47 thoughts on “Tattoo Artists React To Mugshots | Tattoo Artists Answer”

  1. How can I girl with tattoos on her face, a complete black neck and blacked out eyes comment on bad tattoos lmao

  2. I've seen the second mug shot at least a dozen times over the years and I've never noticed the bowtie before.

  3. The one thing I didn't like about this episode is how they kept making it seem that everyone in the mugshots had a mental illness. I mean I have one and I don't look like that then again, they have one. But they said that about almost all of them.

  4. I'm sorry is the retarded bitch with scratch marks on her face actually trying to comment on any of these people like have you looked in the mirror 🤔

  5. That dumb bitch with the whole tattooed neck and whatever crosses on her face should not be sayin horrible tattoos about any of the mugshots. She looks fuckin horrible!!!

  6. I can see how one could dislike the blacked out neck on Michela but I really don't get why everyone shits on the scratches on the side of her face, those are amazing, especially for the brutal black project.

  7. People are phuckin retarded….my phavorite tattoo artist didn't even let me do my forearms till I was 21….and its GOD BLESS THE IRISH…..I'm too phuckin old lol

  8. There's a mugshot with chinese words tattooed.
    It meant "Ugly", "Bad", "Mom"
    Umm did that guy knew what he just got himself tattooed??

  9. 4:51 Dude in Black hoodie reminds me of JAY from Jay and Silent Bob. " Or he likes to fcuk teen sluts "! Lol

  10. I like how these people are laughing at people that look like them. I mean have they not looked in the mirror. Retards

  11. That ugly dude it’s 999 the actual devils number christians turned it upside down

    Okay least I ain’t the only one that was like honestly this guy again “not this fucking guy again pretty boii” I’m dead 😂 he’s hot but has he got that personality? Is his personality hot, doubt it ..

  12. Don't get me wrong, the Italian gal is a real dame, but boy howdy is it ironic hearing her say some shit about too many face tattoos.

  13. I’m actually livid at this Polish chick who keeps critiquing face tattoos when hers are actually as obnoxious and distasteful, I guess she thinks she better because they were done professionally and theirs were not…

  14. that bitch keeps saying "its not healthy, its not good" when her fucking face is filled with random meaningless lines and her entire neck is fucking black.

  15. If you’re good looking it doesn’t matter what crime you do you don’t have to go to jail because apparently they’ll hire you as a model and pay for you to get out of jail so yeah that’s great to teach kids if you’re very attractive you can get away with anything

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