Sentosa Sandsation 2018 – MARVEL Edition

Welcome back to the Gunner Travel Channel. In this video, we are going to see Sandsation
at Sentosa Singapore. This is Southeast Asia Biggest Sand Festival. Location is at Siloso beach inside Sentosa
Island Singapore and it’s totally free. This year Sentosa Sandsation theme is Marvel. So you can see Marvel Characters from
Captain America, Guardian of the Galaxy, Black Panther and many more. You can see that the Sand sculpture is very
good. This is the Artist that makes all of this
Art. In this area, They will be competing against
each other to get the Golden Shovel Award. Competition is in Progress now. Stay until the end of the video where i will
reveal who is the Winner. This International artist works for several
hours to finish the Sand Art. There are also How to make sand art Workshop
for kids. After finish, there are also other activities
like This Hulk Smash game. And last don’t forget to check out this Marvel
Graffiti Painting. It is very cool. Before we end this, i will show you who is
the winner of the Golden Shovel Bronze Winner Bullfighting
From Ilya Fillimontsev
(Rusia). Silver Winner Duality
From Susanne Ruseler (Netherland). Golden Shovel Winner goes to The Little Hero
by Pedro Mina from Portugal. What do you think about
Sentosa Sandsation 2018? Share with us in the comment below. Thank You For watching. Please like and Subscribe to Support the Channel.

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