The 5 Most Versatile Clothing Items for a Man’s Wardrobe

Eric: What are the most versatile clothing
items I can own in my wardrobe? Chris: I’m going to give you my 5. Eric: Okay. Hey guys, welcome back to “Style
Tips for the Everyday Guy,” from Cladwell, where you can get your personal roadmap to
dress better. I’m Eric. Chris: I’m Chris. Eric: Today we’re talking about clothing versatility. Chris: Yeah. Eric: How to get the most out of some of your
clothes, what are the best clothes to get that, and how to stretch your dollar and make
your wardrobe just, overall, more versatile; more outfits. Great thing to do. Chris: Yeah. Eric: The first thing I want to ask you is:
Just what makes an item versatile when we’re talking about this subject? Chris: Yeah, one of the most important things,
when you’re looking for a versatile item, is to make sure that it can be dressed up
or dressed down, so it’s going to be appropriate for a lot of different occasions. Eric: Great. Chris: Yeah. Eric: You can go almost anywhere with it. Chris: Exactly, and another thing to look
for is if it’s a neutral color, for example, it’s going to go with a lot of different outfits
… Eric: Right. Chris: In your closet. Eric: Bright color, you have to pair it with
the right thing. Chris: Yeah, you’ve got to be thinking about
what else you can wear it with, but if everything is neutral, it’s easy just to throw stuff
together. Eric: okay. Chris: Yeah. Eric: All right. Well, let’s jump into your
top 5. Chris: Cool. Eric: The most versatile items that you think
are the most versatile for your wardrobe. Chris: Yeah, [crosstalk 02:47] top 5 list,
right. Eric: Yeah. Chris: First, casual leather shoes. If you
find yourself wearing a lot of grays and blacks, you could get a pair of black casual leather
shoes. Eric: Yeah. Chris: Or you’re more like tans, browns, navies,
that sort of thing; earth tones, you might go with a pair of brown casual leather shoes. Eric: You can wear them all year? Chris: Oh yeah. Eric: All year long? Chris: All year, yeah. Eric: Man. Chris: Now, some types, like a pair of boat
shoes is going to be best for spring/summer, but there are other lace-up casual leather
shoes that are great for all year. Eric: Great. Chris: Yeah, so number 2, dark jeans. I think
the best thing these have going for them is that you really can wear them for all different
types of occasions. Eric: Yes. Chris: Yeah. Number 3, button-up shirt. White
is great, or tan, gray, a navy, even. Something like that, with a neutral tone is. Eric: Dress shirt? Oxford? Chris: We’re looking for a casual button-up
shirt. An Oxford is great. Eric: Okay. Chris: Yeah, those are a little heavier. You
may have heard me say in some other videos, “a little heavier,” and you really can dress
them up or down. Eric: Great. Chris: Yeah, 4th, we’ve got a casual sweater.
Or maybe even a sweatshirt for somebody like you, if you’re the casual guy. Those are great
for layering, especially. Eric: Love me a good sweatshirt. Can this
be a hoodie? Chris: A zipped-up hoodie? That may be a little
too casual. That’s a really good question, actually, because what you’re going to find
with a zip-up hoodie or a hoodie, in general, is that you can’t really dress it up very. Eric: It’s harder, yeah. Chris: Yeah, so I’m talking maybe just a standard
crew neck sweatshirt. Eric: Okay. Chris: Yup. Last is a blazer. Navy is a great
choice, or gray, depending on your color palette. Eric: A blazer you can do with so many different
things. Chris: Yeah. Eric: Which we talked about different looks
you can do with a blazer in another video. You guys can check that out. Chris: That’s right. Eric: All right, so that’s great. That’s your
top 5 list. Just to recap those real quick, we’ve got … Chris: Casual leather shoes, dark jeans, casual
button-up shirt, casual sweater or sweatshirt, and a blazer. Eric: Great, and a lot of benefits to owning
these types of versatile items, like we said before, you’re going to … Chris: Yeah. Eric: Well, why don’t you say it? Yeah. Chris: Well, you’re going to buy less stuff. Eric: Yes. Chris: Right? Which is really nice, because
everything goes together. Eric: It’s so good, yeah. Chris: If you buy quality, this stuff’s actually
going to last longer, so you’re buying less frequently and you’re just buying less, period. Eric: Right. Chris: You get a bunch of outfits from just
a few things. Eric: That’s awesome. Chris: Yeah. Eric: Okay, great. You guys, love to hear
your list too, if you agree with that or not. If you have a different 5, yeah. Chris: Yeah, if there’s anything I forgot,
I’d love to hear that too. Eric: Put it in the comments below. We’re
now going to answer our question of the day from one of you that you guys sent in. Chris: Oh, yeah. Eric: From Marcus Taylor, he sent in a question;
really good question: Does the shirt always have to be tucked in when wearing a blazer? Chris: That’s a really good question. My answer
is it depends on the shirt. Eric: Yeah. Chris: A t-shirt or a polo shirt, don’t worry
about tucking it in. It’s a casual look, don’t worry about it. Casual button-up shirt, sort
of on the line. If it fits really well, if it’s not too long, not too billowy, blousy
… Eric: What’s too long? Chris: Too long is anything that hanging way
past your belt line. Eric: Okay. Chris: If it’s way down on your thighs. It’s
hard to give you an exact number or anything like that. Eric: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Chris: Then it’s probably too long. Tuck it
in. Eric: Tuck it in. Chris: A safe bet is to tuck in a casual button-up
shirt. If you’re wearing a blazer with a dress shirt, definitely tuck it in. Always tuck
in a dress shirt. Eric: If you’re less formal, with a polo or
t-shirt with a blazer, it’s okay. Chris: Yeah, it’s okay. Eric: Okay, great. If you guys have your own
style questions, send them in. Leave them in the comments below and we’ll get to them. Chris: Yeah. Eric: Maybe even answer them in a video. Chris: Oh, yeah. Eric: I hope you guys liked this video. Go
boost up your versatility and your wardrobe. Chris: Yeah. Eric: If this was helpful for you guys, leave
a thumbs up, and thanks so much for watching. Chris: We’ll see you next time.

26 thoughts on “The 5 Most Versatile Clothing Items for a Man’s Wardrobe”

  1. I actually like plain T-shirts and polo shirts, because you can wear them basically everywhere. Normal, casual look with jeans or if you wanna dress it up a little bit, you can wear a V-neck sweater and it will look great as well. To dress it up even more, you can wear it with a blazer.
    And T-shirts are also a great way to express yourself, you can have whatever print you want, to show the others who you are and what are you interested in, before even talking to them. It's amazing!

  2. Personally I think that if you were to go for an oxford and only one important colour it would have to be white. A crisp white oxford can be dressed up to almost black tie (it's incorrect but many would wear it for black tie) and can be dressed down to beach bumming. 

    This video pretty much listed the things I wear day to day. It's easy to interchange and easy to look good.

  3. Great video guys!! Would you mind telling me what shoes those are in the first part of the video? Oh and on the Cladwell site, is there a way to change the wardrobe season? My wardrobe is only showing winter wardrobe.

  4. I would change the navy blazer into a sports coat, because a blazer depends on where you are at in life and the occasion. Blazers are for occasions where you don't want to be too formal, but not too casual as well. And in my opinion most young men including myself don't find themselves in those situations. Yes, you can dress the navy blazer down but just solid navy alone is very formal of a color. So for me personally leaning towards a more casual styled or textured sports coat in a neutral color is the best bet for the average young man.

  5. Would you go with a cardigan or a sweater vest? The main purpose is going to be as a layering piece to add to my suits and wear with sport coats.

  6. Can you guys define what you mean by 'buying quality'?
    Are we talking about brands, e.g. Levi's or are we specifically looking at the price range (~higher)?  Thanks

  7. Hahaha cool videos but it just seems like the brunette guy is essentially the one with the fashion sense and the blonde is oblivious to it all haha

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