18 thoughts on “Sixteen points 1. Practices strengthening the mind”

  1. Awesome job, that is often a difficult one to explain to my students -I go for the health aspects but love the particulars you describe. Namashakar!

  2. Anything like this would be hard to explain to my younger friends and impossible for them to understand. I'm always excited to share my spiritual journey with people I know but I'm about 2% to 4% enlightened I have 1 or 2 mates who are about 0.45% enlightened and the rest are literaly 0% enlightened. I guess I shouldn't worry but I have one friend with a alcohol problem.

  3. Dada can you make a video on hairs and why not to cut them as you said? Also can you cover benefits of fasting? Always your viewer.

  4. Wow. If 10% of human beings started the practice of 16 Points today, imagine what the world would be tomorrow.

    Perhaps one should have quantitative targets. Try to get 10 % of the population of your locality to start experimenting with 16 Points. Approach different target groups – students, executives, professionals, housewives, non-governmental organisations, etc. Talk to them about the necessity of 16 Points in the language they won't be frightened of. Leave out the spiritual stuff for the yet-to-be spirituals. Frame 16 Points in the physical and mental health perspectives or in any other similar perspective. Then see what happens.

  5. Thank you Dada — This was a great instruction — I very much am looking forward to the learning of the other points. You have a unique ability for teaching that seems so effortless, yet you are capable of instilling the knowledge quite readily. I am grateful for your videos. Namaskar

  6. thank you so much for sharing. i can’t wait to follow these points. the rest of your page is fantastic as well. glad to have stumbled upon and thankful you are expressing yourself ✨

  7. Wonderful work Dada, thank you for putting this information out there. I think new and experienced practitioners can both gain a lot of wisdom from this material. It's so funny that these videos have so few views compared to all of the other ridiculous online stuff.

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