Stylish Survival Kit? | 10 Clothing Hacks That Can Save Your Life

Stylish Survival Kit? | 10 Clothing Hacks That Can Save Your Life

So, you find yourself stranded on an island
in the South Pacific or maybe you’re out in the woods in Alaska. You don’t know where you’re at you don’t know
how long you’re going to be here, you’ve got to survive and all that you have, the clothing
on your back. Today, gentlemen, we’re going to talk about
stylish survival for the sharp-dressed gentleman. Now, if that intro just flew past you, understand
that this isn’t an entertainment video, this isn’t a true survival video, your clothing
shouldn’t be McGyvered in a survival situation. You should use it as it was intended to protect
you from the elements. Now, let’s talk a little bit about survival
though, what’s the real deal? Well, first of avoid survival situations. If you’re going to go into an area that you’re
not familiar with, take a compass take a map so you can get yourself out of there. Be prepared, take a sharp knife, but I like
multi tools. Maybe take matches that are in a waterproof
container that are actually going to light and you can test them. Also, take a jacket that’s windproof that’s
waterproof that has a hood. Taking these stuff with you is going to go
a long way if you find yourself in a tough situation. But now, let’s talk about stylish survival
for the well-dressed man. Survival item number one for the stylish man,
the simple pen. Now, many of you guys may be wondering, Antonio
how is going to help you survive? Because whenever you’re out there hunting
animals, you climb up on a tree, it goes by, you jump out of that tree put it on a headlock. Boom! Right in the eye, you got yourself dinner. Stylish survival item number two for the sharp-dressed
gentleman is a long sleeve cotton dress shirt. So, so many options that you can use this
thing, but let’s talk about a filter for water. You can actually tear small pieces of off
this use it as kindling for a fire. You can tear off larger strips use it as a
bandage use it as tourniquet. You can thenuse it as a bag, simply wrap up berries,
wrap up any excess food. The weather is getting really bad whether
it’d be wind whether it’d be the sun, put this right on top of your head cover up your
face cover up your head. Survival item number three for the stylish
gentleman is his belt. You can use this to lash wood together to
build a shelter. Many of you guys may be wondering, Antonio
how did you climb that tree to kill that animal at point number one. Well, I used it like this my belt and I just
shimmied up that tree and then jump on that animal and took care of business. Now, you may be wondering, okay, Antonio you’ve
been tracked down by a pack of wolves, how are you going to defend yourself? Well, many of you guys have probably seen
the movie The Grey with old Liam and if Liam would have had belt to defend himself that
movie probably would have ended very differently. But, that is the third use as a weapon as
a whip as something that keep those other animals at bay that are trying to steal your
food. Now, many of you guys may be wondering, Antonio
where did you get that awesome belt? Well, that’s the sponsor of this video, Anson
Belt and Buckle. I have talked about this company for years,
I think almost eight years now. Father-son combo. Actually, I know David, his wife is now working
with it. It’s a family business. They’re here in the United States and I love
what they have done with the belt. Basically, you’ve got a quarter of an inch
adjusting right here. It is a great cool system. Let me talk about this system. So, you can go in there, you can choose multiple
straps, you can choose multiple buckles, you can mix and match, create as many combinations
as you want. Think about that, you got three straps you
got three buckles. Right there, nine different combinations depending
on what you want to wear. I’ve been wearing this around the world. It’s a great company, great product and I’m
proud to support them. Go check out some of their gift packages too. The gift packages what I love about it is
if you’re looking for something to give maybe your dad give your brother, give yourself and
you want to have some options. Also, the sizes come in 1.25 which is more
for dress belts, 1.5 if you’re going to be wearing jeans. They are well-made. And what I love about these guys is the customer
service. I’ve seen people say, hey, because oftentimes
they’ll send you like a 50-inch strap and you get to cut it yourself. I’ve seen people actually cut it too short,
contact them and they’ve sent them another strap, haven’t even, you know, ask they just
send it to them. So, I support companies that take care of
you guys. Survival item number four for the sharp-dressed
gentleman is his bright colored pocket square. So, a couple of uses out of this. You can use it as a signal flag to be able
to grab attention. You can use it to protect your face to protect
your head from the elements. You can also use it to filter water. Survival item number five for the sharp-dressed
gentleman is his jacket. Jackets are often made of wool. Wool has great insulating properties and is
going to keep you warm. In addition, wool can oftentimes absorb about
forty to fifty percent of its weight in water and will still actually not feel wet and will
keep you warm. So, you get a little bit damp, this is going
to be a great blanket at night. Now, make sure if you’re going to go to sleep
to separate yourself from the ground, so lay out some sticks kind of build a bit of a space
off, put down some leaves and then use your jacket to throw over you. Survival item number six for the sharp-dressed
gentleman is to use your trousers as a floatation device. I’m serious here and I actually I learned
this in the United States Marine Corps. It works best if your trousers are made from
material that has a very tight weave that’s going to be resistant to air moving through
it is also going to be maybe resistant a little bit to water. But the way that you do this is you’re going
to take your pants off, then you’re going to tie off the ends at the legs, you’re going
to throw the pants over trying to get as much air as you can into the pants. Then, you’re going to tie off the waist area
and all of a sudden you have yourself a floatation device. If you’ve got jeans the air is going to go
out pretty quick, but you can do it again and again every couple of minutes. And I can tell you that that’s going to be
a lot easier and you’re going to last longer if you’re got knocked overboard or you’re
out in the water just waiting hopefully for the boat to turn around and come get you and
you can’t swim any longer. But this is a legit survival item and there
are some cool videos out there. I’m going to link to them down in the description,
but definitely check this one out. Survival item number seven for the sharp-dressed
gentleman is to use the heavy duty zipper on his jeans as a saw. Now, how to remove the zipper from the jeans,
I wasn’t able to figure that one out, but just take your pants off use them to saw through
a piece of wood and hopefully no one is there to rescue you take a picture and ask what
you’re doing. Survival item number eight for the sharp-dressed
gentleman is to effectively use his shoes. So, first off, take off those shoe laces,
you can use them as fishing line, you can use them to strap together wood for shelter. You can use them as a tourniquet. Now, let’s talk about the shoes in particular. Now, leather and I’ve heard some people that
have actually talked about chewing on leather to get a little bit of extra nutrients if
they don’t have anything to eat. But, let’s look at the rubber soles on yours
shoes. So, a plane is going by it’s the middle of
the day you’ve got a fire going, they’re not going to be able to see the fire because the
smoke isn’t very black. You throw one of those rubber soles, boom! What do you got? You got black smoke. Now, I would suggest that you actually have
some green leaf foliage that you can put on there and that would probably create smoke
as well. But, let’s just say you didn’t do that, so
throw those shoes on there and grab the attention of that plane. Survival item number nine for the sharp-dressed
gentleman is to use his glasses. So, you’ve got a pair or prescription glasses,
well, you can actually use those to start a fire. Similar to a magnifying glass if they’ve got
a bit of a curved surface to them they should be able to take the sun’s rays and be able
to focus it and therefore you can start a fire. Also, let’s say you’ve got a pair of sunglasses,
you can actually take those apart and use the metal on the sunglasses to make a makeshift
spear. Survival item number ten for the sharp-dressed
man is to effectively use his socks. You can tear them apart down to their thread
use it as a fishing line. You can use them to cover your hands which
is going to protect you in extreme sun or extreme cold. You can use them to carry around excess food
like berries. Bonus survival item for the sharp-dressed
man, take that non-lubricated condom which you’ve never used. Take it out of your wallet fill it with water,
put it in a sock, you have a makeshift canteen. All right, gentlemen, so hopefully you enjoy
this video like I did. If you want real survivor tips, I’m going
to link you over to Creek Stewart over at the Art of Manliness. He’s written some great articles which I think
if you’re into this stuff you’re going to enjoy what he’s put out there. Also, check out our sponsor, Anson Belt and
Buckle. I’ve stood behind this company for eight years. They’re a father-son combo. They come out to StyleCon. Every one that knows them everyone that sees
their product loves what they’re doing and I think if you haven’t given them a shot,
you need to. That’s it guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video.

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    Video Summary:
    1:18 – A Simple Pen
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    2:07 – A Belt
    4:13 – A Bright Colored Pocket Square
    4:28 – A Jacket
    5:00 – Your Trousers
    5:57 – Jeans Zipper
    6:14 – Your Shoes
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    7:27 – Your Socks
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