The Art of Sand Casting: SurEvolution Handmade Bowls | Pottery Barn

Gifts With Meaning
Sandcast Metal
Passing on India’s Traditoins SurEvolution is a lifestyle brand
that brings the work of artisans to the luxury market. We’re inspired by nature, culture and tradition
and we try to make functional contemporary products our customers have a unique view of luxury for them luxury is unique
pieces which are completely hand-crafted which show of the tradition behind the artisans and for them it’s all about the product that
will enhance their lives as well as that of the artisans that made it. Sandcasting began around two thousand years
ago in the Indian continent primarily it was used to carve deities and miniature animals then it evolved into cookware and other
utensils they would need. Sandcasting is a completely handmade
process we’ll gather the leaf or the twig they put the leaf on each side and we make an impression in a mold that
is made out of sand and a mixture of molasses uh what’s interesting about this mold is
that it’s completely recyclable because they break it and then completely remix it then when the mold sets they take the leaf out
and the artisan will add by hand some more texture The materials used in this product is a hundred
percent recycled scrap metal collected from the various factories from the surrounding
areas and once they set – this will take like around an
hour – they will break the mold and then they will polish it and finish it and it’s ready to go I have learned this art from my forefathers and now my children are learning it from me Here we are not just given a means of
making a living, we are being given a way to continue a legacy, a way to ensure that this
craft is not lost forever Today, only a handful of artisans are practicing
this labor-intensive form of sandcasting We are training local villagers in the hope that these
traditional crafts survive Pottery Barn

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