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Drawing with Charcoal: Historical Techniques of 19th Century France

Dark. Velvety. Grainy. Soft. These are some of the intrinsic qualities of charcoal that artists are drawn to. Charcoal comes from charred pieces of wood,

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Manet and Modern Beauty at Getty Museum

Hello, this is David peacock I am returning to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles for the mayonnaise if it called mayonnaise and modern beauty

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Conservation of Sculpture & Decorative Arts

– Conservation is an overarching term which refers to all of the activities that we do, including the preventive work, the analysis, the authentication, the

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On Artist Lorna Simpson, Recipient of the 2019 Getty Medal

Lorna Simpson’s work has not only challenged stereotypes of African-Americans, but created a visionary space for the contemplation of humanity itself and what it means

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A New Vision for Ancient Art at the Getty Villa

To me, personally, this installation is an important part of what I really wanted to do when I first came to the Getty. Virtually every

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Conservation of Mosaics in Roman North Africa

(soft flutey music playing) Voiceover: The rich cultural heritage of Tunisia extends back thousands of years. Situated on the northern coast of Africa, Tunisia’s history

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Almost Invisible: The Cartoon Transfer Process

How did a Renaissance artist get from here to here? Artists in the Renaissance used a variety of drawing techniques to help create works like

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Conservation of Jackson Pollock’s Mural

Our challenge in conservation is always to keep in mind the artist’s intent. What did Pollock intend? What did he want us to see? How

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Kids Explain Art to Experts: Chris (7) vs. Mondrian | Name That Art

I kind of want to paint one myself… …but I’m not really that good of an artist to do this. Well first of all, I’m


Frank Gehry on his Creative Influences (Modern Architecture in Los Angeles)

I had no idea one being architect I didn't know what I wanted to be I took night classes at LA City College and got