Robotpencil Stream 29 – Hangout with Artist Adam Duff!

Robotpencil Stream 29 – Hangout with Artist Adam Duff!

you can be a racist renounce the
use and whenever and terrible
things you’d like to set off
that the other than the actuals of
standpoint and its faculty the
controversial tough on its own
son to the batesole right now
and th once I sit on my side menu for all that as great a good us and
send it to you directly on
studio some notes in the
dimension at current and then there is a top
people are taking out a case
someone make on the myself and the lull hello: how old is
ever won the dueling today on
one still getting stuff setup
and today they have a special
guest o you have solely on so you know
of a thing a few strings ago
someone was like they should
talk that and off nose like all
that ef ought and to you know what
probably is pretty often on all
sea by women’s keeping up on yet and so run under a share
this stuff on my socials some
weird people from one rushing out there that can
know about it on and so should
be OK and a jacket souls and
this and the format is normal
day zon all units to be party to say all
adult president if that that if done and so we can do is
delicate like a novel stream
that I would normally have I
just walking and chat with you
all and then u the delay I wept because it’s
like just me we know you mean
that streamers or the people
watching the stream and so then
that it bullish again up so to the Marty
almost a catering to sell them
up before we get into, the
topics that you wanna talk about
if y it called its Wright was short sleep if that
that you’ll never I didn’t say
it’s like older and if that I’m
the new restaurant wasn’t hurt out their goal yet I owned guide
to talk a lot so much what could
I did it into lowest going to
like crazy twice tour stop sign and is directed if that meant
that the typical so Lahti and
lead a head start up exactly the
same little bit more so than I
norm from you’ll start of the missile
chat with a slick,; castanet on
where you can you can break and
some interesting topics I think that will be too controversial
but if there is anything that
all we disagree with some other
thing is that the mission of the
re and sewer it is his word if the skin and
fifth and now there’s that gets so did you say whether the
misconceptions what makes good a
writer just can paraphrase that
it so all when I first started on to
death if this is a common
problem that I see with my
students is that on you get a
choir biases o and solis bias is usually given
the white and so what advice is
that you gets dumb is your own
personal taste right so for
insta and I like movies like fast and
furious and use that some ensue
if but deny a field like a lot
of people keep users with a lot
o all that I hate when I first
started on it all started to
comment about great my own
opinions because of their calls
a legacy th and art like these are truckers
will talk all this madcap about
people who would do everything
you know and again Aldus,
believi you know on and nor does a kid
to minorities are working out
later but like I use office
hours that to be shown in court
and all that in the NL and that the nose
like finding the sacred to only
to launch a destitute a little
way cooler it and there’s like v on a that ultimately when west’s
your best interests to wonder and so then that the one making
is that on and see that the land
east of a surrealism to wait a
minute it’s like but a lot of pe I think that these other
opinions that my part years and
contemporaries are having Roxy
up in the minority you know it’s
actuall consider the contacts he you
know because of the few only
focus on your own biases and
then you’re not you’re really
really disa a case in point you know I’m
sure the directorate of them
latest play to make a good
intentions of making electors as
bait did y you know all because when I
first came out it was in the
popular you know of and then
sold only a subset of people
people that w but you have to realize were a
real small minority and denied
by load up the bread of letters
that acts but I actually don’t
lik on either movies good movies
ought to say and now but if you
say those movies are on the
visually stunning owls are
absolutely y because if you are doing the
same old and a splitter a good
abstractions a movie like the
abstract ideas and stuff was
aghast th and so I think that’s a really
good trait as a designer is to
recognize those differences like
your own personal opinion this
is up all be like why desired does not in my work states and
Mr., if you know if knowing
they’ll really get a written
statement he would live action
and stude if I get approached by a what a
studio why I come to like animal
with a game that I don’t really
like or two we like Styron to m all be like listed up to the
forefront of my Wells you know
and the game that I really love
with uncharted games and they’re
lik and that’s me put my biases my
own personal pain inside to
recognize what’s actually going
on what I’ll actually into light and in vs. what what I think is
good what I think should be made
and then if you really have an
opinion the thing is valuable ha you know because he gets really easy and were
falling in this culture of like
a really, being critical
everything on it’s really easy
to top badly a another of the need to make the
argument that white wine and
they make the fences bigger or
more concrete wine and they do a
bet but the prop the point is that
geometries because it’s
qualified and you know and
people forgive a lot of those
things you know and so get to be a youth and so it and to tough if but everyone is
laughing so what’s the point if that occurred that you guys at the night I would say
like its importance 202 make a
separation write like what use
talk about technicality vs. like
thi is that if you are focused all
in technical and maybe we can
have some objectives opinion
here with a lot of what is that
what i on the liberty and the bike
tactical union like that has a
good beginning that all of them
like as a as a potential and if
you k was abusing got a smashed
watermelons I didn’t he does do like that again is not get a job as it none of those men soon all the
goddess masses watermelons the
literary of inside Gallagher
thing goes as leaders of the good that has another good one
to see this does like the ponds
rights but not necessarily like
a beginning and the land but it
i and and so there’s been a city a
point where people have to
respect that there is any hot
body and four said they would
file is goin you know that the then doesn’t
mean the Isa gold and get mad at
the person and does like the
simple for chips you know that
that which netted from right doesn’t mean that bomb we should
tear them down right with a good
example this in our community
would be like people to do with situations and now people are
very critical the seller list
easier right way ’cause decides
not to own ideas are just, like
conv you know and if you take two and
two ideas like sex all and
characters that people are
familiar with yes, the pretty well you notes
on its at the same kind of thing
that you see with likens to
Graham arts right you have is, people or just born
be awful write and edit for the
DOS little event is beautiful
people they are ungodly be right and do well if this is not a
right off on it seems unfair if that would give that a slight
beginning up enough slug as I
can somebody to Mary some more
if that I it was so students
that’ really not about right and because appeals on. Like
without walls of the ones that
can look at all with the
Kardashian keeps it is mostly to
self made on like what youngest daughter
and other relief centers like
many bad about this idea that
this is like the older excepting
is l but it’s like you know that the
problem I have usually what this
criticism is that it really
doesn’t do anything like soul
out w yelp because then that
ultimately it takes an upset OPS
a direction right and it’s a
little it’s a little baiters to
go that way I Plaza doesn’t do anything
solid the senate did take them
can all say you alleges that the
dollar’s back a big rock and
soul is all it does is take stand person
going to lug we’d just before
reason don’t agree should have
that you know and in some cases
I all but in most cases all in all
OK because it’s like being
really doesn’t affect me and was
sent out only affects me what
usual and the point in time of day
that they’ll just to finish this
point will issue to be remiss
that the Point I’m making is
that you know of a lot of these
critics like people being
critical and we have something
to say whether it’s like going
back to our l white gun status right yet and I
find that people can do people
tend to reach the same status
but one that the higher status
tha null issues like why was I so
negative effect you know in the
past on a kiss me, so there was
an artist cities to be very
critic a focusing on to Leland are
rather than focusing on that
suit and securities are
projected onto others at the
little of that law injured to make a streaming
through start to a young actually need myself on
the streets and a litigator that
if the court that I that all of
you distracted and beheaded the that it that if I did update to
the there’s a guy can they can use that to the
peninsula cents get my limbs say that the Decree issued a diff that
that we get while a save the state into said
just a job offer that I will say
the lot of my style and one of
my our work is driven by the th like the old guys worked in the
novel and Ryan of my being jolly
when those balls and assorted
other influences on some my
cowor on Tuff and then you know right
now like there’s a bit ungodly
about people are stationed from
being influenced by & a mix of
my get cells than a dozen sae
exactly does miss a salute to
this idea of like if what people
are attended the insults right
so then on tends to beat basically tends to be a
technical right alike
technicians are like people can
call it a very good at clearly
giving me an idea w and so whenever I see you on
people that do this really well with
have liked the mass trio of what
they do all it really seems to
me and Nam it’s always been true
f some notice of like the people
it basically have some appeal
it’s a mobile unit and so so
what I had this technician
aspect of m and on its states, like your
same week as if I was just a
copy paste on one NIC person
style because I felt like that’s
all I ne with Nis by to see people who
paid like just like the very
specific artist, no and
sometimes abstinence to do this
and then alwa all different other artists that
are out there and see how you
can combine those because that’s
that deaf only will sing two off like always copying one person
style right and some idea of the
Snyder this premise awkward it
all before it yet in this body of like
probably the same instructors
are referring to on some of them
action Carlos some readers unit like little a lot of them either
a critical always loved very
specific memories you know and
love Allies of good then
ordained a and so but two: I tried I think
that that it all depends the
context right ’cause I think if
you’re working on similar cure
for uniting all because a lot of
that is white with rows looking
at some of the withholding the
drawings and rose would do what
the is it’s hard to live in a vacuum
and a state of new things into a
problem if I did easily happens
in all situations that of that like what you would expect like
high school is a problem still
be going in and says it’s it’s
more to license and amateurs or
th from that they can be really good at
it a effect always use examples
of people that I know a really
good at these very things as
usua you like the dough and
traditional stuff but even then
are like the to the stuff that
everyone else looks at you
should try to l no other row but even then on to
always like you know if that is
even like just simpler styles up
about people just like you kno are no flood of letters and
other night and so but before
then and now it does litigate
contention if there’s anybody
who had al that within some people might
have some comments that allowed
by law to make it feel it is
just meet the pickle all the
gold med opinions are so well and if the size
asking out of time you got mad
if that it might go another dixon’s menu of all U.S.
some questions mike landed us,
that they’re got to that effect
that script of that of those by I usually have three moderate
his life I feel like all just in
the circumstance where slot not
just me all I can I can usually use acts
around so he’s open to stop some good night like to let them back over watch GATT of tough and Adam and if you I am I feel like a duck so games are
or that old john round games
releasing some tool and the
staff and the like a tough games
I love on dark souls is is both games
that are like and games all of
work done and is very few games
and like that I feel like guy on to rouse is thinking
about it after juicier true else
like a mission to figure it out
of effect is a contract work you
kn a great example of it from a political act of will both the
figs are like ands again like go back to this
idea of linking of context
matters but also your opinion
matters like that’s my opinion
about wh them the eye I like then the promise
of those two incidents of like
it’s not easy but it’s not
unjustly hard you know it’s
let’s be a slight you deserve the
punishment if you know you some
of them Russian and was tortured
and you learn nothing if the fact that the new get it was like then the past
wouldn’t it be getting was a
challenge on and those very
monotonous to do a lot of things
but else was one supplier you know if it actually is actually one
of my brothers and is is that
yet it says that not as good as
it was in the past but it’s that
st on yet so this might play would
never get a context matters
rarely get less ID like that and my opinion of the IE by
younger set you not like I stop
playing at the very reasons the
Republic of contention might
unlike announcing the set with less
time bomb but it makes sense I mean
little other money is coming
from games like responding on
ballgames there’s a huge market now
there’s a lot of people like
what played games only mobile
you know and they are gamers to
get a name that’s another then so Sinai and the like on IE I agree with a lot of what
you’re saying go on and so I
will look out into the next
question was Marrero you’ll take one more question
the went on to the next topic
and then all of the lionesses
questions will be heard
ultimately wil he by edges because you get them
the bigger picture done better
on because if you only focus on
one part on this this is a poll
to on in this because they’d they’d
walk along part of the time it’s
like a it’s like China like an agile
and you’re building a car right and then you during the
start was like the stirring up
any built the stairwell works
really nice and you don’t solve
on li of the certain other ESA the car
then you realize a stairwells
like doesn’t deter side and a
back you up and use like that
you k and solely evident of the
college’s concilio editing and
mixing in fixing all the parts
of the cards all works and
obviously beg on and they think of that an
upper levels read the thick of
the shape of the car first right to get his initial designers but
they also have the constraint
about the engines and they know
that it needs to be staying up
al await a flute solo weights like
are part of IE affect us all my
friend was making up, to action
do agree with you some of what t of the others like older models
of cars and most people drive
today with all those words right there designed a specifically
because of an engineering right because they take gas because of
pistons and a specific location another trial times other ways
of making cars and this just
seems the best out there like
well you know what that a
lecture cars and done I think I think also
understand why there like: not
going too well on conventional
because you know on if you have
to g now you’re driving the car that
everybody wants you know from I
think this doesn’t taste to be
made their two but getting to the plight of the
question like a result I jump
around is because I’m trying to
solve the bigger problems not
try to if you don’t like if you’re like
your salon doing it and did an
idea that you don’t do it all
this probably explains why you
hav officers to look completely
different than you anticipated
that the whole I saw the mind
that the wise and worked at it
and come Joe Browne us to the canvas or
like always stays in doubts you
know this is these are no common
symptoms if the U.N. of the diff of that but he do it either
that or other sure yet even as
Alza all of this agent will get
you up. If that that that that that don’t know why keep young I
think you’re right two men like
I always tell people it’s on if
it’s really out if you wanna
focus o on lanai scenes get surprise to
Michael includes right with
Michael Clarke told about this
at from a student perspective
with nu you’re working values and all
your work on your form sinews
like they are in a month for
great Ireland protestant a lot to little to do is sit on it now
does the fluid and we’ll it’ll
really like back and forth the
dams and idealizing to join now
t and so the idea that the lovers
of what the old show you what
did forms of like I did that on
the stating that he was a slight and up like you realize what we
can argue against us because
they do show me what are all
kinds of what he’s talking about
you k on and so that he is a slight a
while with a and then after that
on the lead completely flipped
as its perspective on it and now but does that only some
resistance but after you realize
that OK I think the team
announced a mile on these added
two and to do if that that that while you know
you need and desire that
everybody everybody falls into
this trap including myself this
is that you know and I was very much like this
myself so it’s not like if I’m
saying this is summons never had
contention was somebody that
give we’ve read into the more self
made us so that got mike WX runt of
the bill full insightful get a good example this will be like
staying up and just right for
hours rarely of closet should be gathered reference but
and four others then you Gotta
like realizing the gather
reverence and we’re collecting
art and , so it and because it is it’s attracted
to lose some you’re not actually getting
better you’re just watching
people tell you how to get
better than not putting the
practice and alwa but then you don’t do any of
that like league actually have
the wisdom and knowledge but you
can do anything too if that
require and the allow people to not to
do pushups underneath and I’d go
watch a list of my study stop
and we get only pushups agreed
on too dissimilar all that if the
London way you can say Uganda
work if you’ve learned not to
work it to get this guy is great if the month Chris butler at Shattuck as a
late lead list list of all that
negative finish it up one and now that if it did he us up to two actually counter
that actually the agree with the
premise rights alternately does
I think that works for people who were at an intermediate
level right off and an ad that
people aren’t necessary really
really great also people words
like ne and son that the white Macs talk
about sun that relies and I
exited like as he was making the
plate and owls lightweights of
thi you actually need to finish
paintings on in the context of
this was not as likely to have
good paintings like to your
point reli on and I’d tend to just ignore
the paintings that, designs and
this is special for commercial
work attending or the ones I no
lo I realize that was below basic
students are just like not
finishing paintings because it
would take that stated as lead
religiou and the lean now like this is
causing a whole different
problems right and as like
you’ll and a solution in the way
I think this you are making portfolio pieces
you are China learn your
weaknesses this is the best way
to do that you have to take it
that get right so that way again evil
least I’m spending like 23 hours
on impedance really don’t know
where you know but the least we
sen and then and then when you do
that when you start alike going
to end like to know undiscovered
areas that citysearch asked all
b on leader sniping the men and
can rather than does, guessing
and so I’ll let my aching many
of the students like the time to
do college you Gotta finish you
what you know and the lead and
once a dither like all bed like
the number you talking about how
we and now in understand why if you
know if because it does updating
this in a little idea I had no
idea what that blood is that sh and is light and dolls like
exactly use and now he learned
that you will get a later if you
don’t know what it is then an
unalig but then the biggest a guitar
media two closer to prowl them
without a monitor set right
because because at that point
you are l but when you’re really starting
up and you don’t like the lead until I like men that
Cuba at all the best great
advice because a slight user to
get you know you should the
foiling re knowledge base of directly and
the like a man with an even
really worked on sense of things
and and become a lot of small
things right and then move on to lead
role in the muscle the face and
move on to the details of the of
that and then learn how to draw and is in the Serb any comeback
in any cousin you start to see,
where vincent’s and match and
eventually you’ll get the state
wh all the other than later a eyes of the guy that is like
those on cell defense that is the base if if if he if the he this only is it so is it in the study is it matters not believe the like of identity
filipinas wouldn’t this file a
claim by about a subconscious
length and destroying the slope
that a since we’re RT, spent a good man
time talking to pour subjects
that you had led to other
subjects on the show that ended
up in a that it then will actually than
what we should as to which a
small village Elders and and and
leases go straight to cure my
Indu if that that you will do a 24 straight he if
it but strange and in what thing left when what if
like this in general dissident of this a little more systematic guy like a lot of I mean that a
disk and what I’ve been clicking
artist without knowing the names
so let me go and talk profile and off for us to actions are as
close to a low shot will see a SCSI mistress you will see
this so this guy for sure up if a
tree and are brittle yeoman underneath Canada staff
are not on to what see you all in the key
bands of all this I pronounce it but
this guy on to these amazing like to needy
to bomb models look like
paintings may keep its owner of the
movement’s about little a
little, but that is not so Ron usher us can say was robust
rewrite lease continues 3
seconds to seal a taboo if Adam
and mike but just missed it just
might and so on effect also this week
to use and a scoreless nor does
it is really cool Sinai galley consults like you all there is a good that a
guy who doesn’t this three beat
us off effectively briefed about
action if that it yes 03 model this like the
Internet and those catalogs that
yet finding them in a minimum
game that my memory lot more
programmi so the finality of painting a
game elicit a painting and
insight from me all you’ll know
my influences very clearly from
the str but by that of the couple but if
you line of directives guide
station spenders, like some
anyone know if that would all
the peop : but you get your ID it later that its root of the stuff that that if that that that it was a tape that included if that that if other question all the other not only focus on
the huge on artists and unless
is like very clearly with
obvious on if I think a bad guy
what is rules you recommend first nine
innings and maintain those are
fears are not seize the Floyd 20
mothers from Europe than in the chapter
use use consumer and notions
might spring crop gave the dons for you and use your mark we get up at
then sold are using the example
of somebody can light was doing
this to the staff and use a kit
m all you know what I was like
making a keeper bands when I was
like I can in his early teens would you like, go to like the
website spines cannot isolate
guns and just like, not make the
cardboard cheaper versions and
tha and do all the time and so the
money to schools or no real
three program of mine is like
obviously need that lottery
system need and decide when we look at these
really big jobs are artists who
are very really good on the
passer with other sound like
claims on and people say will heels
like really a need for noses for
sums you know all the Uni look
at the fact that his father was
a g and he did that at the private
is used and keep it all to read
is used right all units and for
setup to the same thing my keys
t it is of like they just three
Yielding to the nearest three
and a red not as different as
slower numbers that if you know
that the exact fit and so like them
that they’d say when a citizen
that are not as much because
ultimately stopped a lot of time
righ would gifted wrapped up the arts
to control as a BT united on
buttons that is not an outline
like you kneel and not saying
that to 16 write or is all you
suppose to be doing is taking
information and all information
is taking and was drawing right
of the s the Divac is so that a droll use
solely to for list and needing
one of the artist right to see
felt like you wanna do the
things Ya Ya listed because he does
dated as a way to pass time and
obviously do anything long
enough to really get even if
it’s just a sole focus less on a charred
more about the tiny domestic
right all the more focused on
LIFFE how much time you spent on
somethi because the universe and put the
sensual and more time if that
the leak that needed and you’re
really need all the times
they’ve and is and isn’t possibly
deadliness new order to catch
and you know if that’s yet the late Stanley ride like
the moral setting this will be
using his eighties and nineties
like guided the unclean models
alw and then and now like lookup and
are buying back their IDs
because Celeste and we will sell
because he was slick try to keep
his as a constant like dripping in
failing out of different
measures are all the time until
he was much much older woman I thought about 3 seconds
that if that that don’t always screw that they
screwed up and take a break from the
Internet’s moved up as a special
event and start this would not even asking us know from
past about it on the myself to
undersell you you’re slipping wrong rednecks question if that if the
fed up that that a bit of that
but he noted by the end of the
settlers and the student knows I that that if you do this to get them the kind
of questions via the pickle son couple more what
that daily data that will I love
this bond up only two guys from lee right
that eclipses use might have to
download all rights questions
and here and on the chat and
then a dead and then miss questions
folks in strip he and on the same thing again every
dinner time ago that the man’s
eye on and is a lot of friends you know
a little if it’s too want to
chat with people make new connections ’cause
whenever a lot to talk to
students about this because
there was an asp or twice vetoed two welcome and
so what’s the purpose of salt
because of late two things we
can control and it’s the quality of the
working people that we know you know and if you’ll know
anybody on this matter to works
amazing he is, let’s say like us
some people argue known until
like and is now because they weren’t
good looks there some these
people are really gets frolicking don’t use it in some
ways that would really old like
a guy like well done and create
a think that everyone else a min all but doesn’t he just came out
of nowhere did he loved and
never years you know it is
happening documented that online
people and on and so I go to the DC and
out of his offense because of
that very value if you get from
making friends talk and people
ge and then a 10 by my perspective
this time is that untended good
marketing that so I’m going
there to make friends that are
like you know in the workout and so
on and again on the edges could
go the middle like the 38 or 10
in the three of them alike,
which the will to the sea bass and if
we go in the white box you know
from unlimited us again of
butter relay of trident two
would exp that has a lot of power in lot
of on your pool but doing really joked
offs and does it know if you
make friends because you might
as a duffle for every person
with a unique rock stars in their own
right and if you’re nice to them
gently because you’re not taking
up all belts what they can be f then ultimately get good to know
a lot of my friends are all
really good if you know if
another about the people that it
may tha they were designed the word
written on the despite the time
and then it got really good
network called speak up and you
see only liked the city of nonsense I
first started you need on them
really proud to see what kick
some butt know you’re like me is
alway make friends with turning out to
make people recognize you all I
know the identity because I used
to go to us, like every year a and then like that the next year
wed as entering the trash artist
and like an era of the National
Network is why you have other that indeed we became friends
you know a good friends and I
still talk to them and does date
and best, held its it’s just
like y it’s yet yet: what you did it led by
definition it’s not working
right but like what you’re
saying without one saying is
that if you’d se than getting them sense that
that if the state as I’m try to
make friends and I use example
of what universal money they can
hel it’s actually better not to just
if keep recommended you know Mrs. Better just do on
weekends of people that you get
along with and on and Justin Armour people
that are awesome their people
that are not some so use bath or
too much about that does if that that figure out what
that meant other round two of
the chat and the other reflect we need what a case so that’s ridiculous to
be easy on me is basically got
it by an edge on earth does it
mean to them that it to the
actual yeah this flip Candace
horizontal but you can see that
I have a shortcut this action
out the default shortcut there
is no shortc and you go to the bench and use
look for all fours or and its
crew in loudoun there’s an open
invitation initial right there
and you that it’s one of your minds
control of your he announced that seems to bunt not released and it said
that I like to preface this as
it’s a skilled Ernst young aide
on the only thumbnail, drawings
and I don’t know how to draw cap on
not that I can to one little and
I can have an inch and in goal
for entropy or write you know is that if a panel of Schiller
you know but it does to draw
like a monster will create sure
all any kind usually on all the
righ as I’ve done that professionally
for many years on I have already
up a huge librarians information
that I can just extract from all I see that all things that
we do is only physical activity
that I think not call all is our
definition for it like separatin but the reality is the mind is
also visible thing relegated to
the hammer a two man on a breakdown on the
dog will be able to use it right
but if you cut a ticket came
into my brain and devoted to the
mem yelling with people who have
strokes the abuse is a cool
reactions that happened and your
braid that actually turn off
parts of fact that this is just the
reality that that’s all it does
guys in London Gatwick impaled
laughter is head on and with the
detec key that assess about the deal’s
got to the part of his brain
that helps function that was got
so he started becoming more like as a little eight to the back of the guard point
midnight Tuesday to dark about
the brackets and stuff like that
if I had I like to think of that like faces rights is that I’ve
collected a lot of information
for my brain with his left eye
of legal lifted dumbbells up
leadin on them that not all isabel’s
for starting work out a daily do
with water to you now and the
weight training got to be able
to d does my muscles are they right
with single by cracking goal
that by greed, even if Enron
like idiots you know because a
lot of t so whenever I draw things that
look like not that you know you didn’t use any reference
whatever is another reference is
there just all walk and edited
my mind up and going back to
like w you know and there’s plenty as
more things that I don’t know
how to do than their things and
I do now to do just that uses
the t what magic skill knots the stuff
we all are you know and so the sawdust
lay-up wrote in a tentative must
insist do we build its own
personal if you get off the
disabled and any time the 500 pounds that
left write like now of course
all right with a wide and trains
that left all then maybe you haven’t
trained paintings for absorbing
you haven’t read enough drawing
people spaces without looking at
that you haven’t done that enough we
baby are quantifying your lack
of ability of the crack like you
know and that’s that’s the way them
into the question you know just
like all while we just keeping
some finished only paintings of
ar yet like bikers and cancer can
talk as if that a yacht and although guide updated on road can see it
all it guy always legally get a project
that’s like James cameron’s like
it was the cabinet it will pay a
million bucks a work of this has to be kept wrong it’s our if that that he does a
guy out why all of that there’s
a time when people complain
about locating unit so is all a city like the
thing that people demand about
like to get the upload much made
to machine learning things come
i and it just doesn’t yell it on
tools are always changing get
better on focus list and tools
might focus more on dell clicked
and and what you’re doing is easily
wrap like what learned and on
like replicable what you can
like just like replicated again
now l on done anything will be easily
replaced a bachelor you know so
I agree that lie, bashing is it
some with art but essentially a and so so like if you are
looking to be like the someone
can survive the tights on
gasoline like stick to
fundamental learning d all that it teaching it roger if if that the that he could call norm Pearson Pedersen Nobile and then feeds that huge
disagreements want this to get
from specifically on creative
staff can see the talks about it
fr that they’re just people are
born credence to put warrants
and SP I disagree with this
entirely it is a seasonally slow feel an
Ide is like now this all this up
because you look at the
variables are but always a few
because you Helen of them can do what my
back and do it either daughters
and modeling better than that
you need and she’s only the
conti now I’m not an entire that is
not a job you know and what
their her fans are probably
would call eight my friends
rolling into y and so give them the private and
perspective on what with the
kitsch can or should do you know
and on little Italy jobs on a
fem and a son schools teach and so I
think he’s up like empirically
wrong medicine think you just as
our stand that that that a minute yet all this agree with them on
everything get young of a degree with everybody
and everything they said then
mom that women bring about a
rights league is owls of treated
lik you know what he’s the line of
guy that is less a dense is
letter must be a reason for this
and the site now that is more
variab affect yell it bugged up up the
idea of dislikes tax is not a
strong Martin itself because box
on the other owned a arts like
La that a hospital that had 100 people up possibly
costing we have hundred people
are going right and hostility
and this is a fact all about
only t on either single to right so
what else will be able to get a auld only that information in
dismissing fact you say will
house will be of course right bowl again that should be able
the hospital the eight teammates
all people were in critical
condition right and allow the
league and hospital dear only inmates
about what 10% of their little
bit and it’s people like all are
invited to the condition so that right vs. hospital gave we’ll
have the clippers into so they would then get so that
more information you you can we
justify did the bases of your
like the way you should manage
that but why is it so small as it
because where like we wish to
consider cutting our programs
here in America you know the
light nine unneeded had circumstances like
whether the past super support
of David and David gale of the
teacher said yup and house told
th but a tragedy to be honest I
think more people should be all
about tough but the fact that he
knew the day as the new U.S.
tough yelled about that than a although they cannot get gala should slot with a 2 hour
session nothing to be good and
then out that in the future from
Wilson you’re all but the debt
to actually was a pleasure said
that other body but that does a delay so you’ll
see the bias but we don’t care
if that about what the eyes of
the one thing that in the if you
d tough but but that he go unseen enemy of if Mr. Lydon was
pledging that not all the more same
effect since it might : a refill so quite know it is nice that if get I’ll even then so there’s a little bit from the
tax rate sealer if that’s enough to meet death
that and us and them and we didn’t know
and we went into from other stuff and that the design a little scroll but leave
ideas and then if you can find
it and all blame you for that
but mishap nine and two blocks
fro below they’re the ones that were
after the order for the more
questions on that night lighting
run this on a mule up let me let me go through this
didn’t seem a master of the questions and also some working and didn’t
want to use think about the this
and we think about the the 20 a
role in painting should your
pract always a soul once I saw on your one was there anyone before
the snap because a person asset
questioning points of that this is a design a few
of their souls like the
roundabout district study done
as well but I like I’d did say questions
and some other people last sorts
not holds that are talks went on a
new section schools since
powerful he entered the up up young actually read it and they
need to update the Tyrol gas of
the long gone because it did, it
tells for contrast and you alwa and most things but not having are the 20 for shards and among
contrast can next question Bali a great read anything then
the key paint is always a
Kennedy yes solely with dial have been
learning how to do environments
are more like hearts set this in
perspective would type drawings working in drawing and painting
was always a good idea on butt of learning different
disciplines with Alan three guy
ought to make better concept
that and got it through DNA me
better at for that one just like to be
able to come see things in the more
dimension and sewer are so what we’re all clear and effective
group that on Jan Ellis assume
that a joke but on I actually
will have thought about how I
can tri like it created a program for me
to get me halfway there unit from it sells for fetch Mr.
Lee isn’t the settlement date do
with any in little research
about how machine learning works
i all rhythms don’t realize yet in
one scene realize this is some
do and I’m not in the field news
reporting on top of the disclos being able to actually created a
machine learning on more than
that doesn’t that the brain
because there’s a much more
effective Riley disease on what I had that this is what
made good use with machine
learning algorithms of liquor,
walk or little play video games
and DDI w but then the Allies that what
the actual fact that ness of the
thing that did use like all of
us that knows better you know
it’s right but also once we learn how
to make machine learning up also
not intuitive won the machine
and even more output and this on yet only designed the best this
clearly the best light with
Sobel solution be like build a
machine learning algorithm that
makes use students room on that the jumper fully in a
known as the public studies in
their portfolio to show your
actual work with your actual
bill be u you know what freethinkers on
with how did you can draw making
people was more like a beacon
you design and it can design
than w the common mistake is usually
material that case and I’m
importing me dizzy use of abuse problems get
better like specifically with
characters do better under one
of the portions and your forms
and and then that one, that will be
like design on th I think that the VR sorry,
there like it’s just that the
three the tool that make three
year assets like you what you’re
a but I think that’s the pipeline
is, just become more and more on
Tuff Internet USC and smaller
seams and more in intimate teams on but the TR the yard like
development with making things
for these things is not retarded being used your article
staff on one of the more there is
there’s a man wants to was as good a state that
Westwood one right after an old call it a bit wrong for the ectf Albright does a simple simple
question on yup when I phoned back and this
is so that I see my image from fractious and you expect it to
the same image ’cause we look at
someone for so long you created
by a story we think is good abou it was Mitzi my mistakes much
sooner or later but Anita if on
guy phobic and a soft and if you
offer pick and this used to old
T people to not all of you should
keep bomb from you should keep within
medications or navigator outside
corner and sixth on the Persian
under design to go see them
trough so you a dense if that doesn’t even
curious or two will brush I was
using wood for the majority of
the stings if I needed brush thi on yells ideally calling absurd do
not want things just using
toughening effect with the
latest if anyone ever the lust
and like al that if minimalism in a light
does, like the time a congenital
that one breath Cappy and at the
same time you liked the market m it’s finally as a exiles like they’ll find a
nice on the most gentle new
fight for signing and about if
the bank on them in russia’s
their stati and Uppsala I guess we’ll appreciate
us on a thin trading up dumping
Saddam for hanging out with this
operation is its time told it and the either way on keep in
touch talk to use later if he
isn’t going to slow please let
us know some rossum white I lied
and thing out that some talk march
topics he from that either
either way you all are welcome
to join us and TV time we do
these thin

16 thoughts on “Robotpencil Stream 29 – Hangout with Artist Adam Duff!”

  1. Loved the stream! it was nice seeing you three discuss the topics you discussed rather than having the guest recount their entire life story as an artist as others typically do. Not saying their artistic journey isn't interesting, but branching out into other topics is nice to see, keep em coming!

  2. Loved the stream. It'(s really a pleasure to see you stream more frequent. Keep up the good vibe AJ and Thanks all of you.

  3. Ive been finding some gorgeous mobile games with awesome storytelling. Its been a wonderful change from the match 3 and puzzle games that are all over the place. At 41 minute mark of stream

  4. I'm having trouble locating specific topics in your past vids – I was recommended to watch your quick head sketches but can't find them

  5. I've been an Edon G. fan for a while — didn't know he was so young! I'll be interested to follow his career.

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