Sculpting with Plaster 4

hi this is the piece I'm currently working on so getting there I'd like to say it's almost done but there's a considerable amount of work left to do on it I have to finish up the left leg left arm the entire back the headdress and the little thing you're emerging from the forehead of the fury here which is I think what she is I think she's a fury she might be a fate if she's a feint well there's only three fates those clavos was the Weaver that doesn't really work here there's like esis the measurer and she's upstairs I've already finished her and then there's a Tropos the cutter of cloth or you know yeah it's kind of a stretch but I suppose that this could be a Tropos you would think that she needs some instrument or some attribute to suggest that she's cutting short or cutting to the appropriate length the lives of men and women but I think she's fierce enough to suggest the coming to an end of a life without without having to hammer that message home too hard with a gesture or a device of cutting I don't know how the little thing you're on top but it's mythology so it always be do I gotta get to work on

4 thoughts on “Sculpting with Plaster 4”

  1. Your artwork literally scares the bejebes out of me, i would not have this in my house where its dark…maybe outside..this brings so many deep emotions out of me..I’m speechless

  2. Hello, I just commented on a previous video, and gone through a few. question if I may and forgive my ignorance as I work with cement plaster, but with paper plaster, do you have to wait for them to be dry/cured before starting another layer?

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