Steve’s Street Sweeper Needs a Good Wash | Carl’s Car Wash | Cartoons For Kids

Steve’s Street Sweeper Needs a Good Wash | Carl’s Car Wash | Cartoons For Kids

(cheerful ringing music) (cheerful music)
(swishing brushes) – Gotcha. Nothing makes me happier than removing rubbish from the street and making it a clean place to drive. Let’s b-b-b-b-brush you up. (swishing brushes) Gotcha. Oh wait, what’s this? It looks like this is the big one. I’ve got you, you messy
pile of street garbage. (cheerful music)
(swishing brushes) (clattering trash) (trash splatting) (gasps) Oh no! The rubbish is all over me street sweeper. The vehicle that cleans
the streets can’t be dirty. How embarrassing. Whatever can I do? (gasps) I know! I’ll go to Carl’s Carwash. Carl can clean me up and
then I can get back to work cleaning up the streets. Better hurry before somebody sees me. (energetic cheerful music) (swishing broom) – (coughing) Oh my! This isn’t a driveway, it’s a dirt way. Eh, look at all this dirt! (humming engine)
(cheerful music) Steve! – Carl! – How ya doing, buddy? Keeping the streets clean? – Oh you know how it is, I’m
trying my best out there, but check out the side of me truck! – Whoa, that’s messy! – It sure is and you know I
love my truck to be clean. I can’t keep cleaning the
streets looking like this. – You came to the right place, Steve. I can get you washed up
before anyone notices. Let me find your vehicle. Is it a street sweeper, a bulldozer, or a fruit truck? (chuckles) That’s it, a street sweeper. Let’s see how messy
this street sweeper is. Is it a little messy, medium messy or super, duper messy? I’d say it’s a little messy. – A little messy? Are you kidding me? Look at this thing, it’s a disaster! – Oh, okay, medium messy then. Now, let’s see what kind of mess this is. (playful cheery music) Ew, it’s so gross and grimy. – Ha, tell me about it. – Is it old leaves, slippery oil or grimy rubbish? That’s it, (chuckles) grimy rubbish. And finally, what size is this vehicle? Is it normal sized or is it big? Oh, it’s big all right. (machinery whirring) That’ll be 16 tokens, Steve. – Jeepers sweepers, I
can’t believe me peepers. Here you go. Five,
(clanking) 10, 15, plus one more, (clinks) makes 16 tokens. (cheerful music)
(engine whirs) This is my favorite part. (cheery playful music)
(whirring machinery) (cheery playful music)
(hissing hoses) (cheery playful music)
(bubbling soap) (cheery playful music)
(humming machinery) (cheery playful music)
(whirring fan) (cheery playful music)
(chugging machinery) (cheery playful music)
(humming engine) My street cleaner looks brand new. You’re a carwash expert. Thanks so much, Carl. – You’re welcome, Steve. – Hey, I noticed that your
driveway needs a little sweeping. Mind if I take a spin on it? – Oh, sure. You’re the street cleaning
expert, after all. – All right. (cheerful music)
(swishing brushes) – Amazing! (chuckles) My driveway looks as clean as your street sweeper. (chuckles) Thanks, Steve. – You got it, Carl. I’ll see you around, old friend. – Bye, (laughs) see you, Steve. (cheerful upbeat music) – [Child] Oh. (giggles)

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