SUPER GLITTER Easy Geometric Art || Art with Alyssa

SUPER GLITTER Easy Geometric Art || Art with Alyssa

hey everyone welcome to always ELISA so today I'm going to be teaching you guys how to do a super cool geometric piece of art this is ochio I call it a sparkly pink lemonade and you only need a couple things to do this three paintbrushes says there's two different paints you can actually do it like any colors you got like blue and green or whatever and that's some paper okay guys let's get started so the first thing you're gonna do is grab your painters tape and lay it out across your paper in a geometric design and so once you get that first one we're just gonna cut it and it's okay if you have a little bit like that left over here I just fold it to the next page over and just so you guys know it doesn't have to be this specific design you can do any design you want I'm just gonna make it mine that's like a bunch of random triangles so and that's like the geometric look I like see how there's like the black part of like the notebook right here so we're gonna take a long piece of tape and we're just gonna like cover that so it's not part of the art or else it might get a little bit messy I'm just basically trying to make like a lot of different shapes triangles like big triangles small triangles acute and obtuse triangles and here's the last one perfect okay I have finished all my triangles and now it is time to paint so I'm gonna show you guys the paint's I'm gonna be using today pink and yellow and some fabulous bark goals I'm just so excited for this part because it makes everything better in fact everything's better like a little sparkle so these are the things are we using and these are gonna be the paper here I think this is gonna turn out really cute if you're following this tutorial remember to like not to not use too much paint like color like put like just about like is that much like maybe like the size of a penny cuz if you put too much you can't really put it back in the bottle that's all you need now it's time to paint okay here we go okay I'm gonna start off with this paintbrush okay I'm gonna take some yellow and just give you some nice slow strokes and don't worry if it's too thin we will definitely be doing a second toast make sure it's nice and even before you're all the way done and if you get all the little corners and another tip for this if you want it to look like even better do like yellows like a cross with my for example don't do a yellow here on the yellow here like this should be peak and this should be pink I'm just gonna do all my yellows first on this paintbrush and then I'll use it different very much to do all my picks for this part like when you get close to the edge of the page I like to put my fingers under and then paint because if you go like this it could be on the next page see you like right here that's why I like it a careful on that heart and by the way see how all that paint came from that tiny little drop at it see ya little paint you can do a lot okay now I'm going to do a second coat on some of them I think if you have any that look kind of thin that's where I would do a second coat okay on to the pick make sure you leave a couple of white for the end so by now your painting should have a few light spots left like mine leave it just like this because this is the beginning of the next step so this step is gonna be kind of quick you're gonna paint it like just pick a triangle and we're gonna do like one only we're gonna paint it and then add some sparkles on it and then use a dry paintbrush like this and move the sparkles around because we don't want the paint to dry quick so I just like sprinkle a few sparkles on once you have the sparkles use your dry paintbrush and don't worry this sparkly like if we get messy cuz like when you're trying to do this they can easily get like everywhere so just don't worry I just put a super thin layer of paint over it and then it looks a little bit neater okay time to do the next shine wall okay time for the sparkles and by the way another way you can do it sparkles is like with a spoon might be a little bit easier I like to use a spoon to put on the glitter and then like touch it up with the paintbrush and you want to make sure you put enough pain before you do the glue because you won't be able to put a second coat I feel like this like totally reminds me of pink lemonade cuz it's yellow and pink I love it and I totally reminds me of like summer to this give me like my summer art piece next triangle [Applause] time to catch up a little bit more oh gosh I've got like sparkles all over my plate so I'm gonna touch up this some more yellow let your painting dry for a little bit and then we're gonna move on to the final step okay it's been a couple minutes and it's pretty dry so it's time to do the final step you're gonna find an x tear tape and very carefully peel it off super slow okay I just touched up this yellow part a little bit and now I'm hoping that this will peel up just fine not paint a little bit that's okay we're just doing a little bit of touch-up on the way yeah that's all done good ah I think I'll explain good so how'd you guys like it love it easy to follow the log and make your Ellen just give me a big thumbs up on this video and don't forget to comment and tell me what you want me to do for my next hour tutorial you

25 thoughts on “SUPER GLITTER Easy Geometric Art || Art with Alyssa”

  1. Hey Alyssa you are super talented you think and come up with that art all by yourself I could never do that .
    for your next art tutorial can you please draw a dog with a girls arm around it ?
    Good job!

  2. Hi Alyssa I'm your biggest fan I have been watching you since I saw your videos.Is your favorite color still pink?

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