Sculpting And Hairing New Childs Play 2 Chucky

Sculpting And Hairing New Childs Play 2 Chucky

[Laughter] [Applause] all right everyone so if you enjoyed this video leave a like comment and subscribe sorry I didn't get to show me painting this but I had some problems and I had to change some stuff first notice is the eye positioning but uh yeah this is basically what he's gonna look like when he's you know when he gets his body that's basically what his head's gonna look like he's made to fit the style of those over there so yeah definitely be expecting a part 2 also be expecting a video on my finished bunny doll so stay tuned for that so anyways guys ketsu

17 thoughts on “Sculpting And Hairing New Childs Play 2 Chucky”

  1. WOW! I want to make a life size curse of chucky, Chucky! This video helped me a lot! What did you used to glue on the hair/wig?

  2. Keep up the fantastic work!! You never fail to impress and if you mass produced chucky figures with that head sculpt I'd be broke! 😅

  3. woow it went very well. Hey, I've got a question. With what material do you sculpt the dolls? is that I'm also making a chucky doll, but the head I made paper, and I could not make it smooth, In my channel I uploaded a photo if you want to see, and I hope you can help me. I send you a greeting from Chile, I am a new subscriber, I am delighted by what you do 😀

  4. Now he just needs a body and he’s ready to go and also can u do a review on your child’s play 1 chucky

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