The Difference Between Suits & Tuxedos | 3 Tips To Choosing Between A Suit & A Tuxedo

[0:00:00] Gentlemen, Antonio here. Okay. Had a great
question come in, a gentleman from Saudi Arabia and he’s asking, “Antonio, what is the difference
between a suit and tuxedo?” Some of you guys maybe thinking, “That’s a pretty easy question,”
but is it? And I’ll go ahead and get right into this
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the difference between a suit and a tuxedo? Let’s actually define what each of them are.
Suit, the definition of a suit is actually a jacket and trousers made from the same fabric.
So technically, there are leisure suits. There are suits made from velvet. There are suits
from denim. Yes, there are denim suits. So not something you want to wear in a business
environment I guess unless you’re up in Canada. But the point is that a suit is simply defined
as having a matching top, matching bottom made from the same fabric. Tuxedo then technically is a suit because
that’s what a tuxedo does, but a tuxedo is more specific. It actually comes out of, I
think 1888 in Tuxedo Park, New York. That’s where it was first spotted. And it was worn
by the elite out of Manhattan. And it was basically a play on — it was similar
to evening dress. Go over to article over at Real Men Real Style. I go into more detail
there. So there are three main differences though between suits and tuxedos. And the suits I’m going to be talking about
worsted wool suits made from a dark fabric of navy blue, charcoal gray. Those are the
kind of suits I’m going to be referring to, not leisure suits. So it’s formality. Number one, tuxedo is going
to be more formal than any pretty much regular suit out there. Does that make sense? So black
tie, tuxedo, evening dress, all of this right here is going to be usually worn and supposed
to be worn in the evening only. Suits can be worn any time of the day. They can be made
from a lighter color fabric. Like I said, they can be made from a casual
fabric. Therefore, suits are going to less formal. They can even be casual, while black
tie or tuxedos are always going to be more formal. So that’s the number one thing. Number two is flexibility. Black tie tuxedos,
they have a prescription of certain rules that you have to follow when you’re wearing
it. Tuxedos, you wear a black bowtie. Now, you can change one thing in a black tie or
a tuxedo outfit and be fine. But usually you’re going to have the black bowtie. You’re going
to have the black or — what is it — midnight blue material that it’s made from. You’re going to have the grosgrain or it’s
going to be actually maybe satin lapel and you’re also going to have a stripe down on
the side, usually the black. Occasionally, you will see midnight blue. Both of them are
correct. You’re also going to see you have a waist covering. I have an entire infographic in video on black-tie,
I’ll link you to right over here. So go check out that article and that detailed information
if you’re curious about black-tie or tuxedos. But when it comes down to it, there’s not
much flexibility there. When it comes to suits, you have a lot more
flexibility. You can dress them up, you can dress them down. You don’t have to have a
waist covering. You actually don’t even have to wear a tie with them. You could wear them
in a wide variety of colors. The pocket square instead of going with a white straight presidential
fold. You can actually have all types of pocket
squares in there. Also, with suits you can into fashion suits. You can into classically
designed suits. While again getting over to tuxedos you’re going to find that you’re going
to stick with the classic here. And it is something that again, you don’t have a lot
of flexibility. Now, let’s go into the final point which is
going to be cost. Usually, tuxedos are going to cost more than a suit and this is why.
It’s not so much that they have to cost more. It’s if you’re going to spend money and you’re
going to be wearing a tuxedo or a black tie pretty regularly, you want to invest in a
quality piece. Because at that level, the people that you’re
hanging out with at that level can tell the difference between low-cost and high quality
fabrics. And so you’re going to want to invest in a higher quality fabric. When it comes
to a suit, if you nail the fit, if you get pretty much the function of it right, you
can actually compromise a little bit on fabric. And not as many people are going to pick up
on it. A well-fitted suit that’s made from a medium quality fabric is actually going
to look a lot better than a suit that doesn’t fit you very well and is made from a higher
quality fabric. [0:05:03] So with suits, I usually tell guys to focus
in on the fit. But if you’re actually going to be purchasing black tie, of course it should
fit. And here you’re going to want to make sure that you can afford to actually buy something
that’s of higher quality. If you’re actually having to rent — I know
some of you guys are thinking, “Oh, I just want a tuxedo for prom.” In that case, sure,
rent. At that level, it’s not really an issue. And I think the gentleman from Saudi Arabia,
his question more is probably he’s looking to do business maybe in London or he’s looking
to go over to New York. And he wants to make sure when he goes to a black tie event that
he’s dressed appropriately. All right, guys, like I said, I go into a
lot more over at the article at Real Men Real Style. I’m going to link you to some very
useful articles which will go into more detail about suits and the different types of suits.
Will go into more detail about black tie tuxedos. And if you’ve got questions, make sure to
send to me over at Real Men Real Style or leave them below in the comments here on YouTube.
Take care, guys. See you in the next video. [0:06:07] End of Audio

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