The Art and Science of (Home) Painting

[In Malay] Abu: As painters we need to be willing to learn. Because sometimes customers can request for some complex designs. If my boss sends me any designs that someone has requested I will practise at my own house before going to (the person’s house). However, I only practise painting in green because that is the only colour I have! [Laughs] A: I am a painter from Nippon Paint. I have had this job for about 12 years. People often say that painters can’t do what artists can but as a painter myself, I am capable of creating beautiful designs like an artist. We have done designs of mountains, skies clouds and hot-air balloons. We’ve done all of those. I have never taken art in school. I just learnt it on my own. If we want to paint a house the first thing we will do when we enter is to cover things up for protection. After finishing that we will start painting the ceiling, then the walls. For the walls, we need to check them thoroughly. If they don’t turn out nice, we will need to paint them again. For small spaces, I will call a small person to come in and help me with it because I can’t fit into these spaces. That small person would be my cousin. He and I are like Tom and Jerry when we work. One big, one small. As a painter, I’m happy that I can paint my children’s rooms. When their friends come, they say “Wow, your room is so nice!” Despite being just a painter I’m glad I can still make my children happy. I feel that painting isn’t only about art but about science as well. A: I’m a painting project manager. I will bring a team with me to provide painting services for people’s houses. When we paint, we need to have some geographical and scientific knowledge. For example, when we step into an owner’s house and you have to choose and match colours you need to consider the natural lighting while taking note of the furniture and the direction of the door. These are all very important. If there is not enough natural light and a dark colour is chosen it wouldn’t have a desirable outcome. Producer: So were you good at science in school? A: I wasn’t good at all. It’s not that good now either. It’s just that I keep learning along the way. When we meet our customers, we need to use the best solution the best of our knowledge to let our customers know our entire painting process. One of the memorable things was when an owner joined us to paint. He gained a lot of knowledge from us. We were happy when he was happy because he realised that painting is not easy. When we finish painting a house and hand it over to the homeowners and if they give us a “like” we will feel very satisfied.

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  1. Nice!

    The second person spoke a different language from the first but they seemed to have a similar accent! Interesting!

    Can anyone tell me what languages were spoken? Second one was mandarin?

  2. Respect their skills. Painting is not that easy, tried helping a friend once in painting a small section of the ceiling. Arms and neck was aching for the next 2 days. You will be grateful to have these professionals. These 2 are so cheerful and you can tell they take pride in their work.

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