afterwards I loop this area now the body is ready for its next step the coating with glacier silver metallic to achieve the pure metal silver look the chassis needs a glossy and smooth surface after that another finishing cheque is necessary of course the surface must be flawless before the car gets its final color even the smallest fault and the paint would ruin the BMW Individual pure metal silver affect the automatic transfer system now delivers the car to the paint line for special vehicles after cleaning with compressed air pure metal silver will be applied the combination of perfect craftsmanship and computer controlled manufacturing guarantees the quality that customers expect from BMW Individual to create an even surface an electrostatic system is painting seventy percent of the colour afterwards a pneumatic installation applies the remaining 30% extremely important here is that every metallic flake gets applied in the same direction otherwise you will see this in the fully painted car after the clear coat and the dryer the finishing specialists polish and examine the car a last time only if the surface is absolutely perfect the exclusive chassis leaves the paint shop in Pingleton BMW Individual offers an exclusive range of very special exterior paint finishes with pure metal silver the automobile purifiers are setting a benchmark in terms of depth and brilliance this color is a real expression of personality

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  1. Uhhh I’m sure it’s expense to make buuuuut.. just not my color. No one would notice on the street anyways. 😎 I still love my black BMW though. 💙

  2. As much as I love Bmws I really think that this is a very stupid decision to make it's just a normal silver color the only special thing is the silver coating.
    But kudos to BMW for the good advertisement they could sell an ice cream back to the ice cream shop

  3. Ich wollte schon immer mit BMW zusammenarbeiten. Ich habe so viel Respekt vor dem BMW-Unternehmen … es ist für mich wie die beste Automobilindustrie der Welt. Ich würde irgendwann als KFZ -MECHATRONIKER arbeiten mit BMW…..und ich habe schon Ausbildung angefangen🙂😁

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  6. Fashion Gray, is still one of the sexiest colors, and its only half the price of this one.

    Followed by Java Green and Champagne Quartz Metallic.

  7. Good advertising, just about as slick as Apple 😂… BMW's paint ranked at nearly the bottom when compared to other manufacturers. Lexus ranked #1 along with Rolls-Royce.

  8. It’s annoying how they make so much hype about SILVER paint. It’s COMMON, BORING, and NOT at all INDIVIDUAL.

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