Sharp & Casual Dressing For The Young Man – Art Of Manliness Video – Quick Style Fashion Tips

Sharp & Casual Dressing For The Young Man – Art Of Manliness Video – Quick Style Fashion Tips

Sharp & Casual Dressing For The Young Man
– Art Of Manliness Video – Quick Style Fashion Tips Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. Today, I’m coming to you from my front porch here in Wisconsin and we don’t
have too many nice days left here before winter sets in. The sun’s out. It’s deceptively cold,
though I would say it’s in the low 40s, but it’s warm enough that I could come out here
and film this. Now, what are we talking about today? Today,
I’m going to be talking about dressing sharp, but dressing casual for the young men. I’ve
gotten a lot of these requests, so I’m going to try to touch in on this today. This is
going to be a short video. If you want more, this video is in support of my article over
at The Art of Manliness, and that article is almost 5000 words long, so we get into
a lot more detail there. This, again, it’s just the primer. I’ve got
a few examples I’m going to show you here, but if you haven’t already, please subscribe
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It’s 47 pages of great information about men’s style. So the article over at The Art of Manliness,
what are we talking about there? Well, that is a monster article. You guys have been sending
me questions. “How can a young man improve the way he dresses?” “How can he dress better?”
“How can he put his best foot forward and why?” Why should a young man care? I mean,
you’re in college or perhaps you’ve got your first job or you’re in high school. Why should
you even care about the way you present yourself to the world? Well, I’m going to tell you, there are two
things, maybe not so much in high school, but definitely in college and once you’re
out there with your first job. You are out there trying to impress people. I know that
doesn’t sound great or anything, but you work for somebody or you’re out there and
perhaps you’ve got your own business, but you’ve got clients who are going to pay you. If you’re going door to door or if you are
on the phone, in a sense, the way you dress matters. Why on the phone? Because the way
you put yourself together in the morning sets the tone for you internally. They’ve done
studies that show that a man can put on a doctor’s jacket and he doesn’t even have
to be a doctor, but he’s going to perform better on tests or on exams simply because
of the way the clothing affects him. Think about that. Whenever you put on a uniform
and let’s say most of us here in North America, we’ve played football or we’ve played soccer,
we’ve played baseball. When you put on that uniform, you get into the mindset. If you
put on your basketball uniform, you go off on to that gym or on to the field, whatever
it may be, and you are ready to play. The same thing applies when you prepare and you
dress yourself in the morning. And so, it affects the way other people look at you,
the way you look at yourself, and it’s competitive out there. Guys, if you haven’t seen, the economy is
not doing great across the world, and you’re also at a point where you’re perhaps looking
for a mate. You’re looking for your life partner and that is something that you want to be
able to set the right impression, so that is why this matters. So three things that I don’t really talk about
this in the article, but I’ve talked about them in dozens of my other videos, focus on
fit, fabric, and style, so really quick. FIT Fit, make sure your clothing fits you. You
are in the best shape of your entire life. You want to give off a good, healthy, masculine
look and you can do that with your clothing fitting you properly. If it’s too loose, well,
you’re simply putting yourself in a disadvantage because you’re covering one of your most — well,
your physical asset, which is your body and how you take care of it especially at this
point in your life. FABRIC Now, fabric, what do I mean by that? Well,
I don’t necessarily just mean the fabric. I also mean the quality of the build, how
the clothing is made, so there is a difference. One of the first things that we’ll talk about
here is polo shirts and these are pretty simple. It’s a little bit cold for a polo shirt right
now, but the fabric of this polo shirt is medium to low quality. It’s an Old Navy shirt. I think I picked it
up for probably $10 a number of years ago. This shirt works fine, but it is of lower
quality fabric and the build is low quality. The buttons aren’t that great. These little
things add up and that’s why you see higher end shirts made from companies like Polo,
Ralph Lauren, something like that. They command a premium because they’re usually better made,
not always. They would be better if you could get them on sale especially with a student’s
budget. STYLE We’ve talked about fit. We’ve talked about
fabric. Quickly, style, so one of the other items I’m going to be talking about or I’ll
talk about here is the guayabera. We talk about this in the article. I’ve written an
entire article about it, but this is a shirt that for many people, it looks like simple
white shirt, but the guayabera has embroidery. It’s got these pleats on the front. It’s got
button placement. It’s also sewn with a — this is made with a linen fabric, so things like
that help set the style apart epaulettes, double pockets on the front. These help set
the shirt apart and give you just a little bit better presentation of style. So I’ve already started here on the shirts
and today, I’m going to be going through talking about how you can upgrade. Most guys out there,
you’re wearing t-shirts, jeans, and running shoes. I see it all the time. If it’s cold,
you throw on a sweatshirt. Let’s upgrade that, so how can you upgrade the t-shirt? Well,
one easy thing that you can bring in, polo shirts, very easy. Then we also talked about
guayaberas, but there are also casual, long-sleeve shirts which you could roll up and always
look better than a t-shirt because they’ve got the color. These aren’t dress shirts. You can see by
the front patch pocket we have here on this shirt. Also, the color is a bit of a stonewash.
This is more of like an orange-red. It’s not pink, but it’s definitely — it looks like
a white with a red. It gives it this orange feel. The stitching is white, so little things
like this helps set this as clearly a very casual shirt, but this shirt looks much better
than even a polo shirt, I think, definitely if it fits you. Remember I talked about fit, so let’s go quickly
with this shirt right here. I’m bringing in this white dress shirt and this is dressier
than that casual shirt I just showed you. And another thing I did with this white dress
shirt, it’s going to be a little bit hard to see, but hopefully you can — actually
we went through and we darted this shirt, so the back of the shirt, we brought in about
an inch on the two back sides, and what that did is it made the shirt fit a bit closer
to the body, so pay attention to the style. Pay attention to the fit. All of that adds
up. This casual shirt is a bit darker. Therefore,
it’s going to be a little bit dressier than that orange reddish one I just showed you,
but the embroidery on the shoulders, that really says and sends a signal that this is
more casual. It has no front pockets, so that makes it a little bit, I would say, dressier.
We’re talking shades of grey here. This shirt right here is a good fit. I could wear this
out into the evening, not so much that reddish orange. That’s more of a day wear. Now, we talked quickly about dress shirts
and many of you young men, you’re out there, you do have occasions for a dress shirt, but
let’s say you don’t want to necessarily wear the white dress shirt or the light blue dress
shirt, which is the standard for most men out there. Well, why not bring in a different
fabric. And so, here again we’re going to fabric, which is one of the three components
I talked about, and we’re bringing in a little bit of a check fabric. This is a shirt made by 5th & Lamar, good
company out of Austin, Texas, and I really like this fabric. It’s blue. It’s got a little
bit of white in it as well, so we use very classic colors. From a distance, it’s going
to look simply like a light blue shirt, but when you get up probably within, I would say,
20 to 30 feet, you’re going to start to see that there’s a bit of a pattern in there,
and this really sets itself apart from all the other, just regular solid blue or white
shirts out there. I mentioned sweatshirts, all right. I love
my Texas sweatshirt, but I don’t wear this all the time. I wear it on game days. I wear
it when I’m out exercising, going to the gym. I see guys wearing their sweatshirts all over
the place. How about you take that up a notch? Many of you guys have seen me in the last
few videos wearing this pullover. This is a pullover sweater made by Timberland. It’s
100% wool. It’s like 90% to 95% wool. I really like the fit and feel of this. This sweater
fit me really well. I like Timberland’s website. They give you
the exact measurements, but this right here is a huge step up from the sweatshirt. A step
up from this is actually going to be a cashmere sweater, and this is a cashmere turtleneck
in a solid olive green. This one right there, it’s casual in a sense that it’s got a little
bit of knitting right here in the shoulders. It’s got the Timberland logo. It’s got the
buttons right here at the front. These look like they’re Horn, but they’re imitation Horn. This one right here is more streamlined and
it’s going to fully cover the neck, even though a little bit — probably in the same level
of formality is going to be this very nice V-neck sweater, so I can wear this over a
dress shirt, that blue dress shirt. Again, this is actually from 5th & Lamar. They just
started getting into sweaters. A simple V-neck sweater is much more elegant. It puts you
in a whole another level than trying to wear a sweatshirt, guys. Okay, so quickly we’re going to talk about
jeans. These light-colored jeans, I’ve had these for years. They were made from Levi’s.
These are about as informal as it gets, although this is going to give them a run for their
money. These, I love the buckle, and it’s because of these tears and these rips here
that it’s okay casual wear for the young man, but when I see a guy in his mid-30s, early
40s trying to pull off a look like this with a form-fitting t-shirt, it doesn’t matter
that he takes care of his body. He looks like a 40-year-old guy trying to dress like a 20-year-old
guy. So you can wear this as a young man for ultra
casual wear, but if you’re wanting to set a better impression, I would invite you to
instead look for a solid pair. You can go with the same shade, but doesn’t have any
distress in it. And Levi’s, again, a great company, great brand, l really like what they
put out and they’ve been doing it for well over a hundred years. Now, let’s talk about this. This is something
a lot of guys get confused about. If it’s got cargo pockets on it, gentlemen, this is
casual. These are not dress slacks. You don’t wear these with a dress shirt and you don’t
try to pull these off. They’re just going to be too casual for what we’re trying to
do here. Okay. The stack is getting high here. It’s
getting hard to reach. Now, for ultra dress, I mean, that’s kind of an oxymoron, but for
the dressiest jeans that you’re going to be able to wear, look for something that’s made
from raw denim. They’re going to have a very dark indigo look and these can almost be — I
wear them with a sports jacket pretty often. I was just in Chicago. I went to a whisky-tasting
event. I wore jeans very similar to these. One of my favorite pair of trousers that is
really — you don’t see it too often — are going to be grey flannel trousers. Gentlemen,
grey flannel trousers are a little bit harder to find, but if you can start to incorporate
that in your business casual wardrobe, you’re really going to take a step up. Okay, guys, enough for this video. I go into
a lot more detail in the article. We talk about footwear. We talk about accessories.
We talk about a lot more in the article, so go check it out. I’m going to link to it down
below and I will see you guys in the next video. Take care. Bye-bye.

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