Talk with Darkwave Artist NAO KATAFUCHI · The Wave of Things #79

Talk with Darkwave Artist NAO KATAFUCHI · The Wave of Things #79

hi my name is Nao Katafuchi and stay dark
and stay great oh hello now I’m on the show much I
followed your music for quite some time now and I wanted to ask you if you could
maybe tell something about yourself how you came you live in Germany now no?
yeah I mean yeah how did this happened it you came from Japan to Germany
Japan to New York to Germany yes it’s a quite long story but when I grew up
in Japan I guess I have to explain maybe how I end up and doing
this music I guess when I was a kid it was that early 80s and it’s like I guess
most of the music around that time the majority of I would say top 40 music
it’s all was synthesizers in it and so I was natural for me to kind of get into
listening to any songs I mean it’s any every bands has had synthesizers on it I
mainly wanted to become a guitar player because synthesizers were not affordable
but when I go to yeah I used to go to this local music shop and stay for hours
and becoming friends with the one of the seller guy and so he just let me stay
and I just tried out the guitars and there was a synthesizers too so I play
around and Roland and Korg but still it was very expensive it’s totally not
affordable for a teenager kid later on I found out that this store guy let me
stay because of he eventually wanted to me to buy something since then I’m
always I was more into guitar music because I’m I want to kind of rock
yeah I had a synthesizer to like eventually in the end of 80s that when
people are getting rid of analog synthesizers and at that price went down
so I finally able to get Roland synthesizers and so with our you know
experimental experimented with my four track cassette recorder the guitar
synthesizers and also drum machine and see what I can make so that was in New
York already yeah around 2010 I went into I discovered the scene the local
scene of the weird records so I just go there every week and my very first
friend was Martial Canterel, Sean and he opened up everything for me so that I’m
still appreciated no that’s great because about is in a weird body then
you you just meet every entire weird records catalog guys yeah there I asked
and just always hanging out Void Vision sometimes Tobias Bernstrup comes by
friends were touring Europe so I just followed sort of okay have to play
Europe and your and I did a few small tours also I asked that Sean Martial
Canterel like oh where should I play and he I just followed his
recommendation cities Praha, Budapest, Vienna, Valencia and yeah after I visited
and toured few times then I start meeting people in this area to Germany
my first friend was Frank the organizer at that time he was organizer for that
MiniCave festival eventually he put me
on munich a festival but in anyway and every time I visit here and I you know
meet more friends then also I realized that scene here is a real deal even
going on for like over 30 years and I was like okay yeah I can move and also I
lived in New York City for 24 years yeah then so I’m kind of fed up with me
it’s the scene that after the weird wreck was already ended there used to be
the party for the WT records they used to have a gathering or every first day
and some day Veronica from minimal wave she was always doing her radio show
which was in my neighbor too so I you know could go stop by and say hello and
and that’s all ended the community is kind of lost but what happened
take they outgrew it of different to other music directions I don’t know Oh
after the weird you know this I’m not following events called nothing changes
and they still going on so when did when did you move to Germany 2015 so it’s
just just about four years ago around this time and to which city to which
place Münster Münster is a closed from Düsseldorf yeah after I met many people
here then I thought it’s go well it’s like I can now move here there’s no
underground scene in Münster so it’s only you know like communicate festivals
and it is another festival called sick suck and neon leaked most of the stuff
is happening in that neighbor cities like bone over housing also as a
musician I think it’s good to in just blow dislocation we can travel to
Spain or Berlin these four hours do you also speak German
yeah I speak for in German yeah it’s good enough but I think in Münster you
are more forced to use German no yeah in Berlin everybody speaks English
yeah yeah I know yeah I think it’s also it’s kind of culture kind of fits me
very well I guess because of its uh I mean I I spent most of my life not most
of it I lived in the u.s. New York City for the longest in my life Germans are
sort of like bit like between Japanese and American and it’s kind of fits me
pretty well I can imagine that it’s also this Sun a little bit distant but polite
yeah very I mean sometime I’m kind of grumpy when
I meet with people but you know here it’s kind of like fine very first time
when you meet people sort of is there’s a wall it’s not like an American Way
it’s like hey how you doing good now you you recently released a new album yes
miss Stark ow ow so still pray yes there is the color of
this weather right here right now it’s it’s a very nice album recently had it
on repeat and I see it’s a bit what how to say it a bit not harsher but a bit
darker than yes I want always wanted to create some moody darker songs and also
I was bit another hit for the people on the label me as a Japanese synthpop I was
like how dare you the Japanese synthpop. I sometimes used
to receive that message from people that we like your Yumegoto album I mean the
EP it reminds me like a Japanese anime blah blah blah and oh that’s interesting
but at you know it’s not this album was made after I moved here in Germany so I
told in the scene yeah it’s uh I got really strong influence from this yeah
which is they love like minimal darkwave I just wanted to do create my own world
basically and I just wanted to do didn’t wanna sounds like anyone else you had
some collaborations on this new album yes
also with the Selofan yeah yeah that was a great at miracle it happened
I’m really grateful I had to push Joanna several times we’ve met before hand so
we knew each other and I and I stayed at their place when I played in Athens, I
sent her message and sent her a song and she was like okay let me see what I can
do and yeah then this didn’t happen well I had to wait I’m because I also went
they what touring and also Fabrica also releasing other things so then I saw
them withLebanon Hanover in Oberhausen when I talked to them and Dmitry
just came up to music I’m sorry I’m sorry like I’m going to record Joanna’s voice you know and I was really nice actually he’s like me no one was
really sweet sweetest person so I was just like waited I’m doing okay no
pressure any time when you guys have time then one day
yes she sent me the file how is the response to the album I think people are
very positive about it now yeah I’m very yes it’s great that I many people
respond to different songs that’s actually great yeah yeah because I’m
personally I’ve only promoted that for a single song without your honor singing
but yeah many people I get respond for other songs except music what is
something I really like to do I’m really into cooking and eating modifying
synthesizers sometimes but that’s sort of music category right you know going
to cafe oh yeah I saw I saw the photo earlier I saw the photo of your city so
very beautiful Kosice yeah you know please come please come
it’s kind of similar from here but it’s you know it looks a bit older I guess I
guess because here it’s like I guess 80% of the city got bombed
Kosice was unscathed from the war okay okay there’s actually all from my
side do you have something to it for the end I’m going to play next gig is Vienna
and Vienna and Zagreb yes that’s true – I don’t have direct contact to
Bratislava then I’m going to play in Japan – I’m gonna have to go visit Japan
in November to see my elders parent you spend most of your life in New York now
you’re in Europe yeah how is the resonance to your music in Japan do they
know you not some very limited people right yeah
the Japanese scene I mean there’s no sceneNao Katafuchi thank you very much for this talk thank you very much let’s stay in
contact yes hope to talk to you soon again yep yeah it’s very nice to talking
to you

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