24 thoughts on “Sketch With Me! Painting ELEVEN from STRANGER THINGS with GOUACHE | Introducing SKETCHY TUESDAYS no1”

  1. Yay! Also I was just watching season three and I’m on episode five! I started Watching YouTube because I wanted to pace myself on the episodes (There’s only eight) this made me so excited

  2. Question I can't find an answer for! Which do you prefer white pen vs white quoch? Spelling is prolly off but you know life and stuff lol!

  3. Interested in how the gouache will behave over the join in the sketchbook…I’ve never been able to do 2-page spreads because I’m too much of a perfectionist to be able to deal with a join in the middle of my art, but the gouache seemed to fill it and disguise it quite well…but will it crack and flake off with repeated opening and closing of the sketchbook? Also, do you ever complete a sketchbook sketch and then really wish you had done it on better paper because it turned out so well?

  4. I am loving the 3rd season NO SPOILERS but it does get kinda sad. Reminded me of some stuff and even made me cry. Hope you love it too. Just like I love your painting.

  5. Looks so cool! I dont really watch stranger things since Im already waiting for season 3 of my favorite show but still love this!

  6. I loved this one!! Topic suggestion: YOUR thoughts on tracing! It's like the "politics" of art 😂(cuz of the controversy oc)

  7. Yep another wonderful video and painting from the incomparable Hullo Alice! and we now have something to look forward to on Tuesday's! Just remember to pace yourself. I would love to hear what you think about switching mediums. What about using pastels? Pastels with watercolor under-painting? working with mulit-media in mind to begin with when starting a picture, Instead of to fix a problem? Have a great week!

  8. This is helpful, I did a digital one of billy on my IG yesterday but, I really wanted to do this with Guoache 😫 I messed up a canvas because, of course. Lol so this is helpful because that canvas is awful atm

  9. Alice you are such a talented artist. I’m loving this painterly style and eleven turned out beautifully. I love hearing you talk about your painting process as you paint and I’m very much looking forward to sketchbook Tuesdays. I hear the positivity in your voice and It’s wonderful to know you’re excited again about painting and posting to YouTube.

  10. I dont know who this is, havent seen stranger things. But! I love the loose style and how the lighting fall from behind.
    Often it must be so ”perfect” with crisp lines, it have to be straight and not from a wierd angle and the colors has to be in the exact perfect shade and so on, that is soooo boring. This was perfect in my eyes! And im so grateful that you share the process with us! ❤️

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