Sesame Street: Birthdays | Elmo’s World

Sesame Street: Birthdays | Elmo’s World

[MUSIC PLAYING] ELMO: [SINGING] La la la. La la la. Elmo’s World. La la la. La la la. Elmo’s World. Elmo loves his goldfish. His crayon, too. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHING] ELMO: [SINGING]
That’s Elmo’s World. ELMO: Dorothy. Dorothy. Dorothy. Oh, oh. Oh, hi! Welcome to Elmo’s World. Elmo’s so happy to see you. Oh, and so is Dorothy. Say hello, Dorothy. [LAUGHING] So, guess what Elmo’s
thinking about today. [SINGING] Ya-ta-ta-da. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. ELMO: Did you guess yet? [HUMMING] [GASPING] Uh oh. You know– [INAUDIBLE]
That’s right. Birthdays. [LAUGHING] [MUSIC PLAYING] And guess what! Today is Dorothy’s birthday. Yay, Dorothy! Yay, Dorothy! Happy Birthday, Dorothy. Oh, and Dorothy’s been
thinking about birthdays and has a birthday question. Oh, good ahead, Dorothy. Oh, OK. OK. How do you wrap a
birthday present? Good question, birthday fish. [LAUGHING] Ooh, let’s ask Mr. Noodle. Mr. Noodle! [TOOTING] [LAUGHING] ELMO: Oh, look! Shade is being a
birthday noisemaker. [LAUGHING] That tickles. OK, Shade. Oh, go up. Go up now. Aw, thank you, Shade. Oh look. It’s Mr. Noodle’s
brother, Mr. Noodle. Hi, Mr. Noo– uh oh. Mr. Noodle has a
sneeze in his nose. [LAUGHING] Gesund– gesun– [SNEEZING] Gesundheit! Ooh. [CRASHING] Come back, Mr. Noodle. Boy, that was some sneeze. [HORN] [CHILDREN LAUGHING] ELMO: Ready for Dorothy’s
question, Mr. Noodle? [CHILDREN LAUGHING] We’ll wait. Ready? Good. CHILD: How do you wrap
a present, Mr. Noodle? ELMO: Oh, yeah! You need paper. CHILD: Use the paper
to wrap the present. ELMO: Oh. Uh. Not that much paper, Mr. Noodle. CHILD: Not that much. ELMO: No, stop, Mr. Noodle. CHILD: That’s too much. CHILD: That’s enough. That’s enough paper. CHILD: Too much! ELMO: Mr. Noodle! CHILD: That’s
enough, Mr. Noodle. CHILD: Mr. Noodle. No, it’s too much. CHILDREN: Try again, Mr. Noodle. ELMO: All right. Not too much this
time, Mr. Noodle. Be careful. CHILD: You need scissors to
cut the paper, Mr. Noodle. ELMO: Oh, yeah. Yeah, you need
scissors, Mr. Noodle. CHILD: Yeah, use the scissors. ELMO: Very good, Mr. Noodle. OK, now cut the paper. CHILD: You cut the
paper good, Mr. Noodle. Nice looking. ELMO: Now, wrap the present. CHILD: Wrap the present. CHILD: Wrap the
present, Mr. Noodle. ELMO: Yeah, that’s the present. Oh no. No. CHILD: You need tape. ELMO: Yeah. Yeah, that’s the tape. Yeah, very good. Now, pull off some
tape, Mr. Noodle. There you go. Oh no. CHILD: Not that much tape. CHILD: Just a little
bit, Mr. Noodle. ELMO: It’s going to
get stuck together. CHILD: Too much
tape, Mr. Noodle. It’s sticking to you. Try again, Mr. Noodle. CHILDREN: Keep
going, Mr. Noodle. CHILD: Wrap the
present, Mr. Noodle. ELMO: Wrap the present first. And now the other side. Very good. Wow. Mr. Noodle, remember–
just a little bit of tape. CHILD: Yay, Mr. Noodle. CHILD: He’s doing it. CHILD: You got it. CHILDREN: Yay, Mr. Noodle! ELMO: All right. Now, finish wrapping
the present. CHILDREN: Finish it, Mr. Noodle. CHILD: Keep going, Mr. Noodle. ELMO: Yeah, there’s more. CHILD: You have to wrap
the ends of present CHILD: Both ends. CHILD: Just a small piece
of tape, Mr. Noodle. ELMO: Just a little. That’s enough, Mr. Noodle. CHILDREN: Yay! You did it, Mr. Noodle! ELMO: You wrapped a present. Yay! [LAUGHING] CHILD: Uh oh. You wrapped your
finger, Mr. Noodle. CHILD: Take it off. CHILD: I wonder what
the present was. [LAUGHING] ELMO: Dorothy wants
to ask someone else. How do you wrap a
birthday present? [MUSIC PLAYING] BOY: Hi Dorothy. This is how I wrap
a birthday gift. You put it in a special bag. Happy Birthday, Dorothy. GIRL: Dorothy, this is
how I wrap a present. I put a big bow on it. You have to take the
paper off the sticky part. Then you stick it on. Happy Birthday, Dorothy. GIRL: This is how I
wrap a present, Dorothy. I fold the paper onto
the box like this. Then I fold the corners. And I do the same thing
on the other side. Now I put a bow on. There. Happy Birthday, Dorothy. ELMO: Thanks, kids. Oh. Thanks, Dorothy. And now Elmo will ask a baby. Hello, baby. Hi. Hi. Ooh. Baby, how do you wrap a gift? [LAUGHING] Thank you, baby. [LAUGHING] [KISSING] And now Elmo has a
question for you! [LAUGHING] How many candles are
on this birthday cake? Let’s count them and see. Here they go. CHILDREN: One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. ELMO: Seven. Yeah, seven birthday candles. Oh! How many elephants does it
take to blow the candles out? Oh, there he is. [LAUGHING] Oh, silly elephant. One! Thank you, elephant. Great counting. And great candle blowing. Boy, it must be the
elephant’s birthday, too. [LAUGHING] Oh, that makes Elmo wonder. What can have birthdays,
and what can’t? Elmo wants to know. Don’t you? OK. [DRAWER TALKING GIBBERISH] ELMO: Oh! Boy, it sounds like
the drawer knows. Open up, drawer. [SCREAMING] [MUSIC PLAYING] ELMO: Do birthday
cakes have birthdays? CHILDREN: No. ELMO: Well, you can eat birthday
cake at a birthday party. Do telephones have birthdays? CHILDREN: No. ELMO: But you can call to
wish someone a happy birthday. Do ponies have birthdays? CHILDREN: Yes! ELMO: But ponies don’t
eat birthday cake. They can have a birthday apple. Happy Birthday, pony. Do trash cans have birthdays? CHILDREN: No. ELMO: But Oscar has a
birthday in his trash can. OSCAR: Don’t remind
me. [GROANING] [MUSIC PLAYING] ELMO: And fish have
birthdays, too. Oh! Is Dorothy having
a good birthday? Oh, good! And ponies have birthdays
and grouches and– COMPUTER: Elmo has mail. Elmo has mail. Elmo has mail. Elmo has mail. Elmo has mail. ELMO: Be careful, Computer. [CRASHING] Oh no. COMPUTER: Elmo has mail. ELMO: The computer crashed. COMPUTER: [SLOWLY] Elmo
has– Elmo has– Elmo has– ELMO: Computer. Computer, come on. Over here, Computer Come on. COMPUTER: [SLOWLY]
Elmo has mail. ELMO: Over here. Over here. COMPUTER: [UPBEAT]
Elmo has mail. Elmo has mail. ELMO: Now. Now Elmo can get his email. Wow. Dorothy’s friends
sent Elmo email. FISH: Hi, Elmo. This is a special
email for Dorothy. Bring it in, fellas. FISH: It’s a cake. Bring it in here. Come on. Blub blub blub. FISH: Ready everybody? FISH: Ready! FISH: Happy Birthday, Dorothy! Blub blub blub blub blub. FISH: Bye bye, Elmo! Bye Dorothy! FISH: Email me, Dorothy. Blub blub blub. ELMO: Thanks, Computer. Oh, oh, be careful. Bye. Dorothy loved her email. Now, where was Elmo? Oh, that’s right. Everybody has
birthdays, even mommies. Elmo’s friend Hampton
made a special cake for his Mommy’s birthday. His daddy helped, too. And Hampton told
Elmo all about it. HAMPTON: My dad and I
made a cake for my mom for her birthday. We found my mom’s favorite
kind of cake in her cookbook, and then we followed
the directions. I helped my dad break the eggs. We have to be careful
so that egg shells don’t get in the batter. Add milk and vanilla. Then mix those together. You mix flour and sugar and salt
and baking powder in a bowl. Then we mix the wet and
dry ingredients together. My dad used the electric mixer. I got to taste the batter. We poured the mix
into a cake pan. Then my dad put the
cake pan in the oven. When the cake was done,
then we put on the icing. I decorated the cake myself. [MUSIC PLAYING] And gave it to Mom. I helped her blow
out the candles. Then we ate the cake. Yummy. ELMO: Mm. Oh, Hampton gave Elmo a piece
of his mommy’s birthday cake. Mm. Great cake, Hampton. But now Elmo wants to learn
more about birthdays, don’t you? How can we learn more? Hm. Oh yeah! Elmo can watch the
birthday channel! Good. OK, turn yourself on, TV. [MUSIC PLAYING] MALE NARRATOR: The
Birthday Channel, where every day is a birthday. And now “The Girl
Who Loved Birthdays.” FEMALE NARRATOR:
Once upon a time, there was a girl
who loved birthdays. GIRL: I love birthdays. FEMALE NARRATOR: She
loved birthdays so much, she traveled all over
the world to celebrate her friends’ birthdays. She went to Iceland where they
had special pancakes with syrup for her friend Bjorn’s birthday. GIRL: Yum! I love birthdays! FEMALE NARRATOR:
She went to Mexico where they had a pinata for
her friend Carmen’s birthday. A pinata is filled with goodies. GIRL: Oh, boy! A ball, candy, and a peso. [GASPING] I love birthdays! FEMALE NARRATOR:
She went to Israel where they played a game called
[INAUDIBLE] for her friend Avi’s birthday. BOY: Try to get your hat on your
head without using your hands. GIRL: OK. I love birthdays! FEMALE NARRATOR: And when
she got home to Ypsilanti, it was her birthday! ALL: Happy Birthday! GIRL: Oh, yeah, I forgot. It’s my birthday. I love birthdays! MALE NARRATOR: Coming
up on the Birthday Channel– “Born Free,”
“Born on the Fourth of July” and “Born Yesterday.” ELMO: Oh, thank you, TV. Wow. There’s so many special
things to do on birthdays. But Elmo wants to know more
about birthdays, don’t you? How can we find out more? [HORN] Oh. [HUMMING] BIRTHDAY CAKE: Want to
talk to a birthday cake? ELMO: Whoa! Yeah! We could talk to
a birthday cake. Yay! [LAUGHING] Ooh, is it fun being
a birthday cake? BIRTHDAY CAKE: Yeah,
it’s a piece of cake. [LAUGHING] ELMO: Tell Elmo more
about birthdays, Cake. BIRTHDAY CAKE:
Well, for starters, birthdays are to celebrate
the day you were born. ELMO: Ah. [POPPING] Oh, look! Dorothy is imaging
Elmo being born. [MUSIC PLAYING] GEORGE: Oh, boy. George is almost a daddy. GLADYS: Oh, boy. Gladys is almost a mommy. DOCTOR: It’s a boy. [BABBLING] NURSE: He is so cute. DOCTOR: What are you
going to name him? [BABBLING] GEORGE AND GLADYS: Elmo. [LAUGHING] BIRTHDAY CAKE: And after that,
you celebrate your birthday once a year. Some people like
to have parties. GEORGE AND GLADYS:
Happy Birthday, Elmo. [LAUGHING] BIRTHDAY CAKE:
When you get older, you can play games at
your birthday parties. My favorite is pin the
tail on the donkey. DONKEY: Uh, hey. I’ve already got a tail. See there? ELMO: Oh yeah. Oh, sorry, Donkey. [LAUGHING] You already have a tail. DONKEY: Yeah. BIRTHDAY CAKE: And you
always sing “Happy Birthday” to celebrate the
day you were born. ELMO: Yeah, that’s right. So let’s sing “Happy
Birthday” to Dorothy. Be right back. BIRTHDAY CAKE: OK. Good idea. I love singing “Happy Birthday.” Mhm. ELMO: Ta da! BIRTHDAY CAKE: Oh, nice hat. ELMO: Ah, thank you. BIRTHDAY CAKE: You’re welcome. ELMO: Here we go. Oh, you can sing along, too. [MUSIC PLAYING] ELMO: Get ready, Birthday Cake. This is for you, Dorothy. ALL: [SINGING] Happy
Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear Dorothy. Happy Birthday to you. ELMO: Oh, now Elmo wants to
sing “The Birthday Song.” Come on, everybody! ALL: [SINGING] Birthday,
birthday birthday, birthday, birthday, birthday, birthday. Birthday, birthday, birthday,
birthday, birthday, birthday, birthday! ELMO: Oh, blow out
the candles, Dorothy. Yeah! Come on. Dance, Cake. [SINGING] ELMO: Happy Birthday, Dorothy! ALL: [SINGING] Du du du du du. [INAUDIBLE] That’s Elmo’s World! ELMO: Bye bye. Oh, thanks, Birthday Cake. BIRTHDAY CAKE: You’re welcome. Bye. ELMO: Elmo loves you. Bye bye. ELMO: See? Some things bounce
besides balls. But what if balls
weren’t so bouncy? Elmo wants to know. How can Elmo find out? Hm. [BOUNCING]

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