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Zo Tobi – Chosen (artwork video + song lyrics)

They say we choose our families, long before we are born Friends and adversaries, to help us learn all that we came to learn They

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Zo Tobi – In Their Time (artwork video + song lyrics)

What makes the green grow? What turns the seasons? What is the reason The world goes ‘round? What is the mystery So deep inside us

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Zo Tobi – Only Thankfulness (artwork video + song lyrics)

Oh I was born with all I needed Came to this world complete and whole Though I would journey long just to see it Those


Zo Tobi – Show Me The Song (artwork video + song lyrics)

When I rise, I want to rise pure In the eyes of the One… In the eyes of the One When I speak, I want

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Zo Tobi – Why Did We Awaken (artwork video + song lyrics)

Morning you woke with pounding heart and body paralyzed Silently screaming through lungs of stone, remembering a world on fire… There were rising seas, air

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Zo Tobi – Blessed Unrest (artwork video + song lyrics)

Oh I am waking up to find my world Between the dying and being reborn I see what is and I see what could be