Sober Vs. Drunk Dancing Abilities

Sober Vs. Drunk Dancing Abilities

(funky music) – Hey guys, I’m Jade. And today we’re gonna find
out if we dance better when we’re sober or when
we’re a little tipsy. – I’ve danced pretty much my whole life, it doesn’t mean I’m good. But dance doesn’t have to be
good, it just has to be pure and from the heart. – I think I’m gonna be better drunk. That’s the honest truth. And then you just, like,
let loose, feel the vibes. – We needed some unbiased
opinions to judge this fairly. So we brought in some
professional dancers. – I’m Bex Robinson. I have been dancing since
I was two, so 20 years. I love dance because it’s a
form of expression and freedom and for me it’s a way to
communicate without saying words. – What’s going on everybody,
my name is Eugene Cho. I also go by @bboylooselee. I am 25 years old and I’ve
been dancing for 13 years. – In round one they’re gonna dance to three songs completely sober, and they are gonna drink a
little bit, take a couple shots, then they’re gonna the same
three songs again but drunk. (R&B song) – I don’t know what I’m doing! (funk music) Yo, this is the only move I know. (dancehall music) – Dance like nobody’s watching. – Oh that’s the problem,
you guys are watching. (laughs) Oh my god, I don’t know, I’m like… Maybe with my drinks I’ll be better. (funky music) – Oh, wow! I did better than I thought, all right! – I gave him a 7.5 because
I thought that he was still on the music even though he was, like, super tired towards the end. (bell dings) Gave her a 8.5 because she’s
on beat the whole time, and also she’s storytelling
which a lot of people don’t do. (bell dings) – (laughs) That’s very kind. – You use your space
great, you just gotta get out of your head. So I’m excited to see
what the tequila does. (dance music) (people cheering) – (slowly speaking) We’re getting drunk! (R&B music) (funk music) – It’s the Michael Jackson. (dancehall music) – [Brenda] Oh, watch it! (upbeat music) (bell dings) – Yeah! – I give an eight ’cause his musicality was actually a little bit better and also he had more confidence. So I gave him an eight. (bell dings) – Aww, shit. – I feel like your
confidence in the last one was, like, up there, and you
were in your head this one. – [Jade] Brenda, look at your score! – What! (bell dings) – (squeals) Oh my god! – All of the confidence that you had… First of all, different human,
right now than it was before. And those hips, are you kidding me? Like, I… (stammers) That’s what I have to say. (Brenda squeals) – [Clark] She made it rain. – [Bex] Yeah, yeah, it was good. (funky music)

100 thoughts on “Sober Vs. Drunk Dancing Abilities”

  1. You don't need alchohol to have fun
    hands in my long hours of research: this buzzfeed video

    moral of the story: you don't need it but it definitely helps

  2. the only time i can ever dance is when im drunk that’s the only way that my body can do all the new dances lmao

  3. Eugene sounds like xxxtentacion bruh 😂 X got that unique voice so it stood out to me and my boyfriend instantly.

  4. I dance best slightly horny. If I go out on a date I will masturbate to feel that sexual energy flow. But in general I love dancing

  5. When the girl said "It's the Michael Jackson" I screamed out in joy and happiness…..who else loves/likes Michael Jackson?

  6. The sober version is how us students in my school dance,
    The drunk version is how teachers dance in my school
    I ain't lyin

  7. I go with the girl in dreads she’s on point she knows how to dance sober or drunk nice thumbs up 🔥👍🏾👍🏾 I’m a freestyle dancer myself

  8. Since I’m a Metalhead and love to go into the mosh pits, I don’t need any substances to get lit. I’m on way too much adrenaline to be doing that since the heavy music pumps me up XD.

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