Taylor Swift – Bad Blood (CARTOON PARODY)

Katy won’t be stealing my Grammy for the best female pop artist… now that we’ve taken out her Illuminati gangsters Yeah, one problem with that you forgot one Yo, what the hell happened with you girls out there, she was a double agent all along captain Kenya Uh, it’s Kendrick. Katy purposely hired her to befriend and sabotage me yet again like she did years ago So what do you plan to do now? This Means War Miss stop your help has been in the store to 1989 You are indeed ready for the Grammys next week also congrats on your recent VMA queen Hey, what happened with you and Selena, I thought you two were besties Me too She made a really deep cut and betrayed me for Katy. Now We’ve got a train to take them both down. I never liked Katy she always has made fun of my accent Tell me when I can blast that big eyed bozo bitch clear out of the sky. You’ve got it Ellie now. Let’s get to work Now you try. So that border jumper betrayed you Tay Tay? Yep, I still have the scars on my back from her knife I’ll make sure this knife ends up in her back So what’s the beef between you and Katy? Didn’t you used to be friends with her? Katy is a dark horse… We used to be best buds, but now we’ve got bad blood She grew jealous of me because I always won the Grammys so She sabotaged my tour and stole my backup dancers for her illuminate tour or whatever And now she’s stolen my grammy! Wow, that’s it? Did she ever say sorry? You know Hailey, band-aids don’t fix bullet holes. ♪ I know Katy stole your dancers, but you’ve gotta let it go Tay Tay ♪ I can’t let it ♪ go, OH HELL NO. I’m going to beat Katy to a pulp ♪ Sorry Jessica didn’t see you there your movies suck anyway What is it Selina? Can’t you see I’m trying to enjoy my first Grammy and peace? Your highness, I have word that Taylor and her spies are headed this way Is that so? Prepare the Illumin-army. As you wish If she wants a war we’ll give her one You sure Invisible Woman doesn’t mind us borrowing her invisible whip? Uh, Yeah… Trust me she won’t care So why are we going to the hair salon before the battle? Black widow said I should try out a new look! Now buckle up Kendrick Jafar, we’ve got some Illuminati ass to kick *Inhale* *Exhale* Selena look at what you’ve done, I thought you could be trusted. I’m here to get my Grammy you backstabber Sorry it belongs to Lord Katy now. Nice color! Is your hair on its period to? Well if it isn’t the Grammy hogging hoe Taylor shit Shouldn’t you be screwing some band member? I can’t believe you do this you dark witch! You know it’s sad to think about all the good times we’ve had. Oh? Did that make you upset? Next thing you know you’re gonna write a song about me. Give me back my Grammy you no-talent-hack You’ll never win one so just give up. Sorry. It’s mine now, and now if I have my first Grammy I’ll finally be a more respected artist! Illumin-army, Attack! (Droids chanting) All hail Queen Katy. (Droids chanting) Surrender. Selena Zendaya (Droids chanting) Die bitch die Take that you fucking robot (Droid chanting) Shut up bitch Ha you’re fighting sucks almost as bad as your music, I want a rematch when you’re ready coming get it bitch Wait, hold on. OOoooO I reached level two! What, what is that? It’s my favorite game see! OooOo – Looks fun, where do I get it? Oh, easy you just downloaded for free in the description of this parody! Sweet. Okay, back to the fight Kendall, now! My name, is Kendrick god dammit. Light her ass up Kelly. Boot my bloody crumpets you bitch… (Droid still chanting) Fuck all you hoes That’ll teach you to steal my dancers or Grammy again I’m the real Queen of Pop now, and you couldn’t even beat me in your wildest dream Thank you for watching my bad blood cartoon parody find out what endless favorite game is by downloading in the description below Applause to the voice actresses in this video Be sure to check out more parodies, especially our latest installment “mainframes” Have a lovely day 💖

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  2. So wait Katy Perry is a dark horse the definition of Dark Horse is unknown Challenger who approaches from behind

  3. *after ellie shoots the missile at Katy down at the battlegrounds,*:
    Robots:“Fuck all you hoes” 😂

  4. If Taylor swift, Selena Gomez, katy Perry & Ellie bilish react to this they would say WHAT THE HECK IS THAT OR FAN IS CRAZY

  5. 1:49 "tell me when I can blast that big eyed bozo bitch Clare out of the sky" MOOOOOD😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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