Snow Monster 44 – Cartoons about tanks

Secret object “Stone Flower”. Abandoned plant for the processing of toxic and radiological waste. few hours ago Hi, Homer! How about visiting the abandoned factory? Not best idea… Firstly, it is really unsafe there Secondly, the road to the plant has long been destroyed Actually, I know the new road. Let´s go, buddy Well… let´s go there! Are you crazy, rusty? Is something wrong, my fat friend? We are on the rocks! How do we get there? Calm down, dude! I know where the stuff entrance is! Danger! Restricted area. Do not enter. Forget it. The factory is closed anyway. Come on, dude! Well, big guy, let´s go inside if you´re not afraid. I said that it´s dangerous here, you rusty bucket! Calm down, my fat friend. See for yourself, it is absolutely safe here! Wow! This is the KB44! The front edge of Soviet military technologies! Yes, this is my favorite tank. He is a real hero! I have a thought… Let´s make a snowman KV44!

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  1. Hmmmmmmmm it looks good the from now. the war of the eyes are so awful but i like it from now make it more cooler ok then i like every vid but if make it amazing I'll sub

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