The Highest Quality Art Box You'll Ever Find – Jazza's Jazzy Art Box

hey everyone so I was smack dab in the middle of filming my next self-improvement series video when I got this in the mail so I had to just throw that aside and film this video instead I'm still gonna post a self-improvement series video as my next one but I just had to open this I'm so excited it's Jazz's jazzy art box he partnered with smart art box to create this one time box not a monthly subscription and you know in advance what's gonna be in it because he showed what's gonna be in it I did watch that video of his but that was a while ago and I haven't watched anyone elses unboxings of this because I kind of wanted to forget what was in it so it'll be more of a surprise I'm gonna jump straight into opening it I don't want to flip it over because my address is on the bottom side it says put my face on your face okay oh my god jazz' did send this to me for free I did not pay for this box so just full disclosure dear Bailey I hope you enjoy this little box of goodies thanks for being such a great collaborator friend and icon of the RT YouTube community all the best keep kicking ass and hopefully I'll see you at VidCon ah I will be there I will be there so there's a card here it says thank you for getting Jazz's jazzy art box this box which I put together with my friends from smart artists jam-packed full of my favorite art materials do I read it with an Australian accent no I'm not even gonna try it okay I spent over a year trying to put together the perfect box of art materials and they're awesome quality too so whether you're just starting out or an expert these art supplies will serve you for years for more details on why I love each item and how to use them flip over to the other side of this card I sincerely hope you find as much joy in creating art as I have and I hope these goodies make it even more fun for you I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and getting this box it helps my channel and family out and makes me incredibly happy to be sharing my favorite things with you remember share your creations on twitter and instagram using the hashtag hashtag jazzy art box i can't wait to see what you make then there's the back side which has all the materials okay little bookmark is that on the list I don't think so but I don't look too hard at the list because I want it to be a surprise even though I remember most of the things through the box there's an adorable print here I love scenes like this where there's just a lot to look at and you can check out what each person is doing yeah okay look so we have a set of 12 faber castell polychromos pencils these are extremely high quality the other day was a dollar EMA and there was this two dollar pack of pencil crayons and it said artist quality and I thought hmm somehow I doubt that but these these are top-notch I have a small quantity of them that someone once kindly sent me and now I have more what they look like next we have this zebra pencil it says m3o 1.5 millimeter ooh cool and there is a blue pencil a prismacolor Carly race I love these I use these so much these are what I use in my self-improvement series videos that way I can have a pop of color to my sketches like this okay don't look too long spoilers spoilers this next item is another one of my favorites it is the uniball signo white gel pen I used to use a soccer a jelly roll pen and then when I switched to the universe signal I never looked back this is a an amazing white gel pen is just very opaque and it comes out smoothly and I think my current one is actually running low so this was good timing because I'm gonna need this one soon next we have some fine liners by the brand graphics there are four pins there's 0.2 millimeter point four point eight and a brush tip one that's what they look like cool I've never tried this brand before so I'm excited to give it a go and then here we have a tombow pen I can't read any of it looks like it's a brush pen let's open it up and see what it looks like oh oh I have no idea what this is for what the pen looks like very fancy actually looks like that it's actually a very small brush nib I like that and at the top here we have oh this is a long boy this is a tombow ABT and fifteen water-based looks like it's dual ended oh gosh jumbo brush nib that's the little bullet end cool and we have a little faber-castell eraser I think it's more like fabric a still I always say faber I think it's a fabric it is a dust free eraser mmm then we have a set of twelve Illustrator markers by spectrum noir and it's custom packaging with Jazza on it that's so cool so these Illustrator markers have a brush nib and super fine nib I recently got some other Illustrator markers and I haven't tried them yet I'm going to see what colors I have so these are the three sets I already have one is pastel one is tints and one is basics some of these might be the same oh maybe not I might not have any duplicates so maybe I'll use all of these together for one illustration looks like next we have some Xpress it blending card this is really nice card stock I used to use it all the time for all my Copic art I've since switched to hammermill I used a 100-pound cover and it's pretty much a dupe for the Xpress it blending card but way cheaper this is very nice stuff though it looks like your are a few little cards here yeah there are four little sheets included okay next there is a sketchbook in here by and a mule I'm gonna take it out of the plastic first because there's a lot of glare there we go so 90 pound paper 80 pages and it says natural white sketch paper with fine grain for defined pen control and delicate hatchings got a texture on there yes yes oh wow yeah that is really nice holy so thick honey that's a 90-pound and I normally draw a hundred pound cardstock so yeah very very nice and then last but not least we have a pencil case 24 pencil capacity canvas covered by global art materials our pencil cases are handcrafted with a heavy durable canvas global art pencil cases provide a long lasting solution for storing transporting and organizing full sets of artist pencils as a first nap clothes for securing when traveling oh yeah look at that there's the snap if I'm about to repaint my nails are so long right now they need a trim tissue so yeah there we go you got your little slots there for all your pencils and what not even this fresh unsharpened pencil fits in there it's a really nice quality very soft yeah cool I'm blown away guys like this this is nice stuff and like I said I did watch this video of him unboxing this but seeing everything in person and actually holding it this is just great quality stuff now before we get into swatching everything there is one more thing I need to do as sad as it was to cut up the box I knew I had to do it because I knew a lot of other people wouldn't and you know someone had to use the mask and honestly I only have room to keep the box anyway even though it's so pretty so yes I decided to swatch all my materials in the sketchbook because I want to see what they would actually look like even though it was gonna be pretty easy to guess and some of these I've used in the past but yeah I swatch them in the actual sketchbook because that's what I want to use for this illustration I could use the little pieces of Xpress it blending card but I've used that in the past and this sketchbook is something I haven't used before so that's why I chose this plus the papers a little bit bigger I also did a test where I wrote with all the fine liners and then color it on top of them with a light colored spectrum noir marker and they didn't smudge the one graphics one looked like it smudged a little bit on the G but I thought maybe it was my imagination it was not my imagination as I later learned but we'll get to that so I decided that the majority of the illustration would be in marker and then I would add little extra bits and extra shading with the pencils and then of course used the black liners to outline and I decided on the graphics once since they are the finer point pens I knew I wanted to sketch something featuring a young male character and I didn't know what he would be doing but I had the facial expression down I thought okay he's gonna be shocked with his mouth open like something's happening but I thought well what's happening and some things that came into my mind where maybe he's frying eggs and it's all spilling out of the pan then I was like okay well why would that happen I don't know it would be a cute illustration and I thought maybe he's walking a dog and it's all out of control and I do want to do that for a future drawing but I just didn't want to do it on this small of a piece of paper because it would be a full body thing and then I thought oh what if he's holding a fish and it's fluffy and the backstory is something like okay maybe his friend was fishing and threw a fish out I'm like hey catch or something you know friends just stupid things like that or maybe it's his first time fishing and he didn't know how to handle the fish who knows all I know is that it is his first time holding a live fish and he has no idea what he's doing and you want to hear something stupid I did a very rough version of this sketch as well as a couple other heads just while I was planning and I did it in a different sketchbook because I was like oh this one's going so nice so far like I have my pretty swatches and then I'm gonna do my pretty art on the next page so I can't ruin it with crappy sketches which is so dumb cuz it's a sketchbook and I guess it's just that fear of a new sketchbook you know you feel like oh everything has to be really nice in this sketchbook but no no I could have done those sketches in this sketchbook as you can see I chose the blue pencil for the sketching just because I'm used to that type of pencil I don't typically do rough sketching with mechanical pencils I usually just use those if I'm doing something cleaner like sometimes I will sketch in blue and then go on top with graphite with a mechanical pencil to clean it up in this case the sketch wasn't messy enough to warrant going over with graphite plus I knew I would be doing the marker and inking stuff directly on top of the sketch usually I'll do the sketch on a separate piece of paper which is why I'll go like okay blue and then sometimes graphite to make it darker and more clean and then trace it on this ever piece of paper but I'm doing it all in one here I chose to ink this with the size point for graphics liner inking on this paper was a nice change for my usual cardstock because the cardstock I use are so ultra smooth that the pen kind of slips and slides everywhere I mean I could still control it but it's different compared to a paper like this that has a little bit more tooth to it it's just enough that the pen grips the paper just a little bit more which gives you more control there was something extra fun about this drawing and I'm trying to pinpoint what it was it might have been the combination of factors that could have been just my excitement over the box it could have been that I was doing a full color illustration inside a sketchbook which I usually don't do I usually use a separate sheet of paper it could be that I was inking directly on this sketch which is a whole other experience usually I like to do it separately since cleaner and it preserves the sketch but it was fun doing it this way it just felt more carefree I guess what a sketchbook is meant to be it's meant to be more carefully even though this is a finished colored illustration I don't know I just felt like less pressure so then on to the coloring there's a gray box in the corner of the screen because I accidentally turned my FaceCam on and so I just covered it up so it's less distracting yes I'm using the spectrum noir markers both the ones from the jazz' set and the ones I had separately that I've never used before and the line art did smudge you can see it on his face by the freckles the side of his nose and one corner of his mouth as well it didn't smudge at all when I erased over it and I erased hard and by the way that eraser erases the Kaali race really well because the Kaali race yeah it's meant to erase but it doesn't erase that well but with that eraser actually erased very well you can still see hints of blue but I was impressed I did leave the line art for about 15 to 20 minutes before I went in and colored it so it's not like it was super fresh or anything but it's still smudged with my test I should have done some thicker lines because from my experience you know one little thin line might not smudge but if you layer it up a little bit it is prone to smudging even if you let it sit out overnight it's part of the reason why I stopped using the micron pens as much I've been considering giving them another chance lately but they're one of those pens where they don't smudge with alcohol markers until they do just like I don't know where on the face they'll be a huge smudge and I'm like oh my god so I feel like these ones are like that they don't smudge until they do and the face is usually where I have a lot of thicker lines like the nostrils the eyes that like the eyelash line is usually pretty thick in my drawings I usually make the chin pretty thick as well and so those are the lines that are more prone to smudging and it's right on the face which is often times where you first look in an illustration so if you use these graphics pens with markers just be very careful try to color around the shapes instead of across them and if you're doing something like freckles like I did add them after you've colored the face and what I meant by coloring around the objects is for example the nostrils instead of just scribbling across the nostrils try to color around the lineart just right up to it that's what I tried doing for the to the illustration but the rest of it also had thinner lines for the most part so I didn't have to worry as much about the smudging especially with his dark shirt because it's dark so it can hide any smudging so now I just want to go back to talking about the jazz up box it is just so great it's it's high-quality art supplies you know it's not student grade stuff or you know it's not Crayola it's actual high quality artist grade stuff it retails for $99 USD and they're supposed to be over a hundred and fifty dollars worth of products inside of it I didn't do the math myself I'm too lazy for that I trust them I hope Jazza is super proud of what he's put together with smart art because it truly is great and I also love that it is just a one time box because it's one great box it's hard to do a recurring subscription and keep it fresh and interesting every month but something like this it's just like a one-time purchase you go and you buy it what's exciting these did sell out initially but they are making more available until July 31st so if you want to get your hands on one I will have a link down below I'm glad to hear they're doing more because I thought oh now people are finally receiving the boxes this is when he's gonna get a whole bunch of promo for the boxes so if they're sold out it's like oh no lost sales but yeah I'm glad he's making more available I think this box also just gave me a nostalgic feeling because when I was 10 years old I got this box of art supplies for Christmas and it was just jam-packed with all kinds of stuff in it and that just fueled my art career and I think to this day that's still my favorite Christmas present of all time because I was just blown away there was so much jam packed into this box and it was just phenomenal everything for pastels to pencils to erasers sketchbooks all kinds of goodies and as a ten year old kid it was just mind-blowing so as I was opening this it was reminding me of that awesome Christmas present I also just want to say a real quick word about the spectrum Noir illustrator markers because that was my first time using those and they were great I really liked the brush nib the ink is great in those markers and overall pretty dang nice thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it because I certainly did I had so much fun with this one and Jazza I hope you're super proud of your box because it's amazing if you guys want to get your hands on one again the link is in the video description thank you and I'll see you in my next video and maybe I'll see you at VidCon cuz I'll be there I'll be walking around alright good bye you

47 thoughts on “The Highest Quality Art Box You'll Ever Find – Jazza's Jazzy Art Box”

  1. Loved the video!! The art turned out so great!

    Ps. Am I the only one that was randomly unsubcribed from Bayleeโ€™s channel ?

  2. Baylee can I just say that your hair is reminding me of black widows hair in the first Avengers film, but pink.
    Rest in peace Natasha Romanoff
    Rest in peace Captain America ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
    And for the greatest superhero ever
    Rest in peace Iron Man
    Your art is always an inspiration to me keep drawing you're amazing art.

  3. I've followed you for a long time now, on various accounts, and I know you dont see it all the time but you have improved so much and I'm so happy to watch you grow and create beautiful and fun pieces. You inspire me, keep going!!โ™ก

  4. That's an awesome box and if I didn't have so much stuff lying around I would have been tempted to get one.

  5. Baylee, this such was a fun video! I love the art you created. I wish I had some of your drawing talent ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    Amazing book Jazza ( im an Aussie ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ too )

    & baylee your artwork ๐ŸŽจ was awesome ๐Ÿ˜
    Lots of Aussie Love
    Kayla ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บโ™ฟ๏ธ๐ŸŽค๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜โ™Ž๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜˜

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